Le Emporium De Jazz

by Funky DL

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“Le Emporium De Jazz” is the brilliant jazzy hip-hop album by Funky DL, bringing the most colourful jazz audio over DL’s classic and signature hip-hop sound. This collection of 16 previously unreleased and newly revised Funky DL songs has everything jazzy hip-hop lovers will appreciate, from mellow jazzy beats to rhymes delivered with smoothness. The CD includes the added extra of DL’s classic tribute track “Ode To Nujabes” as an exclusive bonus.

The album as a whole exemplifies Funky DL’s ability to re-conceive his original creations and transform them into tracks which are a complete contrast to where they started, but to (at the same time) deliver a fresh, interesting and enjoyable new listening experience.

Jazz and Funky DL have always been synonymous throughout his 19-year career of releasing albums and it is entirely evident that DL’s ability to create audio wizardry and master the fusion of hip-hop and jazz is as potent as ever on Le Emporium De Jazz. The album has been noted as an “office favourite” in many a music industry workplace and has an appeal which spreads to a much wider audience than just devout hip-hop fans. If audio was ever luxury, it exists here in this collection of tracks that tantalize the ear buds with what is pure listening pleasure for much more than just the purist.


released October 5, 2015


all rights reserved



Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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Track Name: Don't Hold Your Breath (Le Emporium Remix)
Don’t Hold Your Breath
N. Newman / M. Marino

Verse One
Let’s get it started like a new life umbilical cut
So every moment from now on is like my physicals up
I’m sick and tired of these rappers and they lyrical’s suck
They bout to get crushed and just like a cigarette butt
It’s lights out so there’s nothing at the end of the tunnel
And that bravado counts for Zippo cos we rendered it humble
So while they shouting on the mic it’s like they may as well mumble
Cos we the dudes about to hunt you like the king of the jungle
Yeah I Said it, but only cos I’m setting it straight
Do you get it? Don’t worry I’ll wait!!!
But not for too long cos I ain't trying to humble my pace
They call me black jack cos I’m about to cover my ace
It’s D and Marcus we marvellous and making our mark
And we stars but ya’ll can only see the stars in dark
And the sound that we create is like a world apart
From the majority of people suffocating the art


If you think that me and Marcus D taking rest
To settle for less forget it don’t hold your breath
And don’t be trying step to us like you seen success
And one of the best, forget don’t hold your breath
As a student, even the rhymes I wrote on the desk poetically blessed
So haters don’t hold your breath
Yo, just like a broke man owing a debt
You wanna collect? I’m saying don’t hold your breath

Verse Two
The way we put it down is simple you can make it my quote
MD, Funk D is like dope meets dope
We are musical prophets so notes meet hope
And we about to save this music from a slippery slope
Cos we tired of these rappers, tired of these actors
Tired of gun clappers taking the art backwards
Screaming that they are about to blow
But it ain’t them running the show
So it don’t mean nothing if you had a meeting with a major label
It only really matters when a deal is on the table
And even then they ain’t your friend they probably going to rape you
Then Take you to a foreign place and planet of the ape you,
Then leave you there a couple years you feeling like they hate you
And when you start to shout they say “c’mon its only day two”
So I do it like there’s no time left
And don’t listen to empty promises while holding my breath


Verse Three
Time waits for no man and no mans island
Those are the 2 things I try and keep in mind
And put food for thought in everything I’m rhyming
I’d rather be silent than speaking all violent
See things changed in this world and environment
It feels like smiling ain’t a natural requirement
People talk bad or they have no comment
The years spin and I wonder where the time went
So I got no time for these harlequins
Jokers they leave you the bottom have to start again
The place where you got to find the patience and the heart again
And all because you couldn’t figure out what’s in the heart of men
We only get the once chance of youth
I’m telling the truth just look old men are the proof
There’s only 2 types of men, a king or a spoof
And so a man is to man either a God or a Wolf

Final Chorus

If you think that me and Marcus D taking rest
To settle for less forget it don’t hold your breath
And don’t be trying step to us like you seen success
And one of the best, forget don’t hold your breath
As a student, even the rhymes I wrote on the desk poetically blessed
So haters don’t hold your breath
Yo, just like a broke man owing a debt
You wanna collect? I’m saying don’t hold your breath
What’s the chances of your team getting slaughtered to death but
Hoping the ref will cheat? Don’t hold your breath
Cos you might black out like Red and Meth
But nevertheless I really must stress don’t hold your breath
You got dreams about owning the Nets
By playing roulette with minimal bets? Don’t hold your breath
All I’m saying’s don’t get far fetched
Like waiting for the return of cassettes. Don’t hold your breath
Track Name: Rock To Her Beat 2000 (Le Emporium Remix)
Do you like the way we swing, relax and do your thing, sit back and take the ride, while i just hold the mic, rock to the beat, girl you know you look sweet, complete and natural, what i wanna say is actually,
Rock to the beat, yo we rock, rock to the beat on and non-stop to the beat yo we rock, rock to the beat!

