Blackcurrent Jazz 2

by Funky DL

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The initial thought that came to mind in the process of making “Blackcurrent Jazz 2” was to create a landscape of ideas that capture the truest essence of Jazz but that also embodied the purest and most authentic hip-hop feel. The original Blackcurrent Jazz album (released in 2001) was a great piece of work but for me was more a mesh of beats and breaks and sometimes with tracks that didn’t even lend to Jazz at all. This time around I wanted every single song to scream JAZZ!!! But still using a combination of Jazz breaks that give off varying vibes.

I wanted this album to be more polished, more distinguished and more discernable than 10 years ago. Smoother, more intricate and ultimately more of a thought through process to it. So I set about the production process which I knew would be huge, because I wanted to use additional beats for 20 second interludes to be used in between each main track, which then ultimately doubled my production load. I also knew that the main selections all had to musically jump out at me and I wasn’t going to start writing until I had found all the right beats that made me feel as if I have the right ingredients for a classic album.

And then it started. Hours of sampling, cutting, chopping, filtering, and pitch shifting, mixing and then mixing again. Then came the writing, recording and editing, which for me is a very lengthy and meticulous process. And finally after over 6 months work came “Blackcurrent Jazz 2: The Gold Reflection” subtitled to pay dues and respect to the golden era of hip-hop (the 90’s).


released July 20, 2011

Produced by Funky DL for Washington Classics 2011
Additional Production by CM Smooth and Melodiverse



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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Track Name: Jazzphonics
Verse One / B.L.A.C.K. J.A.Z.Z / it’s Black Jazz volume 2 “MC?” / Funky DL the Consist / relay run between the studio and office generating profits / so you can’t stop this / things are looking up so you can call DL an optimist / reside in a metropolis / I’m stepping up with confidence / thought it was obvious, I ain’t no politician but screw it, I’m bout to lobby this / tic-tac-toe I got the mic by the throat / and I’m gonna choke until it takes in everything I wrote / no joke, so I hope you got time to devote / if you ain’t, you can leave for me a promissory note / and that’s how I roll / rocking microphones since twelve years old / brazen and bold / I’m automatic on the mic like cruise control / I got the funk, got the rhythm, got the blues the soul, it’s jazzphonics / Scratch Chorus / The jazz / “jazzphonics” / the jazz / “jazzphonics” / come on who got the jazz? / “jazzphonics” / I got the jazz and I’ll whoop a rappers ass / Verse Two / Yo… I got jazz in my bones, jazz in my soul, jazz in my tones and my flows / jazz with a big band or jazz on my own / jazz, obscure jazz or jazz well known / jazz… I’m jazzy like Jeff / so right not left / jazz with a tenor, treble, bass clef / I’m loving right here but I’m bout to take steps / I’m one to a million, who wanna take bets? / I’m a sure shot, taking every chance when the door knocks / worldwide record seller, cover more than 4 blocks / I’m hopeless at overlooking dopeness / the beat wizard, I put the hocus to the pocus / so don’t just hear this once and be careless dunce / cos it’s the real deal, ain’t no stunts / I’m automatic on the mic like cruise control / I got the funk, got the rhythm, got the blues the soul it’s jazzphonics / Chorus / Verse Three / Think about each line nice with the beat rhyme / don’t wanna reach yours? Regardless I’mma reach mine / I came to make great sounds for the people / so people calling me a Don like I’m Cheadle / a daredevil like I’m Evel Kinevel / so picture me just like I’m sitting on an easel / I ain’t the type to talk gas like diesel / I’m sitting on the groove like a turntable needle / I’m here to kick it like no one does / a combination of the jazz and the hip-hop love / automatic on the mic like cruise control / I got the funk, got the rhythm, got the blues the soul it’s jazzphonics / Chorus /
Track Name: Le Jazz Courant Noir
Chorus / Black, current, jazz [x4] / Verse One / I’m bringing that gold era back / with a style a little more advanced than the first
Blackcurrent Jazz album / when I gave you “2 Long” and “Hit Me” / “Keeping it Classic”, “Tangible”, “Turntables Hate Me” / “Simply 2
Complicated”, that was nice / and “don’t “Roll the Dice” if you can’t pay the price / “The Music”, “What You Saying Girl?” and “Confused? / “Prediction”, “It Still Rocks”, too many to choose / the album came to you in fine detail / so when you want another one, ask for “D-D-L” / I was such a young kid but I could so it so well / and the album so dope, it would simply outsell all the others from before like “Classic”, “Heartfelt” / “One Another”, “When Love is Breaking Down” did well / but Blackcurrent Jazz was something so new / so I had to come back and bring you part two / Chorus / Verse Two / It’s many years later but I’m still in the mix / and I’m still down with Parris and I’m still down with Stixx / still down with Duke and I roll with my Cuz / and I’m still down with jazz cos with jazz it’s a love / I love Bill Evans, so dope / and I’m certain that I love Milt Jackson and I love Gary Burton / and I love Cal Tjader and Herbie Hancock / Earl Hines, Sonny Rollins and Thelonious Monk / Bob James, Freddie Hubbard and Charlie Byrd too / Ron Carter, Charlie Mingus and the MJQ /Dave Brubeck plus John Coltrane / Miles Davis, Lionel Hampton, there’s too many names / I’m just trying to keep the legacy alive / it never dies cos we’re here to revive / some people drop pop records whereas; I’m here it make it last with the Blackcurrent Jazz / Chorus /
