Lyrics No Stress b​/​w The Record Shop

by Funky DL

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This is the digital re-issue of the classic Funky DL joint "Lyrics No Stress" featuring Guile and Versatile E. A hugely popular jazzy hip-hop jam in Japan. The flip is the also classic "The Record Shop" which carries that laid back sweet and mellow vibe... both come with instrumentals... And recently re-mastered so both tracks are sounding better than ever before...


released May 30, 2011



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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Track Name: Lyrics No Stress featuring Guile & Versatile E
When it comes to beats and rhymes who’s got the cool flow?
It’s the C.O. leaving ladies feeling mellow
Queen Of Diamonds used to be my main ace but now I need space
Because now the Queen Of Gold got me laced
It’s like that say what I feel and never fight back
Never claim to be the best there’s skills that I might lack
It’s hype talk when an MC gets an ego trip
It’s all about them being the man it makes me sick
Don’t get me wrong you’ve got to showcase your talent son
But there’s more to life then you being number one
Never stress that all you’ve got to do is your best
And by that I’m putting all these sucker MC’s to rest
Funky DL, remember when I stepped on the scene?
October 95 when I was just 17
Now Con’s hooked the beat nice and this is how I make them
Love to JQ and Caramal, Salaam u lakem

DL the Funky straight up MC
Representing with Gulie and the Versatile E
And the DJ Stixx in the place to be
Because we rip up the mic and rock the party

I be butter without the toast and the cereal
The grand imperial I be Guile you know the one that’s never fearing you
When it comes to rap got it locked like the hears on the Predator
Walking around in my shoes I’m still three steps ahead of you
Its critical living my life in the physical
At the same time trying to focus on the spiritual
You snooze you lose speak the wrong words get bruised
My existence to me is straight up mystery
No true facts to mans history wisdom is the key
To power supremacy I don’t trust you so don’t dare trust me
No job income £36.50 weekly
I move shifty silent but swiftly
Because Feds want to shift me
I get romantic French kissing Cobra’s
Don’t drive Land Rovers try to remain sober
And if you’re standing by the cliff kid I’m going to push you over


DL’s in the mix with dope snares and kicks
Got your ears transfixed big up to DJ Stixx
Yeah I made a dope rhyme but the beat came first
With a Verse, Verse, Verse can I hit a Verse?

We get loose and produce to expand like moose
Try to get close into the fruit and squeeze some juice
Possibly spray friends who find it hard to meet ends
Deep within our mental is where it all begins
If we aint up on stage rhyming to some freaky grooves
You’ll catch us on the dance floor busting some freaky moves
Don’t give a what who says what we aint no shy fellows
One minute were walking the next were busting accapella’s
Aint nothing out there that shakes what we make
Since we’ve got what it makes were baking our own cakes
Mama’s secret recipe is tasty full fat pastry
Step up here now incase you want to taste thee

Written by N. Newman, M. Kearns and E. Muhaxhari
Produced by DL for DL Productions