The Jazz That Was Forgotten

by Funky DL

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This is the fantastic 10th studio album by Funky DL, cleverly based around individual instruments popular within Jazz music. Each song takes it's main break from one of these musical instruments as DL glides over the grooves in true smooth lyrical fashion!


released December 23, 2008

Produced by Funky DL for Washignton Classics 2008



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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Track Name: Spins
CHORUS (x2) / I write rhymes like I come from New York City,
my DJ spins the record down to the nitty gritty my DJ spins the record down to the nitty gritty / VERSE ONE / I got a new understanding of life, understanding my mics, understanding of hype, I got a new understanding of nice, understanding my price, understanding what's right so I write words, write nouns and write verbs, for hustlers, MC's and minors, and I’m finally at that place of understanding and overcame that feeling of an Island when you stranded, I guess it's natural cos no one could have planned it (Original) Homie they call me the Jazz Bandit, one of very few who really do it on this planet, I've been marketed, promoted, I've been branded, Ever since that classic day that my music landed and the people they loved it cos it was candid but it aint like I never ever got slandered, maybe cos I'm young, maybe because I’m right handed maybe it aint me maybe it's something that my friends did, I don’t really care about it, dude I take my chances so while these young girls talk pretty, and these fellas they be squawking and walking around the city, my DJ spins the record down to the nitty gritty / CHORUS (x2) / VERSE TWO / I got a new understanding of beats understanding of heat, understanding of sweet but I don’t really understand defeat and I don't really understand why dudes wanna cheat, well I do, one hundred and sixty, eight hours they weak (week), an eye for an eye or should we turn the other cheek?
I may not find everything that I seek but you may find a lot if you hearing the words I speak, as they flow smoothly over this melodic beat (Fantastic!) Yep and it's so surreal, the kind of music that can make you just wanna chill and do the things you wanna do cos it's making you feel (Inspiration) I built my name on a solid (Foundation)and do it all because there aint no (Limitation) and I'm still representing and still comes together like when I'm building a sentence and still get love like I didn't score in tennis, yeah I'm saying this for all ladies and fellas, so while these young girls talk pretty and these fellas they be squawking and walking around the city, my DJ spins the record down to the nitty gritty / CHORUS (x4)
Track Name: Remarkable
CHORUS (x2) / So remarkable, the way that I sit on the track, So remarkable, the way that I’m bringing it back, So remarkable, the way that it sounds so sweet so remarkable, the way I kill it on this rude boy beat / VERSE ONE / I used to dream of holding mics, hit records for all my life, hit record stores for them breaks, looping up beats on them tapes, ran into this kid called Zakes; he signed me up to his label, put a deal upon the table, I signed it then I was able to make music easy, they call me the Funky Deezy, a humble kid from the East, spitting rhymes was all that pleased me, money didn't worry, label they didn't hurry me, management didn't pressure me, maybe cos I'ze especially talented with the remedy, jazz was inside my memory, this was not very usual for kids born in the seventies, the late seventies, my passion was weighing heavily, promised myself I'd never be lacking to bring a melody, trusted myself impeccably always to bring the sickest beats, like the last day of October I had the trick or treats, building up a repertoire of fans who were my arsenal, so if you're asked to describe my time I'd say remarkable / CHORUS (x2) /VERSE TWO / Who did I have up in the mix? DJ Parris and DJ Stixx and Dillon was the engineer, what we would break yo he would fix, I'm speaking in the musical not really in the physical, the way that I manipulated sound was like a miracle, Classic Was The Day was effortless that's why its timeless, even if I made it instrumental, made it rhyme less and nobody could ever say that Funky D was spineless, I had a lot of haters but I killed them with my kindness, so when I think back to them days when we were going places, Met people on the basis of 'We recognize your faces! 'Forced the industry to have to listen when we speaking, on the radio like almost every other weekend, even though it was voluntary to listen to our commentary, cats would say they get so much from someone who was solitary, then I made a following as loud as any carnival from music that was written in history as remarkable / CHORUS (x4)
