Back To Rap [Funky DL samples Amy Winehouse Vol 2]

by Funky DL



As a celebration and tribute of the remarkably incredible music made by the now departed "Amy Winehouse".. we most humbly present to you again... The originally released [June 2010] album entitled

"Back To Rap" ...

Funky DL samples Amy Winehouse ..
Volume Two

Funky DL returned to the studio for the second time in April of 2010 to record what was to become “Back To Rap”, the sequel to the “Back To Frank” album which originally sampled Amy Winehouse’s debut “Frank” album but this time around creatively playing with Amy’s sophomore album “Back To Black”.

May Amy rest in eternal peace...


released June 12, 2010

Re-produced by Funky DL for Washington Classics 2010



all rights reserved


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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Track Name: Intro [Back To Rap]
“Yo what’s up people? This is Funky DL, and like…
Yo first of all I wanna big up everyone that went and downloaded Back to Frank,
that’s when I sampled Amy Winehouse’s first album, the reviews were truly magnificent. If you didn’t get that, then I guess just Google Back To Frank.
This time round I’m going in on Amy’s second album, brought in some friends, family, special guests and features, so…. it’s no longer Back To Black, its Back To Rap” [Amy / I ain’t got seventy days]
Track Name: Can't Keep Lying featuring Ricko Capito, Dukus Alemay & Pyrelli
Intro [Amy]
Nobody stands in between me and my man, it’s me and Mr. Jones, me and Mr. Jones

Chorus [Amy]
You can’t keep lying to your self like this,
You can’t keep lying to your self like this,
Can’t believe you played yourself, like this

Verse One [DL]
Let me write this, [scribble this]
Sixteen bars of the hypeness, [its ridiculous]
Spit til’ I get tonsillitis [and dribble this]
And I ain’t even worried in the slightest, [I’m frivolous]
I’m telling you the truth
I’m a killer MC I got em’ buried in the booth
But once upon a time they wouldn’t let me in the room
See it ain't like the whole world knew what I do
Never had a number one not even a number two
Never had a cool mil’ so I had to make do
Never had a plush crib with a beach front view
More than four bedrooms and the walls see through
But I make myself at home when I rock on a tune
And I don’t need to lie or fantasize bout wealth
Cos I ain't that guy I won’t play myself
Yo it is what it is so it be what it be
So this is dedicated to them frontin’ MC’s… Amy!

Chorus [Amy]

Verse Two [Ricko]
Yeah, listen, yo I write bars after billin’ it
Naturally hype so the weed helps me chill in it
Reek’s got skill in it; I do it for my siblings
We pray for health not wealth that’s the different
Mind state’s we living in
Lying to yourself is just stunting your growth
Don’t say that you’re rolling
With the pump in the cold if you don’t [that’s long]
Cos man will leave you slumped for a loaf [BANG!]
Gun butts to the boat and leave lumps on your dome [that’s nuts]
And this can all come from the dumb shit you wrote [listen]
F.Y.I. never lie when I tell a guy
You can catch more than a lump in the throat [trust me]
Man get bottled or shot over lyrical content
Non spiritual or physical [allow it]
Doe holds and clothes flows are so typical [what’s that?]
Futuristic visuals cease facts [ahhh!]
You need to stop lying to yourself see Snatch [for the reference]

Chorus [Amy]

Verse Three [Dukus]
I like it when the rhymes get [intricate]
You can’t deny the shit’s priceless
[the richest kid] couldn’t even buy this
I might just have to take you back to school again
The aim is to turn you hooligans to Buda men
And while you pretend I keep proving them wrong
By doing what I do on a song
For you to pick up all the shit you need a Hoover that’s strong
I won’t move in a storm while you be pooing your garms
You’re a shade of grey I glow aluminous tone
The way he do it you can tell that he’s been doing it long
Girls say he be doing it and doing it well
You keep losing yourself and you should know better
You should not be fooling yourself
It’s like you bought a ticket and you’re proud you’re going to hell
But you’re a little kid reaching for the top of the shelf
For the porno, we all know your type
You show no shame cos you don’t know better than being Bobo

