Sometimes I Have to Wonder​.​.​. [Funky DL samples Stevie Wonder]

by Funky DL




Following the success of both Back To Frank and Back To Rap, where he took on the giant audio of original Amy Winehouse joints, Funky DL brings it back with the follow up in his "Funky DL Samples" series... with his FREE downloadable "Sometimes I Have To Wonder" EP.

This time, DL takes on the music from the legendary Motown musician "Stevie Wonder" and gets busy in the studio meshing his production skills and rhymes with Stevie’s classic 60's and 70's sound. "My Cherie Amour" (1969), "He's Misstra Know-It-All" (1974), "Thank You Love" (1966) and "Please Don't Go" (1974) provided the landscape for DL to do his thing...

"I've always messed with Stevie breaks", DL states "But I have always been a bit more obscure with it, to the point you'd probably never know by the time I get chopping, but this was the time to be obvious to (of course) celebrate the magic that is Stevie"

Apparently Funky DL had enough beats to turn this into a full album but felt that could be a possibility later on down the line.

This project should nicely tie listeners over until Funky DL's next album entitled "NANE" drops in either late 2012 or early 2013 (to which there is a snippet of the track "I'm a Beast" included once you download the full "samples Stevie Wonder" EP )

Funky DL has remained one of the most consistent artists to do it in hip-hop, with quality release after quality release, and this EP is no exception.

Look out for the 2 bonus tracks... firstly the "Rocky Balboa" inspired "Only Just a Matter of Time feat. Louise Bagan sampling from Bill Conti's "Going the Distance"... and the soulful "Another Girl (Gods Other Daughter)" featuring Dyanna Fearon and sampling "Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions "The Girl I Find".

Also, "Another Girl" is actually the follow up track to the BBE records released "Gods Daughter" from DL's "The Interview Album" (2009).




released August 17, 2012

Produced by Funky DL for Washington Classics 2012

Artwork by Daniel Hoare -



all rights reserved


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Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC and producer to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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Track Name: Cos She's a...
Cos She’s a…

Pretty little one that I adore, you’re the only girl my heart beats for [repeat]

Verse One
Pretty young chick far from ugly yo / a little rude girl, but she was lovely though / Call her on a Saturday, I’m like come we go / Real sexy drinking her bubbly slow, 5 foot 6, real gorgeous / her star sign is the one after Taurus /great dress sense, she look flawless / personality is sotin like enormous / oh no! I wish I could show you all a photo / she’s so respectful she’s no hoe, her eyes deep brown like cocoa / and every time I see her it’s like I’m falling / and we can straight talk til six in the morning / and she can run jokes and it never get boring / and my face light up yo whenever she calling, cos she a…


Verse Two
Confidence, she don’t do um’ing and argh’ing / and she don’t play golf but she definitely parring / if cute was movie she’d probably be starring / she so jazz I should call her New Orleans / and I’m so in love like Romeo / she my Juliet, we at the Rodeo / let me get you sotin’ nice but she told me no / then she pulls out a chain like a golden rope /and we ride on the train like a couple of kids / no secrets nothing wrong with knowing my biz / and my most favourite memory is late night soft lights up in London Bridge/ I adore her so completely / so I watch her while she watch TV / and I’m always there when she need me / no exceptions, cos she the…


Verse Three
So girl tell me how you like to spend the weekend / with the lights off? And no peeking? Body language straight no speaking / I thank God, Amen like a Deacon / you know what I’m like when the beats in / I pop mix tapes for the streets and for the peeps and for the radio / you so damn fly like a Avi yo’ / and you so damn beautiful / all I really wanna do is let loose on you / we can so do whatever / get more close I can so endeavour / and I can so get clever but no disrespect I so say never / you the top of the chart and I knew that straight from the start [such a…]