Track Name: No Comprendo featuring Dukus Alemay
Verse One / All I can say is “they no comprende” / why people so messed up, pretending they friendly? / When everything’s all good they wanna commend me / when everything falls apart, yo that’s when they can be so very unfriendly / and try to offend me / they try to attack me when before they’d defend me / now everything’s working out? Come back to befriend me / what’s up with the changes? / It’s like it was trendy / now could it be envy or maybe it’s just me / with very high standards , excessively fussy? / Maybe I should take time and try re-adjust me? / “No”, I think the things that they are doing disgust me / so I’mma trust me and very robustly / but try not to make a decision unjustly / so I’m gonna say “yo no entiendo” / and translating that it means “no comprendo” / I don’t understand / I don’t understand / Chorus / Keep on trying you don’t have to feel alright / if they bring you down, they don’t understand at all cos they play the fool yeah / no, no, no, no comprendo [x3] / all I can say is “they no comprende” / well maybe my friends know, cos “me no comprendo” / Verse Two / Well maybe my friends know, cos “me no comprendo” / is it that they stone drunk or smoking the Endo? / They wanna have everything and take from you anything / but never stopped to wonder if you could also benefit / so tell me how can I get to tell the true character of someone distinguished apart from an amateur? / Or should I say amateur? Is there any guarantor? / If someone is immature? But don’t bring it to the fore / the answer is complex or maybe it’s simple / is it that they simply complex individuals? / I’m speaking my visuals saying as I’m seeing it / seeing as I’m saying it and I disagree with it / but we all know some things have no answers / and opportunists always gonna be chancers / but still I don’t understand “yo no entiendo” and translating that it means “no comprendo” / I don’t understand, I don’t understand / Chorus / Refrain / Got the feeling coming over like I’m under a waterfall / a feeling I don’t understand at all / thinking why the hell is it going on / maybe I’m a little bit [a little bit.. confused] confused / never thought I’d feel this way but it’s hard to not do [not do] / all the things they do and expect to be cool, cool [hey, hey, hey, hey, no comprendo…] /
Track Name: Son of a Brown Bomber
Verse One / Spawn of a young Mama, Son of a Brown Bomber / not wanted by Obama / my pops played soccer / and scored goals, centre forward, should have paid Papa / I heard he played proper / here comes a young buck / chip off the old block ‘a /
I’m doing shows in Tokyo until its road block ‘a / come together with finesse that means it’s no cock up / I ain’t getting locked up / Son of old Father, frontin’ then don’t bother / and if it’s love when you see me then there’s no problem / Clapton to Cold harbour, I’m reppin no drama / I never told on ya’ / razor like a Barber, rhyming at full volume / am I role model? / Stepping with no hobble / I came to write a novel and kill ya' whole squabble / Son of a Brown… / Chorus / Son of a “Brown Bomber” [x15] / Verse Two / Son of a co-worker, a cocoa worker / having fun in his prime, 70’s circa / a real tearjerker, a man of his word ‘a / a voice to be heard ‘a / kill you in an argument like its cold murder / then sit down and have a drink and take it no further / and not too proud to serve ya’ / he wouldn’t wanna hurt ya’ / a true soul searcher / Son of a kitchen porter, a record exporter / without Pops I could have never made the 4th quarter / a lot of kid’s seven sons plus three daughters / follow these orders / bury your head inside your books get yourself taught up / then come home right away and don’t get caught up / can’t complain about the way I didn’t get brought up / Son of a Brown… / Chorus / Verse Three / Check it, Son of a real man, so I don’t feel bad / I feel proud I get to call this real man Dad / I’m real glad we had the kind of partnership we had / so I don’t feel sad / Son of true friend, brother of Reuben, Joseph, Simeon, Gad, Asher, Benjamin, / Issachar, Levi, Judah, Dan, Zebulun / homie so it’s evident / I’m the son of proud man, hard working / not afraid to tell you what he thinks of you in person / cursing sometimes, never had it easy, there when he needs me / L. O. V. E. / soccer on the TV / Son in the studio working on the BV’s / Wishing that he could of stayed alive like the Bee Gee’s / Son of a Brown… / Chorus /
Track Name: About You featuring Lei-an
