Land of the Kings

from by Funky DL



The only song in DL’s catalogue that ever gave insight into his years as a teenage student was “Classic Moves” from his 1997 debut album “Classic Was the Day”; but it is here and now on “Land of the Kings” where Funky DL delves a little deeper into his school experience, delivering narratives of cool and clever descriptive based on his academic period in the early 90’s. The title of the track stems from the name of the school he attended (Kingsland Secondary School) and the term “Kings” is how DL claims he now views who the students were in retrospect. The musical backdrop was almost made for reminiscing to and allows DL the verbal space to tell his story articulately and poetically without the beat getting in the way.


Verse One //
Yo’, I was a class clown, school joker, teasing Miss Stoker /
in registration, cards lined up like its poker /
thirty minutes is over, first lesson of the day has started /
some pupils chill at the back acting retarded /
I was much more than able,
but soon the teachers labelled me
“the student that’s responsible for banging on the table” /
tried to take my skills further, made some joints you never heard a',
with the same Strappa Treese mentioned in Klashnekoff’s "Murder" /
it’s lunchtime, I grab a burger from the women that would serve ya' /
I was a keen observer of the honest and the purgers /
some of my lessons had my textbook straight wordless /
history was like punishment, I felt “I don’t deserve this” /
I wont die trying it, I guess I wasn’t Curtis /
and no I wasn’t nervous, it just didn’t serve a purpose /
this isn’t criticism of the education service (echo)

Chorus // (x4)
(scratching) Come follow we on this journey / Kickin' it in the back of the school

Verse Two //
Yo’, my year group had nearly two hundred students /
some of them were so stupid and some of them were so prudent /
and nobody was famous but neither was someone nameless
and mos def, no one was blameless /
so kids just like Mark Defraitas were accused of the latest /
like dissin’ somebody’s trainers /
and that could cause a fight in a place that we call "Las' Vegas" /
in the street now, punks jump up to get beat down /
would you believe there was referee for each round? /
And that was like an everyday thing /
where your reputation stood on whether you could really win /
I was the opposite of Michael, weren’t no lover, was a fighter /
so in school I got my tooth chipped in a brawl with Leon Tyghter /
Derek would spark a lighter and if he permits /
he’d let you join a conversation bout' who had the biggest tits /
and that included the teachers, some gave up on trying to reach us /
looking down on some students like we some pitiful creatures but we kings

Chorus // (x4)

Verse Three //
I had a lot of respect for Chris Wilson, Steve Gallagher /
the two teachers who understood my calibre /
my timetable calendar, I wish it would start with my favourite lessons,
that’s music and drama and art /
I’m so creative, that’s why I did my best and I thought hard /
so I could get an A at the top of my report card /
yeah I was kind of smart but never nerdy /
I would love to tell you more but now the time is three thirty so I’m out... we kings (echo)


from NANE, released November 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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