Speaking For Hip​-​Hop

from by Funky DL



It seems like there’s one apparent theme throughout the “NANE” album… and that’s “hip-hop”… and it bulldozes the listener (probably no more vividly at any point than) in the form of this joint. DL appeals to “the sneaker wearing, loose jeans rocking, hoody popping, chillin’ on the corner, headphones bopping” crew through his dynamic lyrical onslaught in which he explains the notion that the hip-hop nation and its members are not to be taken lightly. It has probably always been the case that certain demographics in society have viewed hip-hop as a primitive and barbaric escapism for its members to avoid education and what is considered the “finer arts”; but that couldn’t be further from the truth as DL so energetically states “I’m an A grade student, I love jazz music”. The soundtrack is dirty, dusty and raw (everything that is great about hip-hop), and the chorus is enough to compel the listener to “turn it up” just to cause their neighbours to come knocking. The track explains all…


Chorus //
I’m speaking for Hip-Hop, them sneaker wearing, loose jeans rocking / hoody popping, chilling on the corner, headphones bopping /
in the crib loud music til’ your neighbours come knocking /
(what’s the reason for this noise?) I bought the album when he dropped it / Hip-Hop, them iced out fat gold chain wearing /
middle finger in the air and stereo blaring /
loud enough to loose your hearing, that don’t mean I’m a killer /
I just like to turn it up like J Dilla

Verse One //
Check it, word up, I’m here to set the record straight /
also here to dedicate this to the peoples who judge us /
the ones that’s trying to move but can’t budge us /
snooty nosed, bitch mother-fuckers /
just because I’m from the streets and I talk a little different /
the upper class look at me like “he’s so ignorant /
he’s no role model, he shows no gratitude /
he probably grew up listening to them nigga’s with an attitude /
I’m guessing that he never worked a day in his life /
and probably never went to school, I pray that he might” /
I’m an A grade student, I love jazz music /
just as smart as the rest and if I’m wrong nigga' prove it /
Hip-Hop is my movement and there’s no contest /
and by the way I grew up listening to A Tribe Called Quest /
yes I’m young and I’m black and I got the skills to rap /
that don’t mean that I pack and I never sold Crack /
and you wonder why I’m mad, even just a little bit? /
Cos’ you talk a lot of Clay Davis that means "sheeeeeiiiit" /
your word against mine, no contest /
go find somebody else to criticise with your nonsense /
there’s eight million stories in the city, it’s a pity /
I don’t fuck with you nigga's when you start to act shitty /
give a shout out to Guru, Premo and Zulu Nation /
they all foundation up in this /
cos' rap records taught foreigners to speak English /
and turned the young into distinguished men /
that’s why I always got my pad and my pen /
forever saying this again and again

Chorus //

Verse Two //
Yo’, I got their backs against the wall with this shit /
see that’s what you get for trying to call us misfits /
we street poets, just on beats flowing /
so why you gonna’ judge somebody when you don’t know em’? (ha) /
that’s retarded /
just cos I make beats that’s the hardest and speak street slang like "raatid" /
"bombaclarted" you say it’s all garbage /
well how do you explain the rap records that have charted? /
I started rhyming on the school benches /
and learned how to beat a microphone senseless /
it’s the gift that I nurtured, these beats that I murdered /
and you still don’t know what it means when rappers say “word up” /
I don’t blame you but if you try to discredit my art /
I will name you and shame you, I swear down /
close your mouth, I don’t wanna hear a mere sound /
Hip-Hop's been so hospitable to so many cultures, it’s un-fuck-wit-able /
so I had to make this record it was critical /
to reiterate these two fucking syllables /
Hip-Hop, in the streets we the Generals

Chorus //


from NANE, released November 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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