The Rhapsody

by Funky DL

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Funky DL's first track of 2016 is this Glenn Lewis sampled groove entitled "The Rhapsody". DL takes Lewis' original 2002 hit "It's Not Fair" and flips the tempo into this soulful and bounce infused jam.


released June 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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Track Name: The Rhapsody
The life of love you breathed into my heart...
Is slipping away,
dying today,
If only... never thought I'd live to see.

(You...) turned ya' back on me, (and) questioned my faculties,
(and) react dramatically, but you said you my family,
(and) right now I’m struggling to not say no profanities,
(cos) you were so passively killing me with your vanity,
(it’s) an abnormality you sold me as your strategy,
(yo), so very casually you gut me like a cavity,
(and) and had me falling for it similar to gravity,
(and) quite understandably I didn’t see the fallacy,
(yo) I was so tragically stuck and trapped in a fantasy,
(so) I only woke up once you pushed me off the balcony,
(huh?), but levitated cos I’m gifted with that alchemy,
(yo) and now I’m seeing that you changing your opacity,
(huh?), but still you question me like I got an audacity,
laugh at me like you Muttley and Dick Dastardly,
this has to be blasphemy, but oh my God,
forever glad to be loosened from the calamities,
boosted in my morality,
(yo) so when you babble b', I’m seeing the depravity,
I’m cut from from a different fabric from your tapestry,
(yo), so very rapidly waking to my reality,
seeing you live so callously, escaping the brutality,
(uh) now you in agony when you hearing my rhapsody.


(Yo) the more and more I think about it, it proliferates,
(and) the way you look at me and judge me like a Magistrate,
(yo) but all it illustrates is how I learned to gravitate
away from your cavalier attitude,
you aggravate my latitude, the Karma’s coming back to you
and demonstrates that when you send it heavyweight,
you never get it featherweight,
(yo) had to recalibrate and take some time to meditate,
(and) and not contaminate my spirit cos you strangulate my limits,
now I’m hoping that you get it and evaporate,
(yo) cos who I am is something that you can’t extrapolate,
(so), so now you come at me with all the things you fabricate,
(hah) but I will not collaborate,
my character is bulletproof and you cannot assassinate,
so now you sit and machinate to get me and you fascinate
and fixate on ways to try to get me to reactivate,
(yo) but nothing you got will really captivate,
(yo) at first I thought this track would just exasperate
the feeling I don’t wanna feel but really it emancipates,
(huh, huh) so now I can substantiate (yo) all the decisions that I made
and how they validate,
(yo) this is my rhapsody, now how you like the laminate?