Verse 1
Van damn she had the caramal tan,
Told me that her name was Anne,
She got a man but he live in Japan and she from Cannes in
France, i asked her to dance she took a glance at my stance,
And said man, we can hang,
And listen to the Staten Island sound of wu tang,
And then black twang, she spoke with a slight slang,
And drove a mustang which she bought in Shenyang,
She said she must go back like a boomerang,
Record deal, song that she wrote but she never sang,
My phone rang Anne’s voice in my hand,
She got me poisoned like a bite from a boomslang, (snake)
Bang, she flipped my world over like a handstand,
Funky is now playing the monkey like an orang outang,
And got me singing songs like Mr Sandman,
Girl could make you timid even if you gangbang,
I’m giving her letters like it was hangman,
She beating me one love like tennis grand slam,
Even in twenty years time check the programme,
She have me rocking to the beat like i was an old man,

Verse 2
Yo anne can i slide inside your ride,
We can hide, other couples looking green eyed,
Be my bride as we walk down the seaside,
Never denied cos our love is like worldwide,
Kinda notorious like bonnie and Clyde,
Pretty brown eyed, honesty bone fide,
The way you looking always has to be glorified,
Your love is killing me like it was homicide,
Multiplied and then magnified,
Never keep the way you feeling me classified,
Always’ dignified, never falsified,
Baby lets take a stride down into the east side,
Take you nationwide, girl cos you qualified,
You and me the right match to coincide,
With each other, yo I’m keeping you satisfied,
No we can’t divide cos we certified,
Anything wrong has to be rectified,
Like my small crib to a house in the countryside,
Anything that you need girl I’ll provide,
Just keep me rocking to the beat and the baseline.
Track Name: Clock-Watchers (Le Emporium Remix)
Intro //
Time (x2)

Chorus //
(scratching) time, it goes on and, and on and on and on, and ya' don't stop /
and the shit don't stop, it goes on and, and on and on and on

Verse One //
What was left for me to do after Black Jazz 2? /
had to escape the studio and send myself back to school /
now I'm a law student, I got the Mens Rea /
combine the Actus Reus, put an end to your career /
now I'm sitting in a class three times a week /
trying to study, plus get this money cos' these times are bleak /
the world's flat broke, real-talk, no GAS like flat Coke /
people start to lack hope and all because some fat bloke,
Mayor or Politician leave you with no pot to piss in /
and voting ain't changing nothing, them sucka's don't even listen /
wishing for Gods Miracles, I’m only a man /
Superhero in def lyricals and known in Japan /
here to bring you something much slicker than the oil in Iran /
and prone to make a sudden move but I can show em' my hands /
I’m bout' to show em’ my plans if they can show me some grand’s /
don’t get it twisted, I’m a misfit that can hold em’ to ransom /
and I’m soaring like an Eagle, observing all things illegal /
Condemning everything evil like people who killing people /
is this the way of the world?
Is it from disobeying the girl that provided their birth and welcomed them to Earth? /
It can take days and it can take months /
you can be wrong a milli' times but only be right once /
and yeah that one time matters, just look at Barak /
so I don’t really have the time for sitting watching the clock… clock-watchers

Chorus // (x2)
(scratching) time, it goes on and, and on and on and on, and ya' don't stop /
and the shit don't stop, it goes on and, and on and on and on (clock-watchers)

Verse Two //
Yo’, what was left for me to say after they caused so much pain? /
And left the people feeling crazy like they're going insane? /
The only place to find some privacy's inside of your brain /
you just a number so wonder peeps don’t call you by name /
and make you feel like everything you want is all in your range /
maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, may be time for some change /
it's like we living in the Matrix and we know something's strange /
and cannot wait for the days when we can show em’ their shame /
but for now, even though you don’t wanna, got to learn to hold your corner /
even though you just wanna let off steam just like a sauna /
keep the faith, pray, meditate, find your way /
levitate beyond the brave and hesitating never pays /
so I’m quick fast, hit the ground running /
choose my peeps real careful,
I don’t hang around cunning individuals who using me to further their agenda /
put my foot down and now they act like I am the offender /
I don’t know about that, I just know about rap,
family, love, life, law, little this ‘n’ that /
it’s a wrap for them parasites who keep on coming back (echo) /
yo, it can take days and it can take months /
you can be wrong a million times but only be right once /
yeah that one time matters to get to the top /
so I don’t really have the time for sitting watching the clock… clock-watchers

