Def Lyricist "featuring DJ 279"

from by Funky DL



The opening track to the album comes in the form of a straight-up-hip-hop banger in which DL expresses his lyrical confidence, gravitating his flows almost effortlessly over the rugged soundtrack. With tailor made cuts from the UK’s finest hip-hop DJ, the Numberman “DJ 279”, the pair exemplify the nostalgia of “real hip-hop” in just less than three minutes. DJ 279 was the very first DJ to “EVER” play a Funky DL record on the radio back in 1995, but the two had only ever collaborated their creative efforts on the 2009 tribute mix-tape to the late J’ Dilla, entitled “Dedication to the Fairer Sex”. What makes this track so special is not only the obvious creative audio excellence the two demonstrate, but also the unblemished history between Funky DL and DJ 279.


Chorus //
(scratching) Funky DL, the brother don't swear he nice… he knows he's nice (echo)

Verse One //
Funky DL, I’m bucking to fight lyrically,
but when I swing all these rappers, they be ducking the mic /
I know they're trying get they're shine on like they stuck in the light /
but I’m so swoosh with it like I’m fucking with Nike /
I just do it, I’m so smooth fluid like Enrique /
I’m East London’s finest fucka’ "H.A.C.K." /
C.L.A.P now that spells clap /
I’m from Clapton, you better clap a tonne when I rap /
if you wanna talk crap, I ain't trying to talk back /
you can say what you want, but you can’t cut the fact
that I’m one of the illest' and realest to make you feel this
and witness while I diminish these rappers and leave em’ finished /
this is business, I do this for the listeners /
so everybody wanna' come and hear it like it's whispers /
the Def Lyricist "it ain't hard to tell /
I'm the funk to the Y to the D to the L

Chorus //
(scratching) Funky DL, the brother don't swear he nice… he knows he's nice… Def Lyricist

Verse Two //
They say life is what you make it so I’m writing that script /
some MC’s turned commersh' and they was hyping to switch /
call it what you want, I guess they lost the fight to the itch /
so I don’t really see nothing but a mic' and a bitch /
holding on to that real shit, I tighten my grip /
so step off with that moist shit and tighten your zip /
and think of something much better when you’re writing your shit /
I just say it how I see it, I ain’t biting my lip /
I work hard for these stages and I parred with the greatest /
I been broke as joke and made marvellous papers /
a one man band so just calm with the favours /
and go work like I work and get a job with your neighbours /
or your Pops or whoever, I ain't trying to sound clever /
I don’t need to fuckin' try, that’s an effortless endeavour /
I’m one of the nicest, you know what I mean? /
And this ain't MTV but that’s a sweet sixteen… NUH!!

Chorus //
(scratching) Funky DL, on the microphone… the brother don't swear he nice… he knows he's nice… Def Lyricist

Verse Three //
I take rap back and roll with my cap back /
this ain't no act, fact! I’m acing em’ Blackjack! /
ya’ll wanna chat, chat? Then knock yourself out /
you can put on that wack act and knock your wealth out! /
I ain't stumbling or stuttering these lyrics that I’m uttering /
these haters wanna' hate me cos I’m back up in the cut again /
I’m still learning, I’m still track burning /
you can hit me with your tennis serve, I still keep returning /
and I’m so damned determined to eradicate the vermin /
while I’m writing and I’m turning over revenue and earnings /
with a style that’s so discerning like I’m trying to pull a girl into my
dressing room in Berlin while I’m rocking with the Germans /
(bad bwoy!) Funk Delta to the Lima /
got my eyes on tomorrow like Miriam Makeba /
I’m so international my fam call me VISA /
if you never heard of Funky, then you better raise your steez up!

Chorus //
(scratching) Funky DL, the brother don't swear he nice… Def Lyricist


from NANE, released November 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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