Intro / About you [x15] / Verse One / Yo, she was bang dead centre in a crew a girls / and the cutest girl, thinking if I knew this girl… / did I say she was the cutest one? / I put my drink down, f-it, I’mma do this son / step to her what’s your name? Where you coming from? / Her friend says “hey yo we got to go” / why what’s she running from? / It ain’t like I’m drunk from a tonne of rum / I seen a lot of women act stoosh, don’t be one of them / excuse me lady but I’m trying to get a 1 on 1 / cos I ain’t trying to hear your friend talking all that bubble gum / apologies if I sound a little troublesome / usually my peoples seem to know me as the subtle one / but I love your whole profile / so you stand out from the ones who got no style / do you mind if we build a rapport? / Cos I wanna get to know a little more about you / Chorus / About you [x6] / cos I wanna get to know a little more about you / about you [x2] / about me? / about you [x4] / Verse Two / Yo, so tell me are you single are you taken? / Cos if you taken I’m probably just wasting my time on you / but damn that dress look so fine on you / and I’ve been watching you since like 9:02 / and disrespecting you is something that I won’t do / got my mind on you / so I want to spend some time with you sweetie / I might be the type to tag your name in some graffiti / what you drinking? Can I fill another glass? / If you a teacher you’d be filling up the class / I wanna know where you at? / What you do? / And if I was to call you would you probably come through? / I’m an MC straight no crew / I’m Blackcurrent Jazz since “twenty 0’ two” / so do you mind if we build a rapport? / Cos I wanna get to know a little more about you / Chorus / Verse Three / I’m about to be out in a sec / but fill me in like a signed blank cheque / I don’t know if you require me to step / so tell me have I got the timing correct? / There’s so many things I wanna say / you all that plus a bag of Frito Lay / so I don’t really care what other people say / a man and a women should be equally respected / you like a little ray of sunshine / sometimes we can hit the strip and have a fun time / and you look like a lady who really knows her fashion / love the gold, love the navy / have I said too much? / Was you giving me the sign or have I read too much? / Do you mind if we build a rapport? / Cos I need to get to know a little more about you / Chorus / Outro / Oooh - About you, about you / about me, about me / about you, about you / about me, about me /
Track Name: Ode To Nujabes
Scratch Intro / Big up my man Nujabes [x4] / Verse One / Chilling in my bedroom it’s morning, I’ve not long woke up / heard a ring, ring so I picked my telephone up / Who’s this? “Sebajun”, who? “Call me Nujabes” / “Looking for a rapper for my beats” / “thinking you the best choice from the UK” / “do you have an email?” / “I’mma send a couple of my beats and some details” / “Want you here in Tokyo” / “get you in the studio” / “Got you on the airfare”, bank wire sent the doe / June 10th, 1999 at the airport / first time to Japan so I had to clear my thoughts / ready for the lyrical assault / that’s when I get the beat from Nujabes for “Don’t Even Try It” / plus four more, we record three in a day / “Unstoppable”, plus the track “People Don’t stray” / me and L Universe spitting on an unreleased / part one done, Nujabes San, rest in peace / Scratch Chorus / Big up my man Nujabes / big up my man Nujabes / big up my man Nujabes [he make the beat knock] / big up my man Nujabes / big up-big up my man Nujabes / Verse Two / June 23rd, 2000 and I’m back on Japanese ground / five more tracks, “Not Yet Known”, “Slow Down” / plus a few more, now I’m at the Guinness record store / Nujabes got more breaks than I ever saw / said he ordered just a few of Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock” / but so much of mine and he so loved Starbucks / then we both went on tour, Yellow in Tokyo / Fukuoka, Wakayama and Sapporo / Club I to I in Osaka and Kyoto, / Gifu, Mito, Nagoya it was so dope / then he came to London and I showed him all my best breaks / chilling in the restaurant, eating up the best steak / then I said goodbye at the terminal at Heathrow / he was enigmatic so incognito / he was my people, chilling in the Far East / part two done, Nujabes San, rest in peace / Chorus / Verse Three / August 14th, 15th, 2010, club unit / Hydeout, Nujabes tribute we doing it / Cise Star, Fat Jon, Pace Rock, Funk D, / Emancipator, Substantial, Apani / Got to give a shout to my main man Takumi, / Seiji, Segawa, the show really moved me / moved us, Nujabes loved and respected / so many people’s lives were affected by his music / one in a million / worldwide fans, grown men, young children / spread the word let the whole movement increase / part three done, Nujabes San, rest in peace / Chorus /
Track Name: Like This
Chorus / [Whistle / oooh / whistle / and I don’t stop / whistle / yeah x2] / Verse One / I may not come across as the humblest dude / because I’m not trying to hear it when I’m not in the mood / it don’t mean I’m not free to a discussion or two / but a heated argument’s something I really don’t do / but people chuck it / but sometimes I wanna say fuck it / who the heck you talking to? / I ain’t a puppet / but I keep my cool, so calm, composed / cos a man quick to anger ever hardly grows / yo it’s like a test and they willing a man / to go straight up loops end up killing a man / no doubt, but then you got to handle regret / and that’s much more harder than forgive and forget / and it makes it no easier to keep the peace / when you ain’t no Buddhist and you ain’t no Priest / and you ain’t no Monk and you ain’t no Nun / and you ain’t no Punk so you ain’t gone run / and you got your pride so you ain’t gone hide / even if it means you ride doing twenty inside? / I think not, that makes no sense / I’m not saying to be cowardly and sit on the fence / just stay smart and know who you are from the start / and remember that decorum is a valuable art / so when I see a situation that I have to dismiss / I walk away and I whistle like this… / Chorus / Verse Two / Now my big Bro used to bite his lip / my Teacher said it was sign he was about to flip / but he chose it as a method just to calm him down / cos otherwise it’s “good grief” like Charlie Brown / so she said I need to try it when I get upset / cos I wasn’t that impartial just to break your neck / but I had to learn to quick how to just diffuse / just because you can’t win doesn’t mean you lose / so it’s now much easier to walk away / so I do it even if I got more to say / cos I really had to grow to be a prudent man / and disregard what a teenage student can’t / and I’m questing, it’s like a love