Chorus [Amy]

Verse Four [Pyrelli]
Every time I open my mouth [and let the flow out]
I mutilate a wack rap bastard [in a showdown]
Dry lik’kle bunch a’ pussy dem’ [needing a hose down]
[Lazy Boy] it’s so cold how I’m profound
It goes down you know now [Huh’]
I ain’t even trying to address em’
It’s just for the simple fact I really got to teach these Dum Dums’ a lesson
Cos they don’t seem to see that silence is my deadliest weapon
Reckon for the record nothing more better than stepping on a head that these peasants
Instead except you can keep lying to yourself
That’s a no, no, you dying it’s bad for your health
You a Bozo, Pinocchio, I’m writing for the cause bitch
Dropping jaws’s and corpses, Pyrelli so sick
Enormous with DL, Dukus and Ricko
The Capito creeping the Jeep slow reload the rawness
You’ve just been hit by four clips we think you’re all shit
Fraudsters, Amy sing the motherfucking chorus!

Chorus [Amy]

Outro [Amy]
Ruler’s one thing, but come Brixton, nobody stands [fade out]
Track Name: Together featuring Pyrelli & MCD
Right ya’ now people, operator just entertain the people til’ the live recording gwarn, seen? Dem a’go run it seen… me a’go bring round to a serious point now

Chorus x2 [Amy]
Though we need to find the time, to just do this shit together ‘fore it gets worse

Verse One [DL]
[Cha!] I came up in the rap game with a bloodcleet mission
To give the music lovers something real that they can listen to
I would go as far as saying Funky was medicinal
But that don’t stop them lik’kle id’yot’s from dissin’ you
Fake with love underneath yo they really hate
Wasn’t difficult to see that people don’t affiliate
Don’t come together, don’t gel, don’t appreciate
Don’t celebrate or relate, don’t integrate
Musical artist dem tink dem the a’rdest
Flex like bad man but true dem chat garbage
But when it come to me I face everyone
Cos yout’ like I and I just embrace everyone ya see me?
And if u’nu understand the lyric me a write na’
Reach inna ya pocket and just push up u’nu lighter!
So I came through to tell you bout my preference
Dead all the separates and deal with togetherness, yes

Chorus x2

Verse Two [Pyrelli]
[Yeh] me seh, me pull up ah de’ dance in a brand new Ferrari
De’ whole place pack up like a tall can a’ Sardine
Cologne Armani, me ah who de’ boss is
Swagger top ah de’ bloodclart line, ya get me doggy?
Deh, deh by de’ bar me say a wha’ gwarn me darling?
Tell ya’ weh’ me warn do, fill up your glass quick
Bout fi mek a me exit gi’ her me’ number and tell her fi’ call me
Before me reached out she call a’ one fi put it pon me
She sit’ down pon me cocky with the real tight punani
Me start fi’ fall in’a love, dem should a’ fuck warn me
De’ gyal’ did have a plan weh’ never agree with me
Now she ah’ breed fi’ me, the gyal’ did have a man
Dem’ seh me never born bulletproof and bound fi’ get a shottin’
Ask him if him lose him pussyclart mind, if him forgot it
Me call up me dogs and tell em’ bout’ the yout’ raas’mout’
Seh’ we have a lik’kle problem we need fi’ sort out [cha!]

Chorus x2

Verse Three [MCD]
[Uh ha, let’s do this thing man, let do it, you know how we do, this is real]
I found the time to revive this, style of mine I’m Psychic
I vibe it then I contemplate how I recite it
How we spend the time of our life is so specific
You’re gifted but all your gifts what you did with it
Time wasting, each second keeps on ticking
I ain’t obvious I don’t get in where I fit in
I’m uplifting like bread rising in the kitchen
I’m eloquent, that’s the formula with all my diction
Find the time for peace in your life forget the friction
Find the time for loving your wife, that’s what’s been missing
And now you listen to all the energy encountered
Find the time to be more than a doubter
I bet you didn’t think this collaboration would happen
I know you found the time to be following every pattern
But ever since I listened to rap man I’ve been rapping
Ever since I found some time for myself my something happens [echo…]

