I'm a Beast

from by Funky DL



Although quite minimal in it’s sound, the intricacies of “I’m a Beast” are not in limitation. Firstly, DL’s rhyme pattern forms and results in each line rhyming the same rhyme throughout each verse. Not such an easy thing to do when the job is to also keep the wordage relevant. The beat comprises of a two-tone bass-line that flips throughout over a solid drum pattern. This is really a track for those that love “all things MC”, as it captures the essence of hip-hop here at its rawest point on the album. As we all know, there are many producers who have turned to the microphone and vice versa. Some can be noted and praised more overwhelmingly for one talent over the other but, it must be said that Funky DL is effortlessly strong at both, which is what makes his music so listenable to begin with. Quite simply… he is a beast…


Intro //
You see this style ya', a warning to all emcee's, seen, a warning / (exclusive)
Paddington posse, unu ready? / Brixton posse, unu ready? /
Harlesden posse, unu ready? / (exclusive) Willesden posse, unu ready?

Verse One //
Funky DL, I’m bleeding mics /
I leave rappers straight dreaming bout' sleepless nights /
you confused yet? These kids don’t seem precise /
cos' this is grown man talk, we ain't teething twice /
I can’t front little shorty, yo' them beats ain't nice /
it’s like your DJ can only cut pizza slices /
straight poison like something I would feed to mice /
this ain't therapy but take Funk D’s advice /
stop faking to the streets like you eating nice /
you ain't fire, you more like freezing ice /
and that’s stupid, kinda' like teasing Tyson /
when you just small fry like beans and rice /
I’m internationally known because my Visa’s nice /
there’s no beef, straight peace like Jesus Christ /
and I don’t know first aid but I’m breathing life back into Hip-Hop /
to make the feeling right cos' I'm a beast

Chorus //
(scratching) On the microphone / that's the sound of the beast /
([cos'] - I'm a beast) I blaze mics / the physical ability with mental capability

Verse Two //
Funk D, aint no holding me back /
and why these rappers sound dead like they rolling in black? /
Straight sinning, biting apples like they stolen a Mac /
and can’t even come correct, yeah they fold on a track /
and they so past tense that I’m “tolding” them that /
they straight posing, it’s like Hulk Hogan is back /
they probably got ghost-writers who can show em’ to rap /
so don’t recoup off no records cos they owing em’ back /
so we don’t believe you, you aint growing a stack /
so stop talking like you crazy and you blowing some Crack /
you can’t know how to feast if you ain't know how to snack /
you talk guns but you DUCK!!! “yeah you know when to quack!” /
I know it's hard to keep up with me, you owe me a lap /
I don’t know where you're heading player, show me a map /
and as I walk the beat, patrolling the track /
you have the right to remain silent, you totally wack! I'm a beast

Chorus //

Verse Three //
From the record to the press release /
it's well known premature that I bless the beats /
with a sound that is bound to make your stress decrease /
or a beat so banging, leave your chest in pieces /
if your rhymes sound dead, may you rest in peace /
and plus you came to the show like you dressed for Grease /
now you got a new sound, wanna' test the streets /
you might get one spin with suppressed repeats /
it's gonna' take much more to impress the peeps /
and have a record company re-invest at least a little money /
so don’t try test this beast /
you say you cold, well homie I suggest a fleece /
I’m from H.A.C., represent the East /
some in North, some in West, some in South are decent /
some are so old school, some are fairly recent /
I am Funky for so much more than a season, I'm a beast

Chorus //


from NANE, released November 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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