movement man / so you can have this as your victory [“whatever, you the man”] / cos I won’t let you antagonize / see anyone can let loose but I don’t advertise / so let me stop you / forgive me please, if I have to turn about one eighty degrees / and put my left foot in front my right foot repeatedly / and for my sanity that’s the way it need to be / and I know who I am from the start / I remembered that decorum is a valuable art / so when I see a situation that I have to dismiss / I walk away and I whistle like this… / Chorus / Outro / Continuous whistle.. /
Track Name: City Nights
Verse One / Big city cruising downtown 11pm / hit up a slice of pizza as I passed the Coliseum / Cops looking shady so pretend I didn’t see them / plus they looking like they bout to stop a brother in his B.M. / Strolling past a couple, publicly display affection / approach me on the subtle now they asking for directions / thanked me so politely then they went along they merry / now I’m feeling legendary as I passed the library / I’m in the mood to party to participate in fun / I wanna call somebody but my minutes straight done / reach inside my pocket only find a stick of gum / and begging for some money in the corner is a bum / had to shrug my shoulders cos I guess I’m running empty / admiring apartments can’t imagine what the rent be / now I pass a bar, plus a young couple playing music in their car, my crib ain’t too far / See some troublemakers ain’t about me getting caught up / stepped inside a store so I could get some bottled water / paid with my card plus I bought a pack of Marlborough / carried on home as I’m walking past a Starbucks / music on my CD so I’m walking and I’m vibin’ / soon to be drowned by an Ambulance siren / Shorty just passed and she looking mad pretty / and this is what you get taking a walk around the city, city nights / Chorus / City nights are nothing but alright, [here we go yo] city nights, [we don’t stop yo] city nights [x3] / city nights are nothing but alright / Verse Two / My E.T.A. is just approximately five minutes / working on an album so I’m thinking on some lyrics / is there any point? I got no instrument to write em’ / reaching for a smoke, I got no instrument to light em’ / damn! As I’m getting older I’m forgetting / cutting through the park and so I’m watching where I’m stepping / heading home to finish up the food that I was prepping / then to chill and watch a movie probably pull out Lethal Weapon / on the other hand I’m thinking bout hitting a party / and talking to some women after downing a Bacardi / hopefully I’ll score and wont be sleeping on a solo with a last night yes and tomorrow morning no-no / just a couple minutes, I’ll be home with a decision / street lights out so I’m straining on my vision / pocket vibrating so my telephone is ringing / Mikey hit me up and said “I’m local, what you drinking?” / I told him I was out and bout to meet him round the corner / I need to use your phone I got this chick I need to call her / made a U-Turn as I head to meet my cousin / buying up the beverages they cheaper by the dozen / get spruced up then we hit the night lights / hit the night life like I hit the mic right / now we in a bar putting down the nitty-gritty / make connections like in MIDI as we chilling in the city, city nights / Chorus /
Track Name: You Know Me
Verse One / You know me, the one they call the Funk to the D. dot / the one that’s never rhyme-less every time he hear the beat drop / the one who came up to the sounds of De La, Tribe and Pete Rock / releasing many albums where these others cannot keep up / the gap tooth Prince with the coolie curly hair / rocking Polo denim with the coolest Nike’ Air / call me one of the nicest London has ever produced / started my record label when I was only a youth / don’t fabricate on records, I’m only here for the truth / I’ve been so very busy, every release is the proof / a whizz on the beats and nobody really taught me / and I love old movies, especially from like the 40’s / they say I’m kind of funny with a great sense of humour / they say I’m making money, to be honest it’s a rumour / “hey but what if it’s true ha? You saying that to throw me?” / I’ll never tell you every single thing, c’mon you know me / Chorus / You know me, you know [x4] / Verse Two / You know me, the one they call the Con-to-the-Sist / the one who likes his alcohol with lemon and a twist of lime / I’m always punctual and on time / the one who’s always sitting here with something on his mind / I never really worry bout the things I can’t change / so I love cold weather and I love it when it rains / I love pretty women and I love to get paid / I’m sorry is that arrogant is or that really vain? / I love to write lyrics while I’m riding on the train / and hate it when so many people can’t pronounce my name / I don’t really have time to watch TV / and my favourite year in school was back in 1993 / “ooops” ’94, but only cos I left / the D in Funky DL it stands for Def / and I always wanna learn if you just willing to show me / I’ll get the hang of it, you know me / Chorus /