Chorus // (x2)
(scratching) time, it goes on and, and on and on and on, and ya' don't stop /
and the shit don't stop, it goes on and, and on and on and on (clock-watchers)

Outro //
Time (x5)
Track Name: Mana, The Girl From Kanagawa (Le Emporium Remix)
Verse One / Chillin’ with “E” and Parris up in the club / V. I.P. staff got us trying to pay for some bub’ / I see this figure on the dance floor so I walk through / this girl is lip syncing to Ne-Yo’s “Because of You” / I walked up and put my arms around her and her friend / hoping that my being forward probably wouldn’t offend / “E” and “P” then announce that they ready to bounce / gave em’ a pound each cos I’m staying put and they out / now I walk back over so cool like gum / and I whispered to this girl, what’s your name? Where you from? / She said Mana from Kanagawa, she was sexy as hell / close danced for half an hour and I love how she smelled / sweet feminine fragrance with long brown hair / she didn’t know that I was famous, no she wasn’t aware / but she quickly found out and became all shy / which probably made her more cuter but I couldn’t say why, Ms Kanagawa / Chorus [x2] so what can I say? / I don’t know, I just don’t know / and what can I do? / I don’t know, I just don’t know / Verse Two / She didn’t speak much English so it’s hard to converse / but she asked me what I’m drinking, I was dying of thirst / I said “a China Blue cocktail loaded with ice” / she came back, took a sip, so refreshingly nice / I’m thinking she must be the most prettiest thing / the type of girl that you want for just more than a fling / plus I loved the way she moved to the musical grooves / I got to try and go through cos I got nothing to lose / she wore faux fur boots or maybe they real / cupid got me in a handcuffs, he knows how I feel / Mana from Kanagawa, capital Yokohama / is she from Kawasaki? Or maybe Kamakura? / I wanted to explore her but that’s if she let me / and now I’m trying to tell her but she probably don’t get me so / as we say in London “I probably got to allow her” / but she the beautifulist from Kanagawa / Chorus / Verse Three / She said she worked at the dentist as an apprentice / compared to an MC, very momentous / she sent me a photo of her and Yasuko / I’m looking for her weakness searching for loopholes / but no way through cos she don’t understand me / I feel like I kid who has lost all his candy / unhand me, yo’ but she so damn gorgeous / enough to make me write this and wanna record this / she’s flawless and got such a nice personality / but everything is fantasy and never reality / knowing how it is to be lost in translation / our telephone calls don’t get no duration / Mana from Kanagawa, capital Yokohama / is she from Kawasaki? Or maybe Kamakura? / I wanted to explore her / cos truthfully I adore her / Chorus [x2] /
Track Name: About You (Le Emporium Remix)
Intro / About you [x15] / Verse One / Yo, she was bang dead centre in a crew a girls / and the cutest girl, thinking if I knew this girl… / did I say she was the cutest one? / I put my drink down, f-it, I’mma do this son / step to her what’s your name? Where you coming from? / Her friend says “hey yo we got to go” / why what’s she running from? / It ain’t like I’m drunk from a tonne of rum / I seen a lot of women act stoosh, don’t be one of them / excuse me lady but I’m trying to get a 1 on 1 / cos I ain’t trying to hear your friend talking all that bubble gum / apologies if I sound a little troublesome / usually my peoples seem to know me as the subtle one / but I love your whole profile / so you stand out from the ones who got no style / do you mind if we build a rapport? / Cos I wanna get to know a little more about you / Chorus / About you [x6] / cos I wanna get to know a little more about you / about you [x2] / about you [x4] / Verse Two / Yo, so tell me are you single are you taken? / Cos if you taken I’m probably just wasting my time on you / but damn that dress look so fine on you / and I’ve been watching you since like 9:02 / and disrespecting you is something that I won’t do / got my mind on you / so I want to spend some time with you sweetie / I might be the type to tag your name in some graffiti / what you drinking? Can I fill another glass? / If you a teacher you’d be filling up the class / I wanna know where you at? / What you do? / And if I was to call you would you probably come through? / I’m an MC straight no crew / I’m Blackcurrent Jazz since “twenty 0’ two” / so do you mind if we build a rapport? / Cos I wanna get to know a little more about you / Chorus / Verse Three / I’m about to be out in a sec / but fill me in like a signed blank cheque / I don’t know if you require me to step / so tell me have I got the timing correct? / There’s so many things I wanna say / you all that plus a bag of Frito Lay / so I don’t really care what other people say / a man and a women should be equally respected / you like a little ray of sunshine / sometimes we can hit the strip and have a fun time / and you look like a lady who really knows her fashion / love the gold, love the navy / have I said too much? / Was you giving me the sign or have I read too much? / Do you mind if we build a rapport? / Cos I need to get to know a little more about you / Chorus / Outro / Oooh - About you, about you / about me, about me / about you, about you / about me, about me /
Track Name: Rhymin' 76 feat. Dukus Alemay & DJ Stixx (Le Emporium Remix)
Now you listen to this song