Chorus x2

Right ya’ now, yo u’nu fi check dem ting deh ya know’
Wouldn’t you call that a standing ovation?
Track Name: I Told You I Was Trouble featuring Pyrelli & Addictive
Intro x4 [Addictive]
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Verse One [DL]
[Hold on] I told you I was trouble
6 foot 1, short hair, black stubble
And I will never fold dude I’m bout to raise you double
There’s no sweet boys here so kill ya Hubba Bubbles
I been around the block like more than a couple, I’m classic
So I don’t give a rats nuts if the cap fits
Champion like Dilla and Madlib
And playa’ this ain't no act like Brad Pitt
People talking like Funky is mad sick
The way I flip around a beat that’s some bad shit
I can put you on the floor like a back spin
And I do the opposite of an aspirin
The type of dude who is telling not asking
So please stay out my way if I’m passing
And my team’ll stay sharp like a javelin
And we’ll dribble that ball without travelling [haaa!]
You can call me ignorant
But I don’t – really – give – a – shit
Low down dirty rotten apple
And I ain’t looking no beef I ain’t cattle
Battle?? I aint that guy
Open mics all day? Fuck I aint that high
You can be my protégé, I’ll mould you
But remember I’m trouble I told you!

Chorus [Amy]
I told you I was trouble [x3]
Yeah you know that I’m no good

Refrain [Addictive]
I told I was trouble [x4]
[various phrases]

Verse Two [Pyrelli]
They call me Mr. Lazy, the one all of the girls like
The one the haters wanna fight, my future looks so bright
When the weather’s mucky push a clean buggy
Through the streets of the gritty city, catch me dipping in the Turnpike
I learn mics so I earn right burn guys
It’s my birth right, rhyming like I’m on my third strike
So blame the melanin, they ill but they ain’t sick as this
My flair clear up that congestion Benylin
I get’s it in whistle and flute no bow tie
With my nigga Funky DL, we from the Eastside
And this how G’s ride, fuck the jail time
We conspire, turned the game into shook bitches, perspire
I serve fire as my appetizer
Blazing each show in 4D, there’s nothing liver
I’m a troublemaker, straight bubble break ya’
Flying clotheslines, Lariat’s with Haymakers
We catch the worms soon as they breaks
Cos me and my team supreme they can’t break us
United in this bitch pulling big boy capers
Its big business and the motherfucking briefcases
You know what this is, the Consist, the Instigator
Classic shit, back to rap, nothing greater
Ha! You down with us and you know we love you
Against us and it’s motherfuck you, I’m trouble!

Chorus [Amy]

Refrain [Addictive]
[various phrases / fade out]
Track Name: And I Wake Up Alone featuring Dukus Alemay
Intro [Dukus]
Ooooh, Ooooh [dah dah dah]
Ooooh, Ooooh
Ooooh, Ooooh [dah dah dah]
Ooooh, Ooooh-oooh

Verse One [DL]
I Knew this girl who was legendary
I’ll describe her if you’re wondering
Older vibe like Halle Berry
Younger vibe like Lauren London
Met her at a Pizza express
Waitress on a minimum wage
Started talking, told me to guess
How old she was, what was her age?
If I get it right I get her number
Got her number cos I got it right
Trying to find out what she under
Shall we go out, how bout tonight?
Let me cut the story short for you
She became my girl, I became her man
As I write this report for you
Try to listen close, try to understand
Everything was working out so well
Until I found out bout her ex
I suspect she cheats, oh well!
Got to let her go on to the next
But she kind of got a hold on me
What could it be? Maybe I’m whipped
Out the blue she go cold on me
And I know why, it’s him, [oh shit]
It’s a competition for her love
She don’t know which one of us to choose
Which one of us she puts above
Either way I guess one of us will lose
Til’ she didn’t come home one night
So I waited up kept yawning
Then I laid my head on my pillow
Closed my eyes until the morning came

