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On Thursday January the 24th, 2008, Funky DL rocked his own full show at the North London famous “Jazz Café” in Camden. During the show, he got on his Akai MPC 2000 drum machine and within a few minutes had knocked up a beat live on stage to which the audience marveled at. It’s recreation sits here in the form of “Napalm”. As mentioned previously, melody has never been absent from DL’s work. His ability to evoke some form of emotion from his musical landscape has never escaped his army of albums. That chemistry is witnessed here on this track with a barrage of rhymes and blissfully sung hook line. But what makes this track ever-the-more so captivating is its ending which blends nicely into the actual audio from the aforementioned live show at the Jazz Café… it’s enough to make you feel like you’re there!


Verse One //
Ladies and Gentlemen, here come the street veteran /
lyrical homicide leaving the beat dead again /
buckle the seat belt, turn on the heat, settle in /
tanked up adrenalin, I’m better than I ever been /
"classic" so don't ever tell me that I’d never win /
them has-beens, shit ain't really popping so they meddling /
they're spastics, this ain't gonna’ stop me, I’ma get it in /
them ass whips, turbo fifth gear while they peddling plastic /
back in the days when I was a teenager /
I used to have a dream of being signed up with a major /
I been there, done that, disappear, come back /
I’m never close to done black, this could be the start /
from the days in the park when the days turned to dark /
I was aiming a mark at the game to embark /
put my name in your heart, now you armed /
with the music that’ll bang like blowing napalm

Chorus // (x2)
Ain't notin' less than my duty yo'
to put it down in the studio /
so I don’t see the point in trying to step to me yo' /
cos' all I gotta' do is make it sound beautiful (napalm)

Verse Two //
Second verse narrative, never too old for battling /
crowds started gathering trying to make a comparison /
D set the roof on flames like he was paraffin /
I better call Marilyn, probably she with an ambulance /
from the start of my career I was gambling /
no plan B to fall back, so guess I had to win /
carried many people and I doubt I’m doing that again /
now I’m bringing vitamin D like I’m Sanatogen /
so keep your distance with your shams and shenanigans /
I'm guilty of a killer flow, the jury was unanimous /
and I don’t mean to come across like an antagonist /
I turn lyrical pain into pleasure like a masochist /
and Washington Classics will be the catalyst /
to teach em' how to do it like they undergraduates /
to take em’ through the storm before the calm /
with the music that’ll bang like blowing napalm

Chorus // (x2)

Verse Three //
Third strike lucky don’t believe in only destiny /
just like Kentucky, Funky D’s the secret recipe /
so I’m getting really kind of used to people testing me /
if you disrespecting me, you’ll never see the best of me /
if you trying cursing me, you only really blessing me /
trash can talking like they coming up from Sesame /
but do not have intensity to deal with this complexity /
neither the necessity /
I’m talking bout' especially the ones who didn’t love me /
so I cut em’ like vasectomy’s /
continuing my journey on my way to find supremacy "Funky" /
all I wanna’ give you is my legacy /
I ain't got the time for contemplating peoples jealousy /
cos' when it comes to audio for me it's biochemistry /
they wanna' know my methods but I keep em confidentially /
so you can bring it on with your charm /
but I strike in the night with a mic… napalm

Chorus // (x2)


from NANE, released November 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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