Verse One:
Uh yo, for those who thought I got stuck
Funky DL is back and I’m ready to ruck
Nobody carried me like a tow truck
I didn’t talk grit and didn’t give a Joe Buck
Others disappeared while I was laying in the cut
So sick like regurgitation swaying in your gut
I released a lot of albums “and what?”
Keeping it moving until every record store shuts (curtains)
¬And I’ll be very upfront
Although I can be bashful and be like “haahh shucks”
My flow can make you choke like you ate a bag of nuts
Or flow down smoothly like the liquid in a cup
I’m just heating up like a fleece
So lukewarm rappers better pray and get a Priest
Young smart black brother coming from the East
Same streets as K-Lash, I tussle with the beast
And I aint never been the least
Look out for my youngers like a nephew or a niece
And I don’t roll tight with police
But understand their purpose when they try and keep the peace
I’m kinda slick like grease
And strike while the iron’s hot taking out the crease
I’m close to my pals like Preach and Cochise
And got the momentum that probably won’t cease

That probably wont… yeah, they probably won’t cease
Hey, they probably won’t cease

Verse Two:
I flow so immaculate
Don’t go flowing against the Captain of the showboat savages
This aint’ no average Joe flowing average
Leave em’ like the bear you see stone cold damaging
No holds barred you’re like “Oh Gosh how does he oversee rapping
And singing so casually?”
A masterpiece every time they come after me
Cos after me they’re guaranteed no arteries
You can come armed to the teeth, it don’t bother me
You can be better than you with just half of me
I’m so cold you can see your breath
Step closer you see your death
But not really cos I’m not really inner all of that
All I really wanna do is put the music on the map
How I do this on the track is amusing to my Dad and family
Don’t really understand what I’m doing, doing rap see
I used to work in a hotel
You can tell hoes cleaned up like a wholesale
Some sell drugs while I’m on my Mac Book Pro Laptop
Mixing all these tracks in Pro-tools
Who’s on a next level? Neck bezel
Weigh down your head pebble
You could be a dead rebel
Mr Alemay will grab the Alize
You can watch cartoons; I’ll watch the Anime, hai! (hai!)
Track Name: No Comprendo feat. Dukus Alemay (Le Emporium Remix)
Verse One / All I can say is “they no comprende” / why people so messed up, pretending they friendly? / When everything’s all good they wanna commend me / when everything falls apart, yo that’s when they can be so very unfriendly / and try to offend me / they try to attack me when before they’d defend me / now everything’s working out? Come back to befriend me / what’s up with the changes? / It’s like it was trendy / now could it be envy or maybe it’s just me / with very high standards , excessively fussy? / Maybe I should take time and try re-adjust me? / “No”, I think the things that they are doing disgust me / so I’mma trust me and very robustly / but try not to make a decision unjustly / so I’m gonna say “yo no entiendo” / and translating that it means “no comprendo” / I don’t understand / I don’t understand / Chorus / Keep on trying you don’t have to feel alright / if they bring you down, they don’t understand at all cos they play the fool yeah / no, no, no, no comprendo [x3] / all I can say is “they no comprende” / well maybe my friends know, cos “me no comprendo” / Verse Two / Well maybe my friends know, cos “me no comprendo” / is it that they stone drunk or smoking the Endo? / They wanna have everything and take from you anything / but never stopped to wonder if you could also benefit / so tell me how can I get to tell the true character of someone distinguished apart from an amateur? / Or should I say amateur? Is there any guarantor? / If someone is immature? But don’t bring it to the fore / the answer is complex or maybe it’s simple / is it that they simply complex individuals? / I’m speaking my visuals saying as I’m seeing it / seeing as I’m saying it and I disagree with it / but we all know some things have no answers / and opportunists always gonna be chancers / but still I don’t understand “yo no entiendo” and translating that it means “no comprendo” / I don’t understand, I don’t understand / Chorus / Refrain / Got the feeling coming over like I’m under a waterfall / a feeling I don’t understand at all / thinking why the hell is it going on / maybe I’m a little bit [a little bit.. confused] confused / never thought I’d feel this way but it’s hard to not do [not do] / all the things they do and expect to be cool, cool [hey, hey, hey, hey, no comprendo…] /
Track Name: I Am / Quattro (Le Emporium Remix)
Chorus: X2
I am beats, I am rhymes
I am serious, I am on time
I am the finest, I am here to prove it
I am the streets, I am music