Track Name: Just Don't Give a Care
Just Don’t Give a Care

Verse One
I am sick of these dudes trying to tell me what to do / trying to tell me like it’s new, trying tell me like it’s true / trying to sell me their rules like it’s painted in jewels / but I aint following fools only following my gut feeling / guess I gotta leave em’ / so I can say there’s no doubt that I’m not kneeling / I’ve never been the type to beg, don’t find it too appealing / but that’s not a reason to try to pull me in your circle of these top demons / they wanna see me on my last legs “not even” / so I’m staying on the top like I’m not leaving / the only way I’m coming down is if I’m not breathing / but if I’m not weeping and certainly not bleeding, then I am far from your average Joe, John, Steven / this game season / so when I’m looking up for someone who I can believe in / I’m quite sure it ain’t gone be nobody junk feeding / They always say true colours always be revealing / a vivid rainbow and damn I can really see em’/ still I’m succeeding / so the peeps that don’t care about me, don’t think I’m losing sleep cos you’re wrong nah’ mean? / I Just got to be cautious of these good will thieves and I just got to be patient til’ these hoods will leave / sing the hook now Stevie

Chorus x2
[Stevie] Take my word, please beware of a man who just don’t give a care no

[DL] You don’t care about me, well don’t I care about you / you don’t care about us, we feel the same way too / this is what you need to do (say what? True indeed!)

Verse Two
You don’t care about me? Well I don’t care about you / but you will hear about me, but I won’t hear about you / round one is always hard but I don’t fear a round two / I aint going to be laying on the canvas seeing blue and the crowd screaming boo! / with people in the queue wanting refunds too / that’s why I never really liked what these ones do / they’d rather bring grief over peace unto / and rarely walk alone, there’s at least one or two trying to feast off a you / I am speaking from the heart, I’m not speaking from my ego / I don’t wanna be the Agent in the Matrix hating people / I know all men are equal, but some men are blind / so with some men you’ll find that some are so unkind and some are so one minded / take my word and please beware I wanna pick you up from life’s good so please be there / so when you see me coming through you know at least he cares / so never think for any moment that it’s easy here, but at least he dares / so the peeps that don’t care about me, don’t think I’m losing sleep cos you’re wrong nah’ mean? / I just got to be cautious of these good will thieves and I just got to be patient til’ these hoods will leave / sing the hook now Stevie
Track Name: Thank You Love
Thank You Love

Thank you love, with all my and soul I thank you love
Each day that comes and goes I thank you love
I thank you cos you gave me true love

Verse One
Yo’ grown man attitude, wanna show my gratitude / you my heart held me down, can’t be mad at you / yeah I love you so I thank you cos that matters too / so these words aint spoken just to flatter you / nobody got my back like you / nobody come close, nobody act like you / and when I’m in the wrong, gave me flack like you / just because you were concerned in what this chap might do / No I ain’t crazy but I get close to it / so you my medicine I wanna overdose to it / cos you the one person in my life so fluent / I’m telling you my dream, you pushing me to go do it / so I’m so darn grateful / me comparing you to someone else is disgraceful / nah’ yo’ I’m way to thankful / this aint for me to score points / these are words from my heart and my soul on a joint / this is my way of telling you I appreciate you / but you really gotta be careful cos you way too kind / and some people waiting in the wings, just to take advantage of these beautiful things / so really know that I got you / one man army, but that can’t repay all things you did for me / so for the times everything got tough, I know I said it before but can’t say it enough / I wanna thank you love


Verse Two
So I guess I wanna thank you for everything you did for me / for the kindness and love that you give to me / for the insight, moment of epiphany / certainly one of Gods greatest gifts to me / on the real you are one in a mil / yo pulled me back up when I was going down hill / you brought me down to earth when my head got swelled / and everything you did for me you did so well / oh well others don’t come close / you seem to know me the way no one knows / you follow me to places that no one goes / you a ten out of ten like a 0 one 0 / a thousand thank you's but here’s one more / but I know in the future I’mma need some more / so I hope that I have you till whatever years old yo / cos no joke you the rock to my roll yo’ / and I know in a world so cold, you showed me a love that could never be sold / cos it more valuable than 24 carat gold / so forever indebted and forever I’ll owe you / so never let it be un-spoke / this is so sincere from the words that I wrote / for the times everything got tough / I know I said it before but can’t say it enough / I wanna thank you love

