Heaven Sent

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Simplicity can sometimes be a rather complex affair. This third gem of a track is the female orientated declaration “Heaven Sent”, expressed over a simple cut up of a few samples; yet the groove is immensely captivating. The thing about DL is that however minimalistic he gets with a production, it never seems to lack on vibe, melody and that head-nod factor. That’s what makes this work so unique. It does all the right things in the right places without excess clutter. As for the rhymes… it’s as if DL is rhythmically juggling the words as they flow… And the cuts add to that good old hip-hop feeling from back in the day that we all love…


Chorus // (x2)
Heaven sent, yeah she the most magnificent, (funky) /
(scratching) well that's true, that's why we never have no beef

Verse One //
I called her "Heaven Sent", illmatic chick had to "represent" /
strutting like the First Lady, trying to make her President /
took her to my residence, the opposite of hesitant /
precedent set, evidence was embellishment /
sexy, unique phone alert when she text me /
use my right hand for most things, she a lefty /
Def be trembling his leg, E. Presley /
baby I don’t really care about where all the rest be /
Chesty double D, all up on my vest "B" /
MVP, I’m recruiting from the best league /
very good looking but that’s far from what impressed me /
she just got a banging vibe, something like the S.P. /
got the kind of figure that be saying "undress me" /
expressly, show her my respect nevertheless "G" /
so I guess she's an Angel, nothing less /
I’m blessed to beat the rest for the chance to progress

Chorus // (x2)

Verse Two //
She a fly chick, passing brothers by like she my chick /
eye liner slick, broad hips plus her thighs thick /
cheeks rosy she far from a trophy /
photographs are posy, no airbrush, she knows me well /
Sean John Unforgivable smell /
Mademoiselle with number 19 Chanel /
I step straight up to bat, number 9 Burrell /
and holding it down for life, only time will tell /
and she rhyme as well, she kind of nice on the M. I. C. /
but keep it out the studio and the L.I.V. E. /
yeah she running the beats /
and got a whole lot of friends but don’t be running the streets /
she’s more classy but never turns her nose up nasty /
sassy, remember when I couldn’t let her pass me /
so I guess she's an Angel, nothing less /
I’m blessed to beat the rest for the chance to progress

Chorus // (x2)

Verse Three //
I’ll never go ever so low /
when the weather’s so cold, she be ever so bold rolling /
North-faced out, she chilling like she snow strolling /
she's no Jill Scott but living like she's so golden /
I told em’, "stay away from my chick if you got bad karma" /
cos I’ll protect her with a coat made of mad armour /
Goliath stature, protect her like my Cleopatra /
disrespect her and I'll send these jokers back to the future /
she bound to get you thinking bout' the Karma-Sutra /
and dirty talking in the night on your computer /
she’s so far away from ordinary / she extraordinary /
she wanna spend time, the more the merry /
she’s something legendary, no quesh' /
so every time she in my company, I gotta' provide with the best /
so I guess she's an Angel, nothing less /
I’m blessed to beat the rest for the chance to progress

Chorus // (x2)


from NANE, released November 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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