Chorus [Amy]
And I wake up alone [x2]

Verse Two [DL]
Asked her where she was but already knew
But she broke down and she confessed
Said she made the wrong choice
And she knew that I was her number one
And she blessed to still have me in her life
Could I find it in my heart to forgive?
Even though it cuts sharp like a knife
She the one I wanna be with
Everything was cool for a while
Til’ I started seeing much more cash
Wonder where she getting all this money from
Started throwing old clothes in the trash
Then she bought herself a brand new car
Brand new jewels, brand new shoes
But she wasn’t telling me anything
Once again I’m a brand new fool
All this carries on for a while
Every time I ask she don’t speak
Next thing I know cops at my house
On the floor with a gun in my cheek
Took my girl into custody
Cos they found her with 2 keys of dope
Now she in a court room with a judge
Gave her 3 years she won’t cope
Could have been much more than that
But she snitched and gave up a name
Turns out the same ex was involved
Then I realized nothing changed
Now she sat in a prison cell
Didn’t heed my final warning
Now it’s just me laying in my bed
Toss and turning till the morning came [uh]

Chorus [Amy]

Verse Three [DL]
Did her time for the crime she did
Now she out she knocks on my door
Begging me to give her one more chance
Grabbed my arm and dropped to the floor
Said she gonna be a good girl now
No more lies it’s a new start
Wish I could make a choice with my head
Instead I made a choice with my heart
Let her come back into my life
Damn why would I do such a thing?
But it seems she’s changed her ways
And she treats me just like a king
And her ex is still inside
Everything is perfect now
and it seems everything we went through was oh so worth it now
But now there’s word on the street
That her ex wants his revenge
Now I fear for her safety
And I’m scared, I won’t pretend
But she tells me don’t worry
Everything is gonna be ok
Then I heard a round of gunshots
Echoing from downstairs one day
Ran down as fast as I could
She was on the floor would she survive?
Don’t know so I stayed by her side
Til’ she was no longer alive
Buried her on a Sunday
And people say I’m stalling
Cos her picture stays on my pillow
But she’s never there in the morning [damn]

Chorus Out [Amy]
And I wake up alone [x3]
[Duke] Come back, come, back, come back, come back, huh
[Amy] And I wake up alone
[Duke] Come back, come, back, come back, come back, huh
[Amy] And I wake up alone
Track Name: Owe Nothing To Me featuring Sus & Dukus Alemay
Intro [Amy]
All I can ever be to you is a darkness that we knew
And this regret I've got accustomed to

Intro Chorus x4 [Amy]
Once you don’t owe nothing to me

Verse One [DL]
My Fate ain’t written in Great Britain I’m straight spitting
Take missions, make listeners stand up I hate sitting
I hot step in Red Sox like Boston
And stone cold stepping like stone Steve Austin
[You know my steez!] I’m showing you something
So flow correct with your debt until you owing me nothing
I’m not a walk at the beach, homie don’t be frontin’
Because a beat and rhyme speech ain’t my only button
So don’t push me [pay me]
Don’t get comfortable, cushy [ya crazy?]
I’m saying this once to you and homie, [maybe]
I’m responsible to hold you [daily] interest chargeable
I’m here to collect all debts
To collect all cash, all cheques Am-Ex
To collect all belongings or something to that effect
When your balance hit the red I’m a pain in the neck

Chorus [DL / Amy]
You can come back to the studio
[Once you don’t owe nothing to me]
I’ll stop taking Pounds and Dollars and Euro’s
[Once you don’t owe nothing to me]
And it will change like a Currency Bureau
[Once you don’t owe nothing to me
Things will go back the way you know
[Once you don’t owe nothing to me]

Verse Two [Sus]
No way you ain’t getting you a thing off me
Like an I.O.U. not happening
You say you put me on the map got my Passport stamped
Truth is it’s you who ain’t travelling
Leeches, blood sucking til’ there’s nothing left
You’re just another undercover praying on success
And I ain’t for that stress, there’s no interest
You trying to invest, shares go belly up
I put pennies in your pocket, any way you can profit
I will take you to places
Show you faces and names you only see in the comics
Now you’re a villain saying you saved the day?
You know what they say, if the wind blows
And you’re two-faced, shit’ll stay the same
I ain’t saying names but I say it [once, once]
You better off French Kissing on a loaded gun


