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Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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Track Name: Cut From The Illest
A green light marks the signal, the same shade as Lou Ferrigno,
I split ya wig yo' with hood talk and street lingo,
Denim and Timbo’s,
these, no clue having muthafuckers are like bimbo’s,
you fooling nobody with ya' pin stripes and kindles,
it’s simple, they money swindle and sniff crystals,
but look at me like I’m about to whip em’ with a pistol,
I’m Count of Monte Cristo,
payback is on my list yo,
this isn’t for the disco fucka’s who wanna wrist glow in San Francisco,
record of freedom to the DJ’s that it’s hard to respect,
top of the list, Charlie Sloth, Semtex,
aint afraid to name names, know the consequence, whatever!
because I write it as I think it and speak it as it write it,
and even if I saw you face to face would never hide it
like a two-faced bitch being polite,
I’m a Don on the mic, you got the burden of proof
to say I’m anything other than the truth on sick loops,
check my alchemy, oversee the ground level from the highest balcony
heavenly is how the music sound to me,
it’s down to me to bring you the correct mechanism,
and I don't need to heavily rely on nepotism,
I’m a stranger among men, the outsider,
the audio transcriber, turn a either to either,
I’m cut from the illest cloth, born a survivor.

Yo', second in line to crown, I’m the Son of King,
no definition, how long is the thread of a string?
the recognition I receive when I’m doing my thing is like...
touching the world in places I never been,
putting smiles on the faces of people I’ve never met,
since the days everybody was treasuring a cassette,
I’m that Dissorano sipping Soprano and ya’ll know,
I’m shipping vinyl, downloader’s in Mexicano,
tough as a Black Rhino,
never losing the primal instinct to shine in this dark matter
forensic mind, read in between the lines between the lines,
taking you back to the time when this thing was divine,
you can love it you can hate it, it doesn’t change that I made it,
so call it how you see it, I’m not here to be persuaded,
I stated what I stated, it’s part of being creative,
I am one of a kind of a period of time,
I pin point this very moment as a man in my prime,
to redefine and claim back everything that was mine,
and no lie, six thousand days I spent in the grind,
I put in time, put everything I owned on the line with every rhyme,
I did it from the vine to the wine and didn’t mind,
I’m cut from the muthafucking illest,
I am one of the realist and so I make it my business,
I’m cut from the illest cloth.

I’m like the start of a epic motion picture,
a mixture of a man with an inner glow,
the beat making, rhyme slaying, ran with a killer flow,
straight from East London to Japan with the minimal,
remix rappers wanna ban the originals, they fans be invisible,
releases never physical, they quizzical, that’s typical,
useless, but I’m the first and last letter of the word music,
I'm all up in your crevice like a toothpick,
I’m bout to take a shot like a pool stick,
so ring the alarm just like a Fu-Schnik, this is a take over,
like the Company Director as a major Stakeholder,
my life is not a walk at the beach in Daytona,
no day on the course at Lake Nona, sipping corona,
need a hiatus from your Facebook status,
I don't wanna hear the latest update about the greatest advice
when you just haters, I don’t care about your play-lists,
I said it, I say this so push up the cross-faders,
cos I’m about to light up the world like Las Vegas,
with the words from my mouth,
light it up like putting cigarette burns in your couch,
for the corny MC’s you just affirming the doubt,
ain’t got nothing to say they just determined to shout,
they puppets like Tally, the Count, Kermit, the Grouch,
and it didn’t really take me too long to work out,
that I’m cut from the illest cloth.
Track Name: Eye Of A Needle featuring Ricko & Dyanna Fearon
You probably never seen a dude like me at seventeen,
They told me never dream, hip-hop is not a clever scheme
Better to study and to try and make the clever team
One of the best to ever do it you will never be
I had to prove em wrong and levitate my demo tape to
Radio, the answer no was something that I’d never take
279 made my record spin all the time, the
Effect was after a while that my presence started to climb and a
Prominent voice was mine and the music sounded sublime
Take a walk with me,
Chicks calling radio stations up just to talk to me
But only wanna fuck me cos the industry’s awarding me,
Money was rewarding me, status growing accordingly,
Everybody calling me wanting to tag on tour with me,
Making money quarterly, aint nobody supporting me financially,
Except for the fans taking a chance on me, I love ya’ll
You family and never treated me like charity
Along my journey you gave me moments of clarity
Between the fans and the industry is disparity
You can’t cap me at my peak it’s a new era
How could this ever be your best when you can do better?
We are cut from the illest a unique people
Forming a chain walking into the eye of a needle
Track Name: No Time For Looking Back
Is there a difference between the death of a newborn, an old man?
a girl you wanna have sex with or one to hold hands?
a timid right-hand man, who's barbaric like Conan?
living your life care free while some are programmed,
welcome to earth man, try not to be the worst man,
cos even a church man can feel like he’s a cursed man,
Heavyweight Champs fighting a million dollar purse man,
while children in worse lands try not to die from thirst man
while Brittany and Kirsten cheerleading and rehearsing,
some kids are coerced in joining a school of nursing,
pushy parents want they sons and daughters coming first man,
a Mothers life's destroyed her child has come home in a Hearse damn!
and nothing on Earth can reimburse a missing person,
some people don’t want better they just want things not to worsen,
somebody's in the water cleaning sins with an immersion,
somebody bout to do all kinds of wrong behind the curtain,
twisted perversion, television incursion,
now all I wanna do is just escape on an excursion,
I wish I knew the reasons for all under the sun,
but fuck it black, no time for looking back, it’s done!

Fuck it black, no time for looking back, it’s done (repeat scratching)

Born first, learn second come up through rebellion,
Mom's and Pops skeleton, resembling seven
and loose your first set of teeth,
acquire age and you start remembering feelings of resentment,
but we kept it in,
schools out, grown man heart pumping adrenalin,
everything’s the same whether you masculine or feminine,
everyone around you say they genuine,
but never been so fast as to treat you like you something that’s irrelevant,
big talking Pelicans
trying to sell the American dream like it was medicine,
but they Pigs like they Gelatine,
Treat you like a Felon when you nothing but some Gentlemen,
Making the assumption you stupid when you intelligent,
we trying to pull them down from that pede-stool of their eloquence,
cos they just wanna benefit only to our detriment,
it’s prevalent, the whole world is some kind of experiment,
Trying to find the answers from New and Old Testament,
bad memories we won’t forget em' like an Elephant,
resident among a world that’s militant,
I wish I knew the reasons for all under the sun,
but fuck it black, no time for looking back, it’s done!

Some people got regrets but won’t admit it,
the kids they had, person they married,
but the guilt that comes with it is enough to kill they spirit,
and push em’ over the limit,
they be thinking every minute,
not knowing which way to pivot,
and they feeling the inhibit of life,
and it’s so vivid that they picked the wrong ticket,
got trapped in something wicked,
now they only want a snippet of a beautiful thing,
something to keep em’ smiling,
keep em' engaged like a Diamond,
Instead of in the firing line,
or Crabs climbing in a bucket of grease,
they caught slipping and they sliding,
and everything declining where nothing is in alignment,
the world can be a tyrant, no options other than trying,
to overcome the Giant like David did with Goliath,
and take em’ to the highest,
where they can shine like the brightest Supernova,
just need a chance to do it over,
a chance to put some closure on these wounds from the exposure,
life only gives one attempt as you,
so you can live it how they live it or do as you do,
I wish I knew the reasons for all under the sun,
but fuck it black, no time for looking back, it’s done!