No Time For Looking Back

from by Funky DL

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Is there a difference between the death of a newborn, an old man?
a girl you wanna have sex with or one to hold hands?
a timid right-hand man, who's barbaric like Conan?
living your life care free while some are programmed,
welcome to earth man, try not to be the worst man,
cos even a church man can feel like he’s a cursed man,
Heavyweight Champs fighting a million dollar purse man,
while children in worse lands try not to die from thirst man
while Brittany and Kirsten cheerleading and rehearsing,
some kids are coerced in joining a school of nursing,
pushy parents want they sons and daughters coming first man,
a Mothers life's destroyed her child has come home in a Hearse damn!
and nothing on Earth can reimburse a missing person,
some people don’t want better they just want things not to worsen,
somebody's in the water cleaning sins with an immersion,
somebody bout to do all kinds of wrong behind the curtain,
twisted perversion, television incursion,
now all I wanna do is just escape on an excursion,
I wish I knew the reasons for all under the sun,
but fuck it black, no time for looking back, it’s done!

Fuck it black, no time for looking back, it’s done (repeat scratching)

Born first, learn second come up through rebellion,
Mom's and Pops skeleton, resembling seven
and loose your first set of teeth,
acquire age and you start remembering feelings of resentment,
but we kept it in,
schools out, grown man heart pumping adrenalin,
everything’s the same whether you masculine or feminine,
everyone around you say they genuine,
but never been so fast as to treat you like you something that’s irrelevant,
big talking Pelicans
trying to sell the American dream like it was medicine,
but they Pigs like they Gelatine,
Treat you like a Felon when you nothing but some Gentlemen,
Making the assumption you stupid when you intelligent,
we trying to pull them down from that pede-stool of their eloquence,
cos they just wanna benefit only to our detriment,
it’s prevalent, the whole world is some kind of experiment,
Trying to find the answers from New and Old Testament,
bad memories we won’t forget em' like an Elephant,
resident among a world that’s militant,
I wish I knew the reasons for all under the sun,
but fuck it black, no time for looking back, it’s done!

Some people got regrets but won’t admit it,
the kids they had, person they married,
but the guilt that comes with it is enough to kill they spirit,
and push em’ over the limit,
they be thinking every minute,
not knowing which way to pivot,
and they feeling the inhibit of life,
and it’s so vivid that they picked the wrong ticket,
got trapped in something wicked,
now they only want a snippet of a beautiful thing,
something to keep em’ smiling,
keep em' engaged like a Diamond,
Instead of in the firing line,
or Crabs climbing in a bucket of grease,
they caught slipping and they sliding,
and everything declining where nothing is in alignment,
the world can be a tyrant, no options other than trying,
to overcome the Giant like David did with Goliath,
and take em’ to the highest,
where they can shine like the brightest Supernova,
just need a chance to do it over,
a chance to put some closure on these wounds from the exposure,
life only gives one attempt as you,
so you can live it how they live it or do as you do,
I wish I knew the reasons for all under the sun,
but fuck it black, no time for looking back, it’s done!


from Cut From The Illest Cloth EP, released November 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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