Verse One:
No warning when I start writing
I am thunder but without the lightning
I ran ink over paper four thousand days plus
Deep imprint aint’ nobody can erase us
Blank space us, replace us cos I am the green light
But without the amber
I can turn twenty-four bars into cash my man
Wrote many albums gonna write more, why man?
Cos I am and I can, black man and white man
I don’t care just so long as it’s the right man for the job
And you tight man…(know what I’m saying?)
Ya’ll don’t wanna feel the pain from my right hand
I am not trying to gas like a Sprite can
Going to the pinnacle despite man
I am never gonna be out of sight man
I can give you all the music that’ll make you feel alright man

Chorus: X2

Verse Two:
I am a rainbow but with the rain though
I am well known but with out the fame
So I can walk down the streets just the same as when I ran
As youngster in a raincoat
I am famous but nameless, blameless and shameless (yo)
And I don’t aim but I aint’ aimless (yo)
This is no game but I aint’ game less (yo)
And I don’t hate but I got haters
I am the passport so you can say that
I am the way through, the visa waiver
I am not here to just do favours
I am classic, I am flavours
I am someone’s stranger
I am someone’s next door neighbour
I can’t stand there and just be vacant
I am blatant in the mirror looking at I am

Verse Three:
He just keeps coming, that kid from East London
I got them banging beats but to me it aint nothing
I’m in the studio everyday pushing buttons
D will do the rhyme and Stixx will do the cutting
I got them other rappers running
If they told you they in the same league as me they frontin
They speak so sudden with speech so rotton,
They wolves like sheep or sheep like curry mutton
I came to pump it up but yo my name aint’ Joe Budden
From all around the world the people tell me that they love it
Trying to take your limelight I wouldn’t think of it
I live by the words that man should not covet
I came up on roots, revival and ragamuffin
Until I found hip-hop my dearly beloved
It’s like my little Sis who walks with three brothers
And I’m so far ahead I cannot see the others
Word to your Mother, I burn like rubber,
I’m all up in your face so I’m not undercover
Skinnyman told me that my beats sound butter
I couldn’t really say that I was raised in the gutter
Amazing no other MC could bothered to bring 3 albums
I brought “One Another”
Put on my album and you bound to discover
The sounds of the Funk D. dot take cover
Track Name: It's Beautiful (Le Emporium Remix)
Verse One / Yo, I love it when the beat gets smooth / I love it cos it gets you the mood to settle back and relax / listen to the beautiful compositions of these tracks / muting is no option, no competition I mean that / it’s time to put away your worries of making so little money / no everyday isn’t sunny / but yo’, this is feeling so good right here / as the sound moves from my left to my right ear / it’s music, computerized, programmed or maybe acoustic / just listen don’t loose it, choose it / take your fears and bury em’ / put yourself deep in the words like librarians / I’m a humanitarian, furthermore we all in this race together / in this space together so we should stays together / trying to chase forever / but time is victorious / we can’t beat it don’t matter if we are warriors so let yourself soak in moment / Jill Scott it, living your life like it’s golden / good times? We hold em’, bad times? We fold em’ / if they won’t listen, can’t say “I never told em” / this is a classic example of how beautiful the beat flows with the sample / of how beautiful the samples create auras / of how beautiful the verse moves to the chorus, it’s beautiful / Chorus [x4] / It’s beautiful / Verse Two / Yo, we all living with the ups and the downs / whether the Suburbs, the city, in the middle of town / whether we white, black, olive skin, yellow or brown / I’mma always talk to you, take a verb and a noun / it’s so beautiful, so glad I appreciate sound that’s so suitable / too bad if you ain’t sticking around / but nevertheless it’s all about making best of every single situation, ain’t no need to get stressed / because I’m uptown chilling, downtown chilling / Black Jazz two and I’m about to make a killing / if I’m living then I’m winning, keep the record spinning / and when the album over take it back to the beginning / I’m kind of in the mood to chill / and I keep it right while everybody keeping it real / it is what it is, I’m talking grown folks and the kids / I do this for years and nobody ain’t do it like this / I’m in the cut like a DJ / I’m selling to the highest bidders like eBay / I’m running laps like a relay / but at the very same time I take it easy / this is a classic example of how beautiful the beat flows with the sample / of how beautiful the samples create auras / of how beautiful the verse moves to the chorus, it’s beautiful / Chorus /
Track Name: Stronger (Le Emporium Remix)
get up dust yourself down and start over
as you get older you gotta get bolder
listen pick yourself up and stand firmer
only you can be the one to re-affirm ya