Refrain / I guess you know me like that / [like what?] / Or you don’t really know me like that / [like what?] / I guess you know me like that / [like what?] / Or you don’t really know me like that / [like what?] / I guess you know me like that / [like what?] / or you don’t really know me like that / [like what?] / I guess you know me like that / [like what?] / or you don’t really know me like that / Chorus /
Track Name: Still Dreaming
Intro / Still dreaming [x4] / No reason to still be dreaming / Verse One / Remember everything they told me while I’m smoking this “rollie” / I kick back and note they tell me cos they can’t really show me / so once again I feel lonely but they can’t throw me / if only the pages of my lyric textbook speak for me / a demo gets cut, a record label calls me / they sign me then put the record out and then they tour me / on stage they applaud me / shorties coming to my dressing room to have an orgy / such a fabulous story / it’s the life of an MC, successful paid but stressful / no longer have to live the life that the rest do / God bless you, other rappers wanna pester you / the same people who didn’t like you are standing next to you / but beware, fake nigga’s cut you just like a vegetable / now you rocking hip-hop in heavy metal festivals / is this the life of an unknown artist? / Trying his hardest to reach the dreams that he started with? / Chorus / Still dreaming of the record deals, fast life / money stacked up, but it feels like your still dreaming / of the parties the females, sign a contract screw the details / your still dreaming of the fame and celebrity / you made it to the top so you could never be still dreaming / and it seems like there’s no reason to still be dreaming / Verse Two / Studio schedule intense, making more money than sense / record label put your best joints on the bench / need you more mainstream, now you second guessing should have kept this as a daydream / plans ain’t coming together the way the A-Team do / on one side it’s team record label, other side is team you / and it’s not that clear, none of this is see through / got strangers trying to say the best way to be you / creatively you ain’t get a look in / and record sales dying so you ain’t getting bookings / and producers no longer wanna see what’s cooking / and no more messages from Tokyo to Brooklyn / the game giving you the cold shoulder / now a little older and refusing to believe that it’s over / is this the life of an unknown artist? / Trying his hardest to reach the dreams that he started with / Chorus / Verse Three / The game, lied it’s like it blindfolded my eyes / I learnt the hard way and never had a pleasant surprise / so I can hardly recommend the stress and the lies / it’s too ungodly, whatever made me think I’d be fine / bamboozled, this ain’t what I’m used to / now I’m like a puppet doing all the things I’d normally refuse to / screw loose, people in my ear like Bluetooth / new youth, everybody talking “he the new truth” / sitting on the outside, thinking bout the inside / regular nine to five job, I would have been fine / too late, now I can’t be a Marty Mcfly / eighty eight MPH struggling to get by / still rhyme but impossible to have the passion / cos even when you dope it seems they put you out of fashion / is this the life of an unknown artist? / Trying his hardest to reach the dreams that he started with? / Chorus /
Track Name: The Nineties
Verse One / Blast, just like NASA but fuelled with the Jazz / here to harass, come to shatter like glass / one time for your mind / touch it to the top rewind / now it’s time to drop B-line / step to the track like what’s up with that? / I be coming with it, bring the boom to the bap, bring it back / duffle coat, knapsack, baseball cap / sitting on a stoop, dudes chilling in the back / this is old school rap / “STOP!” nah don’t do that! / got a reputation for being a cool cat / CD’s records and tapes we move that true that / don’t be trying to please all these other MC’s / Trojan attack, kidnap then we seize / minorities bless beats like these / it’s the realness like back in the nineties / Verse Two / Now I come with this and you come with that / I bump the rhyme so that you bump the track / no guarantee we leave your speakers in tact, get smacked / take the beat out bring it back / impact, Blackcurrent Jazz V2 / back from the dead like the new T2 / hip-hop resurrection and we do tip top beat selection so we rule / cos times is tough and it’s only getting tougher / so I make my music for my peoples who suffer / every single time there’s
something new to discover / so the B-Boys, roughnecks, hoodlums love us / stay true to my roots, my musical youth / original suede Tim boots all the way up to the plain white tees / hip-hop represent from the nineties / Verse Three / Back to the matters at hand, man / got the blueprint to expand plans / wreck the party and make grand’s, damn! / Soldier salute right hand, command respect / one, two test mic check / rappers get brave but they just might step into a zone where they test my rep / illegal aliens don’t bless my set / make that mistake break out in a sweat / and hope that nobody possess the cassette / cos how it went down is best to forget / straight to the streets don’t rest for a sec / hip-hop beats we the best of the best / expecting critiques, baby be my guest / but what they say I already know / I been up in this game since the nine zeros /
Track Name: Mana The Girl From Kanagawa