Track Name: Range
INTRO (x2) / Maybe she loves me or she loves me not, maybe she loves me or she loves me, what? / VERSE ONE / She said 'this aint right, this aint life, this aint a top billing, no this aint hype, this aim low, this aint more, you say that you’re the one but what's your name yo?', I said 'D, yo baby that's me, and if you have a question baby ask me, I'll answer to the best of my ability, just try not to cut me like a guillotine', she said 'k, that's a cool name, I played this all before and it's a cool game, but this is not the way I like to run mine, I heard it all before just like Sunshine, I said 'Who' then I realized, sitting down dusting off my Fila's, I remembered how her face looked, and the messages she sent me up on Facebook, she blow cold then she blow hot, she blow warm and then she blows not, so I know not while she knows all, a couple days later and she knows more, her minds made up that it's not made up, questions on account and its not paid up, do I go on or do I go back? Range, that's what we call this throwback / CHORUS / Maybe she loves me or she loves me not, maybe she loves me or she loves me, what? (x3) maybe she loves me or she loves me what? Maybe she loves me or she loves me, what? What? What? / VERSE TWO / I got plans, she got plans, we change them, well hot damn! A friendship, I'm feeling guilty, with no excuses only if she feel me, now here comes the one who's trying to kill me, Now here comes the one who's trying to reel me, But I'm not involved in all the nonsense, this aint Valerie by Mark Ronson, back to the black with the brown eyes, watching the surface with my Owl eyes, she questions me like its jealousy, we sip Courvoisier and never Hennessey, she dress nice, she co-ordinates, photographic images of all her mates, It tapped me cos I don't appear I say nothing while she combs her hair, a loved one I don't see much, accusations of the C touch, I laugh strong and she wrestles that, come into my zone wearing a special hat, her face made up but it's not made up, answers in arrears cos it's not paid up, do I go on or do I go back? Range, that's what we call this throwback / CHORUS / Maybe she loves me or she loves me not, maybe she loves me or she loves me, what? (x3) maybe she loves me or she loves me what? Maybe she loves me or she loves me, what? What? What?
Track Name: Later
VERSE ONE / I met this girl and I made her very upset, She wasn't feeling me because I aint a Roughneck, I stopped to think and yo it sounded very suspect, She couldn't tell that Funky had some kind of prospect? I should have left her in the cold, straight break out, and take myself back to my crib and eat a take out, now she looking in my boat like it's a steak out, the type of sexy girl who you wanna make out with, saying 'she/I don't want another Boyfriend', yo she treating me like I'm a can of poison, I should be kicking it and hanging with my boys man, she asked me 'what you do for work?', 'I'm self employed maam', are you a hustler 'No I'm a composer, I broke the law before but now them days are over and plus the fact that I have grown a little older'' so you a Roughneck?', 'Come on girl I told ya, don't you listen? I'm a musician, I make a beat, I write a rhyme and that's my mission, I got a studio in very good condition and no my vocal booth is not inside my kitchen'' so you a rap star? 'I'm on my way there', so do you got your own pad?' So I say 'yeah, I got this Penthouse Suite up in Mayfair, but yo forget about it, I don't hardly stay there', lying to this woman to impress her she's thinking all I want is to undress her and she aint too far from wrong see I confess ha? Tell me how I get myself into this mess ha? / VERSE TWO / I asked her for her number it was over, she looked me up and down like I had odour, her body language now is getting colder, it looks like I won't get the chance to hold her, she said 'I gotta go, you know my steelo' and tried to spin away like a Torpedo, I slowed her down like Bobby Valentino and said 'I love your jeans, is that Moschino?', That is when she hit me with the madness and said 'what makes you think that you can have this, you think I got the time to give you chances? To try and take me home and do me on your mattress?' I asked myself just why am I pursuing her? When some other dude has obviously ruined her, now I'm looking at my watch like I'm a jeweller, thinking to myself I should have played it cooler, I realized I made a big mistake ha? So I searched inside my pocket for some paper, she asked me 'what you doing?' I said 'wait ma', found my pen then I scribbled down later…