Verse Three [Dukus]
See there’s two types of people in the world and you’re one of them
The ones that don’t get it, the ones who ain’t won a thing
Wishing for a lottery win over anything
Cos anything’s better than any way they’ve ever been
For the past, how ever many years
I’ve seen many disappear into thin air
For, for lack of finesse
Perhaps you should witness
The true form of what it really means to be a killer of Chinchilla’s
Sticking up the chin, I put the face up in the chimney
And have a Gin; your girl has the package I’m packaging
I happen to have a thing for Rappers who cannot string words
So I’m damaging their abdomens
Put pressure on the wounds if you cannot consume with a spoon
What I have spewed for you to chew
As soon as I hear the beat it’s over
And as soon as you get the beats it’s over, it’s over


Outro [Amy]
But to walk away I have no capacity
He walks away, the sun goes down
He takes the day [fade]
Track Name: The Chips Were Down
Intro [DL]
Dedicate this one to my Father, who sadly passed away midway in recording this album, rest in peace Pops…

Intro Chorus x2 [Amy]
Self professed, profound, Til’ the chips were down

Verse One [DL]
I’m alone in a room as I zone to this tune
Thinking bout the highest moments of my life and the gloom
And the low points, when I thought about retiring from any more joints
Screw getting up I’m lying in
Pass me the Duvet, this is real life talk bitch it aint a movie
Bitch it ain’t blue ray, bitch it ain’t Student union movie Tuesday
I’m a straight hustle no regards to what the rules say
When I say hustle not referring the white stuff
Only making reference to the beats and turning mics up
So don’t bother squinting at me, no one turned the lights up
Or I’m ‘a reach boiling point like when you turn the rice up,
You could say I’m confident, brazen, tenacious
So put away your two Jack’s I got four Aces
So you can call me top boy, yeah that mean I roll plush
Til’ some lucky bastard come and beat me with a royal flush! I was feeling so…

Chorus [Amy / DL]
[Self professed, profound]
And everything was going so great until…
[Til’ the chips were down]
But I came back up so I’m feeling
[Self professed, profound]
And everything was going so great until…
[Til’ the chips were down]
But I still keep smiling…

Verse Two [DL]
I can have a cool day, free from any problems
Other days I wake up and I’m feeling so despondent
Just like when you messaging a girl who aint responding
Or your cash flow is on pause and you starving
Wishing for a garden where every tree is fruitful
And a naked woman called Eve and she beautiful
And I’m at my pinnacle, nobody can topple me
Looking at a property and thinking bout it properly
So I’m in my good books, character and good looks
Til’ I am reminded that I live amongst these hood crooks
And they don’t respect me must be the street code 21st century
Wanna say something but my heart won’t let, me must be the wisdom
Coupled with the fact that they probably won’t listen
I’m grand old Duke ‘in it so when I’m up I’m up
And when I’m down, I’m down so enough is enough, is enough, is enough
And I’m feeling


Verse Three [DL]
I guess I’m trying to say to you that even if you have the guts
To stand up to the world, it won’t stop it trying to grab your nuts
And put you in a dark place to make you feel you don’t fit
Makes tomorrow harder than today but tells you don’t quit
But then there is the flip side, where everything is blissful
Where everything is clicking into place just like a pistol
Flipside, take a long trip nobody miss you
Flipside, money ain’t a worry got a fistful
This my life in a contrast, ups and downs
And at times I’m with comrades, sometimes times clowns
It’s a tug o’ war when you just want more
And ya looking for a door but you pushed to the floor
And you look at the scoreboard to check on your score
And your score is one lower than 5 minus 4
And you wanna go back to the day right before
When you felt at one with the world from you core [and you were feeling]