Verse One
With a fare share or hard times it’s like we live among
The things that’s trying to kill us but should only make us stronger
Easy just to say but more difficult to do
And nobody aint finding it more difficult than you
Feeling like you got the world upon your shoulders
But hold up, does this really mean its game over?
No sir, took me just to get a little older
And closer to what’s in the eyes of the beholder
See life is full of different situations
Tribulations come attached with irritations
Accusations from bad associations
Using manipulation to cause humiliation
And it was only an example
but shouldn’t brand you the type to out your own candle
So handle everything that just went wrong cos
You should be stronger over just being strong


Verse Two
Life aint a stroll in the park
But we grown so we know how to roll in the dark
And you might feel the bite of a shark
That leaves you in a place where you might be apart
From those who can help you and come to your aid
But there’s no need to act like your strengths mislaid
Face it even if it aint basic
Embrace it, ya scared? Your predators can taste it
Anyone can give up that’s easy to do
But holding it together is the way you come through
The other side, are you a chess pawn or your Mother’s child?
I’ll leave it up to you
You on top of the world
Cos remember that your feet stay on top of the earth
So handle everything that just went wrong
Cos you should be stronger over just being strong

Track Name: The Sweetest Thing (Le Emporium Remix)
[Uh, yeah]
So sweet ya’ll, so sweet ya’ll,
So sweet, swe-swe-swe-swe-sweet ya’ll [x3]
So sweet


Verse One
Minding my business on my way to work
Had a late night so I wasn’t too alert
Then my eye caught on this pretty looking girl
I’mma step to her talking this, that the third
Word, now she looking back at me
Asked “where she from?” she originally from Hackney
I said me too but I’ve never seen you
Quick smile then I had to say I don’t mean to be too forward
But can we meet up?
Cinema flick or restaurant eat up?
Thinking her response might be quite generic
It was kinda nice cos she gave her numerics
Wow, what a way to really start a morning
Hoping, I get a connection when I’m calling
All in all she ten out of ten
And all throughout the day the only thing I’m thinking is… that


Hook [x2]

Verse Two
2 weeks later we a little deeper
Call her Dibiase cos she put me in a sleeper
Hypnotized by her feminine charms
Girl so hot that she setting off alarms
Sophisticated garms and means no harm
The kind of woman any man would want on they arm
She always laid back and relaxed so calm
Wouldn’t hesitate to introduce her to my Mom
Another two weeks now it’s been a whole month
Probably disagreed but didn’t argue once
And I love everything about her
Business mind little entrepreneur
Pays attention to the things I prefer
I pay attention to the things that occur
All in all she eleven out of ten
And all throughout the month the only thing I’m thinking is… that


Hook [x2]

Verse Three
One year later, we pretty much the same
Moving to the place where she get my last name
Now we look back to the day that we met
Something reminiscent of a soul silhouette
Someone to love and someone to trust
Two individuals playing for team us
No substitutes and no referee
All that means is it’s her and its me
Two ingredients sound perfect to me
Everything invested was worth it to me
Personally comes first and for me
Aint no way it can worsen to me
Got everything that a young buck needs
So what we got is bound to succeed
All in all she a twenty out of ten
And all throughout the year the only thing I’m thinking is… that

Track Name: Jazzphonics (Le Emporium Remix)
Verse One / B.L.A.C.K. J.A.Z.Z / it’s Black Jazz volume 2 “MC?” / Funky DL the Consist / relay run between the studio and office generating profits / so you can’t stop this / things are looking up so you can call DL an optimist / reside in a metropolis / I’m stepping up with confidence / thought it was obvious, I ain’t no politician but screw it, I’m bout to lobby this / tic-tac-toe I got the mic by the throat / and I’m gonna choke until it takes in everything I wrote / no joke, so I hope you got time to devote / if you ain’t, you can leave for me a promissory note / and that’s how I roll / rocking microphones since twelve years old / brazen and bold / I’m automatic on the mic like cruise control / I got the funk, got the rhythm, got the blues the soul, it’s jazzphonics / Scratch Chorus / The jazz / “jazzphonics” / the jazz / “jazzphonics” / come on who got the jazz? / “jazzphonics” / I got the jazz and I’ll whoop a rappers ass / Verse Two / Yo… I got jazz in my bones, jazz in my soul, jazz in my tones and my flows / jazz with a big band or jazz on my own / jazz, obscure jazz or jazz well known / jazz… I’m jazzy like Jeff / so right not left / jazz with a tenor, treble, bass clef / I’m loving right here but I’m bout to take steps / I’m one to a million, who wanna take bets? / I’m a sure shot, taking every chance when the door knocks / worldwide record seller, cover more than 4 blocks / I’m hopeless at overlooking dopeness / the beat wizard, I put the hocus to the pocus / so don’t just hear this once and be careless dunce / cos it’s the real deal, ain’t no stunts / I’m automatic on the mic like cruise control / I got the funk, got the rhythm, got the blues the soul it’s jazzphonics / Chorus / Verse Three / Think about each line nice with the beat rhyme / don’t wanna reach yours? Regardless I’mma reach mine / I came to make great sounds for the people / so people calling me a Don like I’m Cheadle / a daredevil like I’m Evel Kinevel / so picture me just like I’m sitting on an easel / I ain’t the type to talk gas like diesel / I’m sitting on the groove like a turntable needle / I’m here to kick it like no one does / a combination of the jazz and the hip-hop love / automatic on the mic like cruise control / I got the funk, got the rhythm, got the blues the soul it’s jazzphonics / Chorus /
Track Name: I Can't Help You (Le Emporium Remix)
I can’t help you
I can’t help you


