All My Peoples

from by Funky DL



To finish the album off comes this bass-crunching drum beat extravaganza. DL sets about celebrating his musical and career exploits in a tongue n’ cheek manner with no equivocations to the braggadocios bravado contained within them. So often, we hear MC’s get on the mic and kicks rhymes fuelled with vanity and pride, but for DL it’s only right. Through his tireless work ethic, Funky DL has contributed an immense catalogue to hip-hop and most of it single handedly. So if he wants to kick it like he can’t be touched… I say let him… after all, there aren’t too many we can compare his attributes to.


Chorus //
All my rude boys, all my bad boys /
It’s time to get wild, make mad noise /
It’s time to get paid like hustlers /
and say "zugu-zu-zu" just like Busta /
all my Rude-girls, all my ladies /
yo' lets bring the funk back like the 80’s /
forget the if, buts or maybe’s /
we bout' to let loose go crazy

Verse One //
When I came in the game I was savaging /
five album deal at 19 with no management /
(yeah) and the paper was stacking in /
went to Japan, I returned and went back again /
(sayonara!) "konichiwa", I’m back again /
twenty-five percent P.P.D. less packaging /
(yeah) and I’m store displaying in HMV /
(yeah) so between us, I understand the envy (yo)
of these rappers when I made em' worldwide /
turn around now they bitchin’ like a fucking Girl Guide /
(bitch) tryin’a hate but you do it on the sly /
yours weren’t enough? Now you want my prize? /
(yeah) But why (why?) try? (try) /
You so maggot, I’m so fly (fly) /
and for those who missed it /
(yeah) I’m so fly, I’m sticking to this shit

Chorus //

Verse Two //
I’m so free, (I'm so free) I’m so D /
(I'm so D) fuck it, right about now yo' I’m so me /
(so me) I’m so middle finger and I’m so V /
(so V) If I hurt your feelings I’m so sorry /
(apologies) I’m just telling my story /
fuck privacy, we can do this on Maury /
(T.V.) I can’t promise you glory /
but I bet you any money that the audience applaud me /
(I'm so naughty) I know I’m so naughty /
started my record label twenty-one years from forty /
(nineteen) on tour yo' they horde me /
back home this singer said "D can’t afford me" /
(for real?) for real? (you sure?) You sure? /
As time goes on you begging to record /
I ain't about to take my finger off pause /
(yo') you ask "why?" (why?) Because…

Chorus //

Verse Three //
(yo') I’m no flash in the pan /
so I’m not here begging ya’ll with cash in a can /
(no way) solo or backed with a band /
(uh!) I’m so Superhero, Spectacular Man /
(yo') nigga’s biting like Dracula man /
so I only write rhymes on the back of my hand /
(I'm attracting the fans) I’m attracting the fans /
for female autographs, back of the van /
(yo, yeah) got eight bars left /
(uh!) correction I’ma take seven more steps /
(uh!) correction I’ma hit six more lines /
(yeah) I’ma hit one bar five more times /
(four bars) four bars and I’m ghost /
take away one, now three at the most /
(two bars) two bars and I’m done /
that’s it… one

Chorus //


from NANE, released November 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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