Verse One / Chillin’ with “E” and Parris up in the club / V. I.P. staff got us trying to pay for some bub’ / I see this figure on the dance floor so I walk through / this girl is lip syncing to Ne-Yo’s “Because of You” / I walked up and put my arms around her and her friend / hoping that my being forward probably wouldn’t offend / “E” and “P” then announce that they ready to bounce / gave em’ a pound each cos I’m staying put and they out / now I walk back over so cool like gum / and I whispered to this girl, what’s your name? Where you from? / She said Mana from Kanagawa, she was sexy as hell / close danced for half an hour and I love how she smelled / sweet feminine fragrance with long brown hair / she didn’t know that I was famous, no she wasn’t aware / but she quickly found out and became all shy / which probably made her more cuter but I couldn’t say why, Ms Kanagawa / Chorus [x2] so what can I say? / I don’t know, I just don’t know / and what can I do? / I don’t know, I just don’t know / Verse Two / She didn’t speak much English so it’s hard to converse / but she asked me what I’m drinking, I was dying of thirst / I said “a China Blue cocktail loaded with ice” / she came back, took a sip, so refreshingly nice / I’m thinking she must be the most prettiest thing / the type of girl that you want for just more than a fling / plus I loved the way she moved to the musical grooves / I got to try and go through cos I got nothing to lose / she wore faux fur boots or maybe they real / cupid got me in a handcuffs, he knows how I feel / Mana from Kanagawa, capital Yokohama / is she from Kawasaki? Or maybe Kamakura? / I wanted to explore her but that’s if she let me / and now I’m trying to tell her but she probably don’t get me so / as we say in London “I probably got to allow her” / but she the beautifulist from Kanagawa / Chorus / Verse Three / She said she worked at the dentist as an apprentice / compared to an MC, very momentous / she sent me a photo of her and Yasuko / I’m looking for her weakness searching for loopholes / but no way through cos she don’t understand me / I feel like I kid who has lost all his candy / unhand me, yo’ but she so damn gorgeous / enough to make me write this and wanna record this / she’s flawless and got such a nice personality / but everything is fantasy and never reality / knowing how it is to be lost in translation / our telephone calls don’t get no duration / Mana from Kanagawa, capital Yokohama / is she from Kawasaki? Or maybe Kamakura? / I wanted to explore her / cos truthfully I adore her / Chorus [x2] /
Track Name: Ever Since featuring Dyanna Fearon & Xantonè Blacq
Verse One / The rap game nuts, MC’s no gut’s / they all wanna buss but gold went dust / they see the bull crap but they don’t see us / but in God we trust / got to keep it moving hopefully it will adjust / to me an MC‘s having something to discuss / in the studio we making music no rush / and we take it right back like we reppin’ Cold Crush / we bullying the beats like Alemay and Sus / we top grade artists, we grade A plus / and got the ill vibe like Tip and Bus-a-Bus / rude boy represent far from a schmuck / into hip hop ever since a young buck / relying on myself, I ain’t into pot luck / and it’s been that way ever since I came up… came up / Chorus [x4] / need to wake up / and ever since I said I… need to wake up / Verse Two / Ever since the rat race begun in this place / I been making music that the people embrace / I ain’t about to fall off but just in case / “I’m bout to wreck your’ body” like Tribe in “The Chase” / hope I got the sound right down to your taste / this is black jazz, black jack, ten and an ace / never disgraced, got the history no one can erase / this is Funk dot D dot straight in your face / I can go tops or come down on the bass / RDA fat, other rappers got trace / so they got to go back while we stepping with grace / everyday ready come steady with the pace / a real busy dude little time here to waste / so watch this “WHAT?!” / So watch this space / Chorus / Verse Three / This is no free show / I like to do my thing like quid pro quo / not in my old hood but I’m just a stones throw from the place that I grew to the place that I grow / the place that I knew to the place that I know / I rocked an afro like ages ago / I turned rocking mics into wages and doe / a real smooth dude, all the ladies will know / plus I know how to float like Baileys and Coke / and people love my music cos maybe it’s dope / I never wanted drama so save me the soap / and screw sarcasm son save me the jokes / we never false start son save me the hoax / award winning MC it may be the votes / need the piano? Xan play me the notes / Chorus /
Track Name: Half a Dozen MC's featuring Messiahbolical, Pyrelli, Dukus Alemay, Sus & Ricko Capito
Funky DL / Knock knock, hello, a 6 foot fellow / I’m never too far from the Hood and the Ghetto / King of beats, I’m a musical Pharaoh / you can call me classic but I don’t play the Cello / got a slick style that the people call mellow / I got punch lines like Abbot and Costello / who’s on first base? Ya’ll know my M. O. / now I got chicks saying “listen to my demo” / there’s something so cute about a women in yellow / call me Casanova, bustin’ cherries like Morello / Italian charm you can call me “Angelo” / to die like Othello? / Question Mark, N. O. / a bunch of MC’s and we build like Lego / trying to take this rap shit to another level / how many MC’s? / “I don’t know, several” / top champions so we bus’ a gold medal / Messiahbolical / Uh, ah, I’m the illest you’ll ever know / a big deal, syllable centrefold / with a solid gold metal coated De La Soul / pellet gun tongue, fire Ella Fitzgerald notes / while you silicones sell a soul / bars fill like a catapult cantaloupes / vocal chord cannibal calibre / hop aboard Hannibal’s acting up / yeah, and the