Thank you love, with all my and soul I thank you love / Each day that comes and goes I thank you love / I thank you cos you gave me true love / oh I was lost / somewhere along life’s road I was lost / and on that lonesome road our bridges crossed / you showed me the way to change your love / oh it’s miracles…
Track Name: Don't Go Away
Don’t Go Away

[Stevie] Please don’t go, no, no, no / if you go, I would be sad and blue / so I say / no, no, no / don’t go away

Verse One
This goes out to all those who lost somebody / wishing to turn the clock back and force somebody to still be here / if we could, of course we hardly would ever choose to know the pain having to mourn somebody / lost my Friend, my Uncle, my Gran, my Father / thought it was hard at first but it hit me harder much later / I never could prepare for the void / I felt very frustrated and extremely annoyed / but God is great and helped with load on my plate / even when I ain’t been praising him like T.D. Jakes / I want to know why is the most inevitable thing in the world so painful on every level? Birth and death, they say that its life’s cycle / I held back breath when Stevie sang it for Michael / I never dreamed that you’d leave in Summer…that’s why at least every three months I’m calling my friends numbers / drink a toast to everyone I know that’s 6 feet under and say rhyme over the vocal tones of Stevie Wonder / now I can’t see over the wall but I’d rather miss a person in my life than never have em’ at all / so I’m so grateful for the time shared / if I knew you my whole life or 5 years / but if I had my own way, / if asking you to stay kept you here I would have said… please don’t go [no]

[Stevie] Please don’t go, no, no, no / if you go, I would be sad and blue (it’s too much) / so I say / no, no, no / don’t go away / [DL- ] don’t go – (repeats)

Verse Two
This Goes out to strangers and fans of mine / I so wish I could turn back the hands of time / bring my people my back and we reunite / sip a smooth cognac and we bleach the night / laugh and joke and speak on our history / but in this room as I write it’s only me / so I best make do with the memories and some of them are so cool like Septembers breeze / but that just won’t mend my broken heart / so attached in my mind so I hold the thought / and I think sometimes is it just a dream? / Will I wake up soon? Will the slate be clean? / And there’s so many people who can relate / but there’s not just one who can compensate / but you still with me every day of my life / so I guess that the spiritual will have to suffice / and I know one day I will see your face but I had to put your picture up just in case / if I had one wish I would bring you back / then perhaps I could scrap and delete this track / but I’m so grateful for the time shared, and I thank you so much for your kind years / but if I had my own way, if asking you to stay kept you here I would have said… please don’t go [no]

[Stevie] Please don’t go, no, no, no / if you go, I would be sad and blue (it’s too much) / so I say / no, no, no / don’t go away / [DL- ] don’t go – (repeats)

[Stevie] And I’ll do anything you want me to / if you promise that you won’t leave tonight / cos I’ll break down and cry a river of tears, of just the thought of you not here in my life / so please don’t go, no, no, no / you should go, I be sad and blue / so I say / no, no, no / don’t go away
Track Name: [BONUS TRACK] - Only Just a Matter of Time featuring Louise Bagan of Addictive
Only Just a Matter of Time

"And the time comes for you to be your own man and take on the world... And you did... But somewhere along the line... you changed, you stopped being you...You let people stick a finger in your face and tell you you're no good. And when things got hard, you started looking for something to blame, like a big shadow... Let me tell you something you already know... The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows... It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it... You, me or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life, BUT IT AIN'T ABOUT HOW HARD YOU HIT, IT'S ABOUT HOW HARD YOU CAN GET HIT AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD... HOW MUCH YOU CAN TAKE AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD... That's how winning is done. Now if you know what you're worth then go out and get what you're worth but you've got to be willing to take the hits... And not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you want to be because of him or her or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain't you! YOU'RE BETTER THAN THAT!" – (Rocky Balboa)