Verse One
I get these rappers on my phone line
Asking me for more beats when they’ve written no rhymes
But really how many more times
Have I gotta make it clear they gotta make they own climb
I’m all for trying to help out
But I can’t supply with every card I got dealt out
I aint trying to diminish mine
Brung em’ to the race I gotta take em’ to the finish line?
I can’t lead em’ any further
Than I brought myself so I’m now an observer
I watching what they won’t do
Expecting it from me but that’s something that you don’t do
There’s a difference in a person
That’s doing everything they can or only just a burden
What more can I tell you?
Cos I aint trying to help you if you aint trying to help you


Verse Two
I did a lot for many people
Now I’m looking back and I can see it was unequal
I’m putting more into they own cause
I was on high speed they were chillin’ on pause
Thought it was very inconsiderate
That I would do the Lion share and they would do a little bit
So now I’m not the same dude
So if I don’t help you it don’t mean I hate you
It really means you gotta do more
More than you already did more than you asking for
Is it really that challenging?
Or easier to let somebody else do all the managing
I aint really trying to hear that
4th gear up in here while they push the gear back
What more can I tell you cos
I aint trying to help you if you aint trying to help you

Track Name: Back Around The Old School (Le Emporium Remix)
Now I’m back around the old school that raised me
now I’m back around the old school that raised me
now I’m, now I’m back around the old school that raised me
now I’m back around the old school that raised me

Now I’m back around the old school that raised me (back around the old school)
now I’m back around the old school that raised me
now I’m, now I’m back around the old school that raised me (back around the old school) now I’m back around the old school that raised me (back)

Verse One
Now I’m back around the old school that raised me it’s crazy
3 feet high and rising with daisy’s
caps to the back, fresh mesh, fresh to death
best dressed so don’t step on my sneakers
spit a rhyme I’ll leave you speechless
back to the struggle
when Def Jam had Russell in the hustle
and Break-dance 1 had the muscles from Brussels
doing handclaps in black Spandex
back when Smokey was a bandit
I’m guarding the mic, my man’s next
spit it like Special Ed, Biz Mark and KRS
or the Fresh Prince and Jazz Jeff
back when we used to worry bout’ the year 2000
millennium bugs now the ghetto got millennium thugs
and hip-hop evolved and young bloods feel old
platinum replaced gold, competition’s fierce
and vinyl stores are scarce it’s a ghost town
it’s like the Sheriff got scared and fle’ed the showdown
and Berry Gordy quit Motown, where’s Stevie Wonder?
Last I heard he did a track with Busta
without the old school there’s no school
now I’m back around it feels so cool

Chorus (x2)

Verse Two
Now I’m back around the old school, young with no front teeth
listening to Kool Keith and Stetsasonic
before De La did Bionix, before Dre did The Chronic
the ladies wore door knocker earrings and bandanas
and young kids believed in Santa
and hip-hop was beats, rhymes, pops and locks
where Rakim made em’ clap while Eric would cut
and the term Sucker MC’s was for Sucker MC’s
and these synthesized beats on keys were not born
and Pete Rock made a hook using only a horn
I reminisce and think about the wonderful bliss
when ice was only for drinks and was never for wrists
and selling out was for them punks, it was never for this
we maintained, when adversity came we changed lanes
our words had the power to sway and change brains
and free our own people from these shackles and chains
that imprison the youth and imprison the truth
so I’mma act like a prisoner when I’m in the booth
and hold bars get it? I’m no fool, there’s no rules
there’s no clues paid my dues when reppin’ the old school

Chorus (x2)

Verse Three
Now I’m back around the old school before Mafia names
where kids took a can sprayed graffiti on trains
it was tagging, MC’ing was the art of bragging
before rumours of gay rappers and Armageddon
and every rap record was a lesson schooling me
was the likes of Young MC and Schooly D
catch my drift? And double vinyl records didn’t exist
now they old news demoted to old tunes
but them plastics are considered classics
some are worth paper do the mathematics
yo, I let my tape rock till my tape pop
when my tape got stuck I was like man what
pushing paper in the top holes my blanks ran out
every week I was taping what was hot on the street
pressing pause when the DJ was beginning to speak
hoping that the track would leave a little loop of the beat
and I love them days, them days were priceless
one of the nicest times in my life
when I think back they still amaze me it’s crazy
cos now I’m back around the old school that raised me