flows so breezy / face looking Jermaine Jackson greasy / and I’m running a mock all over the beat / nobody wanna compete / nobody fucking with we / I’m dropping more in a week than you can drop in a year / you’re falling off of the edge, you might as well disappear / and me and DL, CL Smooth / so when he helps me out, we help you / Pyrelli / They say “it’s a cold world” so supply your own heat / I’m that fire guy delivering pyro-techniques on a beat / damaging any MC in every area each / blame the chip on my shoulder gripping a pole, I bury your dreams / while the Jazzy Blackcurrent keep the scene so serene / leave stains on your screen, I’m stepping in clean and mean with the scoop and the scope / huh’, rolling up my sleeves, flick the collar on my coat / coming live from the streets, I holler the dollar quotes / talking bout life and trying to cope / feeling like a successful bloke / keeping the flow so ever so dope is how I turn fans to fiends / with G’ code of conduct lyrically, scriptures written calligraphy / I’m up in the upper echelon for the extra visibility / hanging haters for mimickery, drown em’ in my celebrity / I tap dance on your facade, gangster choreography / consider this my policy, follow me as I topple trees / chillin’ in the comfort zone, the place you got to be / Dukus Alemay / You should stay put if you’re gonna fight me / just like Facebook, you can only like me / so you go back on your own word / looking all dumb so you may look like you un-liked me / way too many who hate / too many fakes need to see the dentist, they toothache / say they move weight when they knew they wasn’t even nowhere near the level of a true great / true say they’re confused with delusion / at the red light not moving, snoozing / they think it’s magic, I know it’s illusion / cos I made em’ think they’re winning when they’re losing / I’m living like the world’s gonna end tomorrow / so if you follow me there’s gonna be sorrow / cos the path is treacherous and I won’t ever rest til’ I reach the top of Everest / so you should never test me / Sus / I’m trying to get doe, stack til’ it grows mould / big dick swinging in a room, Trojan flow / so I go slow, still jealous ones wanna hit with a low blow / I’mma homophobe in a room of assholes / so I stone cold stun em’ on the throat, Kimbo to the nose, face, riddled them with lumps / don’t call the Po-Po / I act like grown folk / beat you with a belt I sent you out for / oust you outlaws, underground to outdoors, stay in your house more / cos I ain’t inna’ that chitty chat silly crap, simple home run face kissing on a her back / “BLAOW!!, best you behave / see me in a rave, don’t say my name / you’ve got no heat, shit! / you’re more like a black man trying to sun bathe in the shade / Ricko Capito / Hey yo’ Funky, drop the drums please on this dumb beat / bass will make em’ fall of the wall like Humpty / latecomers don’t need to wear no dunce C.A.P. in the corner just get comfy / get to know me, I’m a nice brother / just like a hot knife and the beats like butter / I move to every beat like “shut up!” / you’re about to die and meet your maker for touch ups / PRS will have my bank account buffed up / the Queens heads got me sprung, I’m loved up / yeah, I just thought that I’d share that / I breed flows when I tear tracks bareback / wait, my lowest level is a million / and your highest level is ten so you ain’t near that / R.I.C.K.O. that’s Ricko C.A.P. line dot T. O. /
Track Name: Whatever Happened To? featuring Lei-an
I wanna to know…..
yo [echo]

Verse One
Yo, my ancestors spawned the phrase “each one to teach one”
So I’mma just speak son while Melo make the beat run
And try and teach someone and try and reach them
Through this hip-hop and poetic street speech son
Whatever happened to respect and love?
And growing up to be the person your parents are proud of?
Tell me whatever happened to faith and compassion?
It’s like they got rationed chasing money and fashion
Yo whatever happened to justice and fairness?
It’s like they got traded for lack of social awareness
And whatever happened to trying making an effort?
Whatever happened to having morals and having ethics
Whatever happened to gratitude and appreciation ?
Now we dealing with attitude and uneasy patience
Not only saying this to teenagers
I’m speaking to everyone adults of all ages
Whatever happened to benefit of the doubt?
Whatever happened to trying to straighten differences out?
And whatever happened to self respect?
And self value? I know that nobody perfect
Yo, but we supposed to be the most intelligent
So how come most of these things irrelevant?
Yo, and when I ask yo they try to be clever
Cos the same way I’m asking they answer “whatever”

I wanna know what’s happening to people?
Sometimes I look around and I just don’t know [adlibs]
I wanna [I just wanna know]
Sometimes I look around and I just don’t know

Verse Two
Whatever happened to the feeling of guilt?
Whatever happened to forgiveness so the love is rebuilt?
Yo, whatever happened to empathy and sympathy?
Instead of drama that’s accompanied by a symphony
Whatever happened to shame and remorse?
Whatever happened to having discipline to enforce the good way from the bad?
Right way from the wrong?
So you can have a clean slate your whole life long
Whatever happened to smiling in public?
No heart individuals act like the government
Whatever happened to caring and kindness?
It don’t make you less macho or make you spineless
Whatever happened to helping people in need?
Yo, when was the last time we did a good deed?
Yo, whatever happened to grace and humility?