Track Name: Jazz
CHORUS / Jazz (x4) / VERSE ONE / When it's asked what they know of me I tell them it's jazz, flowing smoothly on a rhythm even though it moves fast, listen to the bass roll while the Saxophone blasts, while the others make their replica's that's not in my class, beats, beats, rhymes, rhymes cos it's still in my blood, yeah I do it for the money not forgetting the love, yeah I do it for the honeys that be up in the club and I'm repping for them backpack dudes and them thugs who be jumping all around just like the House of Pain, or they chillin' with their Shorty bumping John Coltrane, this a smooth rendition of just how we get down, call it what you want but this is an intelligent sound, Yo the beats on fire so I guess that it's hot and it may sound simple but I tell you its not, this is verse one over yo I finished my task, let the Saxophone run over this thing called Jazz / VERSE TWO / Verse T.W.O continue the flow, this is eloquent music for the people who know, this is hip-hop back into the Golden Era, everybody that I talk to say they know it's much better than the corny 808's that they put on a Synth, then they think that it's a hit but yo they living a myth, I create the kind of music from the raw ideas that will keep the people coming back for many a year, people hit me on the email and they tell me I'm ill, cos I got the kind of records that allow you to chill and I got the kind of music that will thought provoke, when the beats start banging you can smell all the smoke, Real music, it's found in the dustiest breaks, from the dustiest of records in the dustiest crates, Now its verse two over, I've completed my task, so turn this Saxophone backwards on this thing we call Jazz / BREAKDOWN / VERSE 3 / Now this is the final lap and I'm seeing the end and I refuse to settle for any less than a ten and I put the word Classic in the music I make in the lyrics that I quote and in the beats I create, people tell me it reminds them of A Tribe Called Quest, well that's cool cos that reminds me I'm not far from the best and I have to thank God for my musical spirit, when its playing on a record in my mind it sounds different, see there's something kind of different about the way that I do it, it's a certain kind of flow that's a reflection of fluid and some people may not understand the style that I got, especially if they are only used to listening to pop but I still stick to it homie nevertheless and I make it sound tidy homie never a mess this is verse three over, yo I finished my task so let the Saxophone blast in this thing we call Jazz / CHORUS
Track Name: Focus
VERSE ONE / Yo, I wanna see if you identify with the things that I be thinking bout that dwell in my mind, the majority of people often hit hard times and we cannot see the future cos to that we are blind but when we making errors and we know it's a crime to ourselves, there comes a time we have to redefine and think about the places we been to, the roads that we have walked, experiences we've been through, the people that we've met and how many of them have been true, then we see we owe ourselves much more, more than we are getting, more than we had before, We treat so many things as if they only a chore and we don't realize what's right in front of our eyes, we can turn it all around and live these beautiful lives, all we need to do is smarten up and follow the wise, so many times in life we get things wrong, that's why I had to make this beat and represent on this song to put your mind in tact and let you know it's a fact / CHORUS / You gotta focus, just focus, that's why I wrote this, focus, just focus, that's why I wrote this / VERSE TWO / They say it's easier said than done but it's easier done than be the suffering one and things easily go when they easily come some of us work hard, some of us thank God, some of us don't even care because we mentally scarred, most of us are getting caught in life by dropping our guard, the older we become its like we gotta progress and though we know more we act like we know less, I wish that I could tell you, you could live with no stress, we should be talking revolutions, evolution not resolutions, can't wait just to the end of the year, to decide I'm gonna think about a new idea, to decide I'm gonna try and make my whole life clear, to decide I've had enough and now its time to care, so many times in life we get things wrong, that's why I had to make this beat and represent on this song, to put your mind in tact and let you know it's a fact / CHORUS / You gotta focus, just focus, focus, that's why I wrote this, focus, just focus.