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: But That's Not Me (Le Emporium Remix)
Verse One
Stepped through the front door, took my coat off and put my bag down
12 hour shift at work, so I’m glad now I’m home
Proceed to the kitchen for H2O
Saw the back light on so shouted “Honey you home?”
Then I heard a whisper, could have sworn it sounded like a Mister
Somewhere in my mind I know there is the chance
That my wife could be cheating cos she distant
And if I could confirm it I would leave her in an instant
She in kitchen now she looking all suspicious
Reaching for a towel like she just cleaned the dishes
Nonetheless I put my arm around her gave her kisses
She took a plate of food from in the oven looks delicious
She offered me some white wine so I gave the green light
But something bout that back door doesn’t seem right
It was open just a little so I pushed it
And at that very moment heard a rustle in the bushes
So kept looking she saw I wasn’t happy
So turned on the radio attempting to distract me
I turned and asked her “what could that be?”
The neighbour’s cat playing in the back? She said “exactly”
But deep down already made my mind up
And plus she had the jitters; broke the bottle cleaned the wine up
She sweating cos her head is getting wetter
Should I make an accusation or just leave and write a letter?


Verse Two
I received a message saying I will meet you at eight on my phone
But I realized I’d made a mistake
We both got the same phone; I didn’t take the right one
Someone is meeting with my wife I think I might come
Go, whatever, I’ve gotta find out
Cos I’ll be damned if this is going on in my house
They probably take me for a jerk but this
Jerk is about to take time off work
She turns up at lunch time to bring me my phone
But also to check on the time I’ll be home
I said eleven as usual
The voice inside my head is saying can’t you see she’s using you?
But my eyes gotta see it
If you’re looking for the most naïve my wife’s gotta be it
Now it’s like seven thirty
And my girly aint got any clue I’m coming home early
And I wanna divert me by
Thinking maybe what I don’t know won’t hurt me
And now my heart is really racing
And I’m hesitating cos I’m so afraid of what I’m facing
But deep down already made my mind up
It’s eight on the button and my times up
And my eyes are getting wetter
Should I kick down this door or just mail through this letter?

Track Name: Land Of The Kings (Le Emporium Remix)
Verse One //
Yo’, I was a class clown, school joker, teasing Miss Stoker /
in registration, cards lined up like its poker /
thirty minutes is over, first lesson of the day has started /
some pupils chill at the back acting retarded /
I was much more than able,
but soon the teachers labelled me
“the student that’s responsible for banging on the table” /
tried to take my skills further, made some joints you never heard a',
with the same Strappa Treese mentioned in Klashnekoff’s "Murder" /
it’s lunchtime, I grab a burger from the women that would serve ya' /
I was a keen observer of the honest and the purgers /
some of my lessons had my textbook straight wordless /
history was like punishment, I felt “I don’t deserve this” /
I wont die trying it, I guess I wasn’t Curtis /
and no I wasn’t nervous, it just didn’t serve a purpose /
this isn’t criticism of the education service (echo)

Chorus // (x4)
(scratching) Come follow we on this journey / Kickin' it in the back of the school

Verse Two //
Yo’, my year group had nearly two hundred students /
some of them were so stupid and some of them were so prudent /
and nobody was famous but neither was someone nameless
and mos def, no one was blameless /
so kids just like Mark Defraitas were accused of the latest /
like dissin’ somebody’s trainers /
and that could cause a fight in a place that we call "Las' Vegas" /
in the street now, punks jump up to get beat down /
would you believe there was referee for each round? /
And that was like an everyday thing /
where your reputation stood on whether you could really win /
I was the opposite of Michael, weren’t no lover, was a fighter /
so in school I got my tooth chipped in a brawl with Leon Tyghter /
Derek would spark a lighter and if he permits /
he’d let you join a conversation bout' who had the biggest tits /
and that included the teachers, some gave up on trying to reach us /
looking down on some students like we some pitiful creatures but we kings

Chorus // (x4)

Verse Three //
I had a lot of respect for Chris Wilson, Steve Gallagher /
the two teachers who understood my calibre /
my timetable calendar, I wish it would start with my favourite lessons,
that’s music and drama and art /
I’m so creative, that’s why I did my best and I thought hard /
so I could get an A at the top of my report card /
yeah I was kind of smart but never nerdy /
I would love to tell you more but now the time is three thirty so I’m out... we kings (echo)

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