Yo, and taking care of a great responsibility?
Yo, whatever happened to the best of your ability?
And what about tact and your sensitivity?
Whatever happened to prudence and wisdom?
Observation and knowing just how to listen?
See we supposed to be the most intelligent
So how come most of these things irrelevant?
Yo, and when I ask yo they try to be clever
Cos the same way I’m asking they answer “whatever”


Outro [x4]
I just wanna know
Track Name: It's Beautiful
Verse One / Yo, I love it when the beat gets smooth / I love it cos it gets you the mood to settle back and relax / listen to the beautiful compositions of these tracks / muting is no option, no competition I mean that / it’s time to put away your worries of making so little money / no everyday isn’t sunny / but yo’, this is feeling so good right here / as the sound moves from my left to my right ear / it’s music, computerized, programmed or maybe acoustic / just listen don’t loose it, choose it / take your fears and bury em’ / put yourself deep in the words like librarians / I’m a humanitarian, furthermore we all in this race together / in this space together so we should stays together / trying to chase forever / but time is victorious / we can’t beat it don’t matter if we are warriors so let yourself soak in moment / Jill Scott it, living your life like it’s golden / good times? We hold em’, bad times? We fold em’ / if they won’t listen, can’t say “I never told em” / this is a classic example of how beautiful the beat flows with the sample / of how beautiful the samples create auras / of how beautiful the verse moves to the chorus, it’s beautiful / Chorus [x4] / It’s beautiful / Verse Two / Yo, we all living with the ups and the downs / whether the Suburbs, the city, in the middle of town / whether we white, black, olive skin, yellow or brown / I’mma always talk to you, take a verb and a noun / it’s so beautiful, so glad I appreciate sound that’s so suitable / too bad if you ain’t sticking around / but nevertheless it’s all about making best of every single situation, ain’t no need to get stressed / because I’m uptown chilling, downtown chilling / Black Jazz two and I’m about to make a killing / if I’m living then I’m winning, keep the record spinning / and when the album over take it back to the beginning / I’m kind of in the mood to chill / and I keep it right while everybody keeping it real / it is what it is, I’m talking grown folks and the kids / I do this for years and nobody ain’t do it like this / I’m in the cut like a DJ / I’m selling to the highest bidders like eBay / I’m running laps like a relay / but at the very same time I take it easy / this is a classic example of how beautiful the beat flows with the sample / of how beautiful the samples create auras / of how beautiful the verse moves to the chorus, it’s beautiful / Chorus /
Track Name: Deal With It
Intro / One time for CM Smooth / and one time as we bust a move / and one time for Funky D / and grab the mic and just MC and… [x2] / Verse One / Pick up the pen like Picasso, I write like I gots no time to waste / I’m so quick they say “not so fast, slow down sunny I can’t keep up” / So I slow but there’s Norway like Oslo / I’m incognito as far as the cops know / unrevealing like women don’t let they top show / microphone assassin so I got to get my props yo’ / dedicated all my service to hip-hop yo’ / I don’t rush I bop slow, I’m a perfectionist / tell me “what’s point if you ain’t listening to the rest of this?” / But people want to criticise and be a pessimist / but couldn’t do the way that I do it and do it effortless / nevertheless, my message is I just can’t lose / chillin’ with my dude we call him CM Smooth / he’s on the beat and I float on the rhyme that’s how we do / Blackcurrent crew with the Blackcurrent two / so forget it if you’re trying to attack me / cos I roll too deep from the Borough of Hackney, East London / they tell me I don’t sound like a Londoner / but this is no misrepresentation like a “Wonder Bra” / I am what I is and I is what I am / and I is what I was, you don’t like it? Too bad / you didn’t want him to, but man he still did it / so put your headphones on and deal with it / Chorus / Deal with it / yo’ it’s the way the game is, it’s the way we used to running the biz / just deal with it / yo’ it’s the way that we roll, it’s the way we used to taking control / just deal with it / yo’ it’s the way that we run from the days that we started, begun / just deal with it / yo’ it’s the way that we ride, CM Smooth, DL, let’s glide / Verse Two / What’s wrong these moist MC’s? / Yeah they rhyme but they can’t see the wood for the trees / they focused on too many intricacies so they style grow old like the mould on a cheese / and I really so hate to be one to pass judgement / cos all they’re really doing is they own way of hustling / to each his own, that means my way ain't your way / you jump through the window, I just walk through the doorway / I ain’t trying to say it ain’t hard though / but they won’t reduce me to no desperado / I went from “not quite” to a “bravo” / went from luke-warm, now I’m hot like charcoal / and never scared even when I’m in a dark hole / Funky I’m trying to bring the goods like cargo / and got the type of joints that make the people go marbles / CM Smooth and DL what a combo / so ya’ll know we both mean business / so stop the pretending and don’t bear false witness / you’ve got to put Blackcurrent Jazz on the hit list / get this, style dope, don’t really sweat this / I am what I is and I is what I am / and I is what I was, you don’t like it? Too bad / you didn’t want’ him to but man he still did it / so put your headphones on and deal with it / Chorus /