Verse One
Yo, don’t get mad cos I brought this back, it’s rock solid like a tortoise back / yo I’m tired of this bitch like I’m trying to give your daughter back / but I meant the whole world, take your orders back I’m too disobedient / I’m sick of the rules in this world and I disagree with them / They tell us anything and we so quickly believing it, like fucking Illuminati what am I a human hobby? / A plaything? The main things I’m breathing and I’ma try and keep it that way until God throws me a leaving party, inviting everybody / so call your Friends, your Cousins, your Daughters, your Sons, your Parents and your Lovers, your Ex’s / it’s less expensive to live your life with your eyes closed but with all five senses I’ma walk through the valley of the shadow of death, where every steps an un-cowardly step and every breaths an un-cowardly breath / never forget how much power we rep, cos when life gets harder, can you afford a baby father drama? And have you got the time to even care if Bush is really team Osama? With too much time on your hands, how you gonna have aspiring plans? / And a dream that's much bigger than just time and a half? / My bare hands I rip a lion in half, that’s just a figure of speech and I ain’t trying to count up all the figures I reach / if this touches one person I’m as happy as peach / I had to take time out but now I’m back on these beats / trying hard as fuck to put a message back on these streets / but I ain’t no politician I just happen to speak / so if life ain’t everything you want it to be, you just living in a moment that is made up of components / and no I can’t promise you when things will be fine but the difference between there and here is just time...

And it’s only just a matter of time /when everything eventually will be fine / don’t let the world get in your way make you blind with everything that’s going on in your mind / you gotta get up and take it back to the grind / don't let em’ try and take away from your shine / it’s a matter of time, it’s just a matter of time / it’s matter of time, it’s just a matter of time

Verse Two
Yo we too quick to judge, and too slow to love and you showing them what’s underneath, when the only thing consuming you is a YouTube beef / that’s shallow, that’s so narrow, that’s so baby and his rattle / a cheap shot with a plastic arrow / skedaddle and come outta my face with that nonsense / homie we ain’t got nothing in common not even common sense / wise up or forever pick them fries up / and I ain’t trying to make a fool of nobody, I’m just stating the facts / you can live your life blessed or you can live it just wack / you can live it going forward, stand still or go back / yo but I prefer the first option, so I put my mentality up for adoption, so you can turn the lights out but I'ma keep watching / and its not like I found my way but when I speak it’s obvious my mouth found my brain / I blow smoke into the faces of them shit talkers, cos when they speaking yo I find it just a bit awkward to listen, and keep a straight face, yo we should change places and let me run this shit / with your testosterone talk when showing your tits / I didn’t think for one minute yo that this could be it / my whole life as a puppet on piece of string, being a monkey with an organ grinder doing his thing / that’s not living that’s like sleep walking and I’ma tell the rest like a beat orphan, lose the percussion / and you can listen to my words don't have to trust em’ cos all I really wanna do is open a discussion, that life may not be what you want it to be / you just living in a moment that is made up of components / and no I can’t promise you when things will be fine but the difference between there and here is just time...

Track Name: [BONUS TRACK] - Another Girl (Gods Other Daughter) featuring Dyanna Fearon
Another Girl (Gods Other Daughter)

For the girl I’ve found stays on my mind / she has opened up my eyes as though I were blind (oh Lord)

Here’s another girl / and I’m afraid she will be gone like the others before her (x2)

She’s another girl / and she don’t know that she’s special like the others before her

Verse One
P.Y.T. Pretty young thing some would say / reminds me of the chick in a song sung by MJ / and I call her MJ, ride or die with her if my pockets broke or empty / travelled round the world and despite of what my friends say, I put her in the middle of my time like a Wednesday / yes she was my peoples from the time I turned twenty so I gave her plenty of my time and my affection but I might say / turned to my left so didn’t up in the right way / I’m over slightly concerned and I look back at the words of her email when she took the time to write me / said finding another friend like me was unlikely / and I might be not as close as you’d like me / and the thought of you far away from me frightens me…


Verse Two
(Lets go) My memory is filled with the images of the laughter we shared and the privileges of Friendship / we been in this a long time so before this track I made finishes, I wanna tell her that I love her and I really miss her / and I’m looking back in time and I’m wishing this outcome was different / and I’m thinking if even just a little bit / when a bad things came your way I wanted to get rid of it / but I was powerless so felt more like a witness / now on my wish list is to see her at Christmas and now I keep on persisting in my business / and I aint dismissed her from my life so for ever will she exist / but I am so afraid tell me yo what is this? Please God help me with this…