Outro [Amy]
And now the final frame, love is a losing game…
Track Name: Put It In Writing featuring Ricko Capito & K9
Chorus x2 [Amy / DL]
Put it in writing, but who you writing for?
[For just yourself? I’d like to know, I do]

Verse One [DL]
Uh, too many rappers steady writing bullshit
Coming up with old shit and saying its new shit
Every word they writes an inch away from stupid
Who they think is gone be listening to they music?
Nobody cares and nobody profits
Cos when they put pen to paper yo it’s catastrophic
You an artist now you got a blank sheet of paper?
Isn’t it your job to paint a picture like a painter?
Instead they on some pancake flow
Little fruity in the middle so they fan base grow
Talking all kinds of rubbish so they band makes doe
If they got a hit record probably can’t make more
[Them niggas need to stop] it’s called the hand brake flow
Take a seat yo’ they need to plan they flow
So the general public can relate to what they wrote
Cos it ain’t like they writing yo its like they make notes and then they…


Verse Two [Ricko]
Yo, man are talking bout things that they never done
Until Karma forces them to get a gun
Man are coming for your funds cos you said that you sell a tonne
And on the strip you’re a veteran
Okay, the flows bait, you’re so fake
Fuck biters I brush teef’s no Colgate
Trust me, under pressure
Them man’ll crack like the pilot in Soulplane
Now here’s a little task for the known lames
How about trying to ride in your own lane?
You ain’t wavy, I can see it in your boat race
Skills, no frills, meaning you have no taste
So now you’re looking at a next mans life
Constructing your lines through a next mans eyes
Trying to fool the masses with the next mans vibe
That’s like stunting in the next mans ride [echo]


Verse Three [K9]
I’m like tell me who you writing for?
I think your rhymes are poor
I don’t believe what you’re saying so why the talk?
You just lying to yourself to try and get the wealth
But everything you say blood, I ignore
Cos you guys are all feeding me the lies
But I can’t be scammed, I can read between the lines
Stop cheating on the mic, you think that it’s easily disguised
But we ain’t believing all the hype
I just speak what’s on the mind and put it in words
Some say that I’m sick with the similes, metaphors
Adjectives, nouns and I’m good with the verbs
Trying to get what I fully deserve
So would you prefer a real artist telling you the truth?
Every time he gets up in the booth?
Or would you rather listen to a bredduh’ that is loose?
Spitting the fiction and telling you “whatever” on a tune [echo]

Track Name: What She Running From? featuring Lei-an
Intro [Ricko Capito]
Ay yo DL, I think it’s time for that Slick Rick shit you know fam, you dun’ know

Intro Hook [DL]
Now this is a simple fairytale, about a girl I used to know
Who ran away from everything, but really wants to come back home you know
But she too scared and so she spends all day on road
Thinking of a place to go so she can be alone

Verse One [DL]
I knew this girl going through a hard time
Won’t say her name cos that’s not fair
She studied so hard at school
But her grades weren’t great at the end of the year
And she had a pops so strict
And he wanted to control everything she would wear
Her Boyfriend was an alcoholic
And when he got upset he would pull her hair
Her Mother died giving birth to her
With no older Siblings in her life
This young girl had a little Sister
How is that possible? Dads second wife
But one day the wife up and left
She got too tired of the Dads control
Some people said it was selfish
Leaving two young girls left on they own
It all became a bit too much
With no one to talk to the stress builds up
So one day she packs up a suitcase
Finally deciding enough was enough
Then one day dad comes home
And then he realized that his daughter has left
He calls the police to come over
And hopefully help him retrace her steps like…

Chorus [DL / Amy / Lei-an]
Now she running from the cops
[What she running from?]
She running from her pops
[What she running from?]
She running from her ex-boyfriend
[What she running from?]
she running from everything [I’m running from everything / (Lei-an simultaneously)]