Track Name: Shift
INTRO / Yeah, uh ha (repeat) / VERSE ONE / It was a cold day and she was listening to Cold Play, making out like it was role play, I just looked at her like no way, put on a DVD, she switched it to the BBC, she knows it won't agree with me but still she wanna be with me, I paid her no attention and then she tried to mention, I played my music too loud, well I play my music too proud, after all it belongs to me; she said it's just a song to me, I said 'girl why you startin' Just take a sip of Remy Martin, and I saved my last Rolo and I'mma take you to the MOBO's, she said that don't mean much, I've been and I aint seen much, so why you telling me for? Young talk, don't mix me up with T4, You know we gonna drift, so yo we gotta shift / CHORUS / (with echoes) Shifting we just shifting we just shifting, we just, we just, we just (x2) shifting it ah ha, ah ha, we just shifting it (x2) / VERSE TWO / I told her this my house so you can sing like Amy Winehouse, I just had to remind her, I'm kind of slick like Knight Rider, she opened a Bacardi, remember Linda Lusadi? Yo she was in a different league, (whoosh!!) you could feel the breeze, yeah she was real pretty, painting her nails and watching Sex In The City, losing my marbles up in here, is she training as a puppeteer? Touching up her lipstick, adjusts her bra and it's a quick fit, splash of her fragrance makes me feel like I'm winning out in Vegas, loving the Armani and a Chicken Biriyani , burning a scent candle, it's more than I can handle, maybe this is sabotage, cooler than a Hagen Dazs, you know we bout to drift, so yo we bout to shift / CHORUS
Track Name: Stars
INTRO / Stars, we feel like stars, I said we feel like stars, we feel like stars, stars / VERSE ONE / (Check it) This is a rare move that I spit a rare groove, that I spit on rare jazz, that I spit on rare blues, lyrically I got there and made my goal, took my lessons from the Quest, Jungle, De La Soul, then I tweaked a couple buttons and I made my flow, bought a couple old records and I trade my doe, Louis Armstrong down to Nat King Cole, Thelonius Monk, Sonny Rollins could blow, in with the new and out with the old, if the beat sound hot then the beat sound cold, bound to make you rock like Status Quo , bound to turn this up on your Steree ereeo! I call me the beat maker, the rhyme slayer, the slow walker, the street stroll time taker, the ear banger and at times the neck knocker, the Lord made me underground so I chief rock ya, so you can understand of how I feel about the funk, I walk with the funk, street talk with the funk, roll two dice score seven with the funk, when I die yo I wanna go to heaven with the funk and I wanna give a big shout out to Myers, gonna blow like a bomb when you cut the wrong wires, hip-hop all day is who we are, if it wasn’t for this music I would never be a star / CHORUS / Stars, everywhere we go people know who we are, we feel like stars, everywhere we go people know who we are, I said we feel like stars, everywhere we go people know who we are, we feel like stars, everywhere we go people know who we are / VERSE TWO / I started way back in the old scene and I came to kill your pain like Codeine and I came to tear your frame like an old jean and I'm like a traffic signal when it go green, I put the pedal down, loud and proud homie, like the heavy metal sound, but I put a beat on a break and get a better sound, then I do a Tupac Shakur and I get around, up and down so sick that I sweat it out, listen up closely, I'm at the place where I hardly get no sleep, cos I'm making ill beats and a whole heap of rhymes for the next release, and the next challenger will be the next to cease, cease trading, yo it's so amazing, the way I do it and the roof's I be raising, radio plays and the way my fans play my CD's for days and yo it feels great man, no need to hate man, no I aint a waste man, I'm just that dude who be giving you a taste man of hip-hop in its purest form but I came a little different like an August storm, Consist doing it from now till eternity, if you got my records, even if you never heard of me, hip-hop all day is who we are, if it wasn't for this music I would never be a star / CHORUS / OUTRO / Stars, we feel like stars, I said we feel like stars, We feel like stars, stars.
