I Stole Your Life "featuring Dyanna Fearon"

from by Funky DL



The first vocal feature to appear on “NANE” comes in the form of the incredibly talented “Dyanna Fearon”, who previously featured on DL’s track “Not the 1 4 Me” from his 2005 “Since 77” album; and more recently “Another Girl”, a bonus track from the Funky DL samples Stevie Wonder EP “Sometimes I have To Wonder”. The digging is a little deeper here though, as “I Stole Your Life” thrusts into sentiment of inner city suburbia taking its toll on the everyday citizen. DL’s poetry stands out on this one as he describes the “tales of the hood” and the feeling it imposes on the many who endure it. It’s enough to make anyone really wake up to the fact that even in developed countries, there still lies a tale of woe and a saddening truth that can make anyone question whether someone else is living the life they were supposed to…


Chorus //
So you're living your life, trying to be right /
chasing the game but losing your life /
don't you know that you are special (I know you hear me kid)
special (I know you hear me) /
take your time to grow and be wise /
educate your mind in the right things /
don't you know that you are special, (I know you hear me kid) special

Verse One //
I am that son of gun who gets you thinking bout' life /
while thinking about mics, I'm thinking about my rights /
my right to speak freely, without the influence of fucking TV's,
magazines, the Internet and BB /
I spray it just like graffiti on the walls of hood /
where shorty's is smelling weedy, probably up to no good /
Police cars patrolling for some property that's stolen /
while them Spliffs keep rolling, nigga's burn em' like wood /
Bitches'll turn snitches when a woman is scorned /
the Drug Kings fuck with Bishops and the Bishops the Pawns /
the Pawns are the first to prison, now awaiting release /
with no game plan so probably gonna' return to the streets /
and do it over, the only change is that they getting older /
their heart is getting colder like the weather in October /
nobody can wake early and people ain't trustworthy /
now half of the neighbourhood is acting like they seven-thirty /
it's crazy, is this the place you happen to live? /
Where young kids spit saliva right in front of your crib /
and when you catch em' red handed, try and put em' in place /
and all they got for you’s a cheeky fucking smirk on they face /
and no apology because that ain't the way they were raised /
the only thing that really matters is to smoke and get paid yo' /
sometimes the hood is like the blade of a knife /
it got you feeling like somebody fucking stole your life

Chorus //

Verse Two //
With most of your time spent on merely trying to make the rent /
some crooks'll do your books for only twenty-five percent /
and broke becomes a mind state mirrored in reality /
with pictures of fatalities but never in a gallery /
hand to mouth living from what's hardly called a salary /
but most times it seems just like you live some kind of fallacy /
with people living callously, you'll never be a Majesty /
the world around you feels like it's a fucking travesty /
and friends ain't friends no more /
cos' these bitches don't wanna' come around the ends no more /
take a twenty from you and paying back a ten and no more /
and nobody seeing you wearing fresh denim no more /
and everything remains a secret you ain't telling no more /
you want your Neighbours to be quiet, don’t be yelling no more /
and all them Drug Dealers, you don’t want them selling no more /
don’t wanna' be associated with no felons no more yo' /
not everybody living like this /
and in comparison some people probably living quite bliss /
but this is for my peeps in the hood /
for everyone without a voice and feeling misunderstood /
and cant see a way out so living every day out a glass box /
and waiting for the lottery to pay out /
sometimes the hood is like the blade of a knife /
and got you feeling like somebody fucking stole your life… uh!

Chorus //

Outro //
Brothers killing other brothers /
I thought the idea was to love one another /
switch on the T.V. to one more death /
if they keep this up then who the heck'll be left? /
so I try my best to set an example /
saying hype lyrics over breaks and samples /
but not just to brag or to boast but to inform /
cos' I wanna' see the calm and not the storm (echo)


from NANE, released November 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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