Verse Two [DL]
Yo, she out in the big wide world
With not much money and not much to do
With no real place to call home
She’s turning her back on the life that she knew
But she got her mind made up
and with that said no one was gonna’ spoil it
Spends her first night in a Motel
Very next morning looking for employment
[Oh my days] but no one’s hiring
Not even a small job cleaning a window
Hardship really hits home
Cos it was never really gonna’ be that simple
A whole 7 days go by
With so much walking her shoes give her blisters
So she sits down on a park bench
Feeling the guilt of leaving her sister
Knowing what her dad was like
And acknowledging her step mum did the same
She didn’t want her sister to grow up feeling neglected
And pointing the blame
She made a decision right then
To do the right thing and make that call
Her dad didn’t ask where was
As long as she safe come all that’s all

Chorus [DL / Amy / Lei-an]
She was running from the cops
[What she running from?]
She was running from her pops
[What she running from?]
She was running from her ex-boyfriend
[What she running from?]
she running from everything [I’m running from everything / (Lei-an simultaneously)]

Outro [DL]
But now she runs and she runs, now she runs back home
And she runs and she runs, suddenly she runs back home [repeats]

But now I run and I run, and I run back home
And I run and I run, suddenly I’m running back home [repeats]
Track Name: I Can Get Mine
Intro [DL]
Yo, yo
Yo, yo, yo

Verse One [DL]
Uh, they call me the hardest working man ever
Probably because I like to endeavour
Cos I won’t finish if time don’t finish
The beat still playing? My rhyme won’t finish
Recorded nine albums in three years
With no candles blown out with three cheers
Cos hard work ain’t no party
I ain’t beat-les like Paul McCartney
I’m so sleepless just like a zombie
But no weakness in my way to stop me
I see a lot of young cats chilling
Gun to the clock we call it time killing
Talking I’m on the grind shit
But really wanna take all my shit
Plus they wanna criticise my way
They got to be high like Friday
Cos this my life no hobby
I know I can’t please everybody
And some folks way to snotty
but I’m J.R. they Bobby
So I’mma just do what I do
Worldwide Underground like Badu
So I won’t lose no face
And my parents brought me to this place so I can get mine

Chorus [Amy]
So I can get mine and you get yours

Verse Two [DL]
I spend a lot of time on my own
Which means that I spend a lot of time on the phone
I spend a lot of time in the lab
So I spend a lot of time with my pen and my pad
I write till my fingers hurting
So don’t judge if you never been that person
So let my pain be my pain
And let my gain be my gain
I got nothing to loose
So I keep going even when I’m not in the mood
Even if I probably loose
I stand tall I ain’t one of these dudes
Who give up on the first hurdle
My Pops raised me like a Ninja Turtle
I can’t be no cry baby
So Mike let’s go get that Mercedes!
And cruise around in the city
No doubt, no regret no pity
Top boys on the committee
With top girls looking so pretty
Living my life like a movie
Having a great time nothing moody
And I won’t lose no face
And my parents brought me to this place so I can get mine [damn right]

Chorus [Amy]
So I can get mine and you get yours

Speech [DL]
Yeah, for real, right first of all I wanna apologize if I sound a bit bunged up, like, I… I caught a cold on the back end of recording this but urm, you know, I’m just gonna talk you out, urm, I just wanna say like, this, this song and this album is primarily just about going for your really… ya na’ mean? Like I’ve always been taught, to not let anything get in your way, no resistance, no hurdles, no obstacles, ya na’ mean?

I mean I guess you’re always gonna face all that stuff in life but it’s still important to know that you can overcome, ya na’ mean? Like hardship and adversity and all of that… you know a lot of people talk about trying to make it like when they, they can’t even make a roll up! Do ya’ know what I’m saying? It’s like you got to get that discipline, that balance, that purpose and perspective and just do like what… What Amy’s saying basically…

Outro Chorus [Amy]
Yeah I can get mine and you get yours
Yay-eee I can get mine and you get yours
Track Name: Gold For A Fool featuring Pyrelli
Chorus [Amy / DL]
[She sits home and dreams]
Dreaming of the man in her life
She thinking he is doing her right
[He’s not all he seems]
His true colours won’t come through
I think that she ignoring them too
[Now she won’t be happy]
Girl this ain’t no price to pay
So I don’t understand why you stay cos…
[It’s false security but she will be waiting]