Track Name: Grow
CHORUS (x2) / I know that I'm going to a place that I am growing and it's such a wonderful time / VERSE ONE / Thinking back to the times when it was all about, being young and care free and I could run my mouth, there was nothing overwhelming, wasn't thinking love, It was only really music I was thinking of, cos when you so young it's hard for things to trouble you, plus you could never see the things you gonna come into, so you take your left foot and overtake your right and just step thinking nothing overtakes your life, until you get much older and you see it clearer and you become much wiser in your new era and you see it how you see it and that's what it is, I was watching all my elders, now I'm watching kids, still a young buck but I see the changes, that differentiate me from these different ages and the stages I'm at show I truly know what it truly means for people when they truly grow / CHORUS (x2) / VERSE TWO / (Yo) see I'm seeing things from a different perspective and the choices that I make are more selective, and it's easier for me to have direction, and to separate decisions from affections and the individuals who would remind me of negativity are now so far behind me and I know that life has many probabilities but I never let it dead the possibilities, when I think to how I started as a baby, I acknowledge God and praise him that he made me and stood by me and protected me, for the talents that I got yo he selected me still a young buck but I see the changes that differentiate me from these different ages and the stages I'm at show I truly know what it truly means for people when they truly grow / BRIDGE / To the bridge, uh, we growing it, uh, we growing it, uh, we growing it, scoot! Uh (repeat) we growing it / CHORUS (x2)
Track Name: Pulse
PULSE ONE / I am the slickest and I come from East that’s H.A.C. I got them lyrics also the dude who made this beat, my name is Deezy that's another take on Funky D, one of the best MC's though some will doubt and some believe / PULSE TWO / But I know, nobody other rapper out here's matching my flow, I dropped my debut record back in 9.6. you say that you are better, it's just mind tricks, don't worry bout it you'll get better / PULSE THREE / International, highly rational, yes emotional and it's personal, intellectual, indirectional, highly sexual, I say first of all , make the music right, make the music tight, do it for the young boys and girls and all, love the things I do, now it's up to you, judge the way that I make the music fall / PULSE FOUR / I know, you know the beats like oh, oh you know, I know we bout to blow, oh, I say yo, oh when I hear flow, oh, your style's today our styles tomorrow / PULSE FIVE / Beats and rhymes, that is all I need blood, nothing else, I’m letting you know because, when it's time for you to come and see us, you will love the music from the speakers / PULSE SIX / When I rhyme it's something that you're gonna love and when its time for me to rep there’s none above and I got soul, it's something that will never leave me, yes I struggle cos my role was never easy / PULSE SEVEN / Yo I come from the Clapton streets, so I know how to make hot beats and I do this for life that's me, you wonder who is great? Ask me, yo, I'mma just let the beats run... it's over...
Track Name: International Remix featuring DJ Kofi
INTRO / I’m internationally known upon the microphone (and various scratching catchphrases) / VERSE ONE / Can I get your attention Ladies and Gentlemen?
Cos you about a witness an MC’s intelligence, Yo this aint a track made to get at you man, I just did it so these CURSE understand who’s the greatest and did it for the last ten years, I’m in credit while dudes got careers in arrears cos these CURSE talk CURSE about who’s the best while I just rhyme make beats and keep stacking the cheques and I aint down with them dudes playing haterish games, them CURSE beefin’ like they eating Steak Fried Lomeins, they say I aint UK cos I rap like this but CURSE jealous cos they couldn’t do a track like this but I’ve no disrespect to no one dude, if I’m a fool then it takes one to know one dude, still I keep CURSE hot like I’m wrapped in foil cos I’m the best to ever do it on this UK soil, I’m inter-chicky-national / CHORUS/ (Various scratching catchphrases) /VERSE TWO / Yo I can sit and write bars smoking Cuban cigars, women say that I remind em’ of an earlier NaS and my fans wanna know who’s running London city? It’s DL he’s the Russell, Dre, Jay, P. Diddy Masta P, JD, Suge Knight of the rap game, yall wanna know my real name but stick to my rap name, it’s DL the dude who always comes in first when CURSE type my name on the Google search so check the website and purchase from the online store you can cop my CURSE from seven, ninety-nine or more and I’ll be damned if another rapper outs my lights this is WashFam baby CURSE own the rights to the masters, the publishing and all them things moving forward just to look at what the future brings and my pace is regulated if I sprint or stroll, I’m international, I done been around the globe CURSE / CHORUS / (Various scratching catchphrases)
/ VERSE THREE / One of the best to ever do it on this vinyl wax and I aint causing trouble, I’m just stating the facts so I hope you take heed to the words I speak cos I aint saying this for nothing CURSE talk is cheap and I pay real money if you work real hard, you pay peanuts you get Monkeys doing the job and Monkey business don’t result in CURSE making no loot, all they do is clown around, stay in a cage and eat fruit, had this female friend who I thought was strange, she would get all in my business try and CURSE up my game, how this CURSE gone tell me how to use my brain? When she seven months pregnant and she snorts Cocaine, now that’s stupid, you chump huh you don’t know me I’m Consist, who the CURSE are you supposed to be? And that life that you repping aint fashionable but yo forget it baby cos I’m international huh! / CHORUS / (Various scratching catchphrases)