Verse One [DL]
She sitting home dreaming bout a man who no good
And everybody tells her but she misunderstood
I guess that you could say that she was blinded by love
Cos if you knew the things that she was tolerant of
You probably be thinking that she sick in head
The way he got her tripping cos he got her misled
He got her suffocating like she holding her breath
I told her she should kill it but she loves him to death
It’s like the way that he be treating her was never best
He had her slumming in his village like she run with the S
But he ain't what he seems on real yo he’s not
She thinks that he’s diamond not a rock at the top
And plus he got her thinking that he loves her to bits
But never says the reason why he never commits
String dangling with her heart is not cool
Cos he is not golden but she playing the fool [fool, fool, fool]

Chorus [Amy / Pyrelli]
[She sits home and dreams]
Dreaming of the man in her life
She thinking that he doing her right
[He’s not all he seems]
His true colours won’t come true
I think that she ignoring them too
[Now she won’t be happy]
Girl this ain’t no price to pay
So I don’t understand why you stay cos…
[It’s false security but she will be waiting]

Verse Two [Pyrelli]
Yo D, she came to see me last night in the pouring rain
With nothing but tears of pain rolling down her face
All I could do was cuddle her frame and kiss her cheek
And place her distressed head over my heartbeat
On her wonderfully toned skin she wearing bruises
Blaming herself for falling in love with a loser
I don’t know what to do bruv!
I can’t repeat the things on this track that she said he’d do to her
The way she’d say it like it’s nothing, it ain’t new to her
Steady defending him like it ain’t him abusing her
She’s so beautiful, I asked God
I wondered what the reason is she have to go through this ting’ at all?
I pray you give her joy forevermore
And the strength to overcome a love so un-pure
I felt compelled to write for her cos I adore her
But only time will tell cos it’s the master, there’s no other cure that’s why…

Chorus [Amy / DL]

Verse Three [DL]
She waiting for the day when he gets her a ring
And tells her he’s prepared to give her everything
But the clock keeps ticking and the hours go by
And she infatuated but she scared to ask why
Thinking she will lose him if she tries to provoke
Cos she don’t see no reason to be rocking the boat
Wrapped around his finger is her whole wide world
A golden boy for a foolish girl

Never had relations with her, used to carry feelings for her
But I kept em’ on the low cos I’m a dog when we out on tour
It weren’t fair having you placed in that situation
Now every year, more and more you disintegrating
Breaking down your spirit of your mind he got control
Now you looking twice your age like you’re sixty years old
Babe, you really need to let this dude go
And stop acting like this fools gold… but until then…

Chorus [Amy / Pyrelli]
Track Name: Outro [Back To Rap]
“I guess we’re gonna draw the curtain now, the end of the journey… Back To Rap… Funky DL samples Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black…
I just wanna at this time, I wanna big up everyone who came through... all the artists and the features, like my family man…

Big up to like Dukus, Dukus Alemay, big up Sus, big up Pyrelli, Ricko Capito, K9, Lei-an, Addictive, MCD… MCD was the one who gave me the idea for this initially so big up MCD, also big up Parris, big time video director doing it big in New York,

DJ Stixx and the UK’s number one hip-hop DJ, DJ 279, shout out’s to DJ Kofi, can’t forget Klashnekoff, and my cousin Mike a.k.a. Myers… Yo you can check out the urm? The bundle download, like there’s other folders in there where you can see more about all the artists who came through on this, I just wanna thank them again ya’ na’ mean? It’s been a real good experience, real big experience ya’ na’ mean?

Don’t forget to cop the brand new Funky DL album... entitled... “A Classic Example of a…” It’s out in July 2010, summertime, timeless… check out all the Funky DL albums on iTunes,

Sending this one out to all Funky DL fans and all Amy Winehouse fans and I guess with all that said and done…there’s only one more thing I can really say…
Big up Amy Winehouse.

Outro [Amy]
He left no time to regret, kept his dick wet, with his same old [fade]