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Autonomy: The 4th Quarter 2

by Funky DL

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Ibukun Ajayi
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Ibukun Ajayi Dope Levitate and Anomaly ....classics
imgnproductions thumbnail
imgnproductions Great flow, steady & groovy , good vibes, on & on
atraeju thumbnail
atraeju Please keep up the amazing work! Favorite track: Parental Advisory.
Manol Emanuilov
Manol Emanuilov thumbnail
Manol Emanuilov My favorite rap album of 2016 so far. Favorite track: Slick But No Cigar (feat. ESP The Overseer).
Dhaval Kale
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Dhaval Kale So lovely and serene...man like me knew I'd love the jazz quarter the most, but all the other ones are sick af too!

People Don't Stray, and DL is no exception. Favorite track: Levitate (Like Magic).
shingflex thumbnail
shingflex With meaningful lyrics and amazing beats to match, Funky DL returns with a brand new album that's worthy to be the follow up of it's predecessor. Favorite track: Hello Beauty (feat. Sus Bully & Aisha Sheerena).
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INTERLUDE Welcome to Autonomy: The 4th Quarter 2… The album. We value your participation in this experience and hope you find this journey to be both compelling and entertaining. The total duration will not exceed one hour, with each quarter lasting an approximate of twelve minutes. Our excursion commences immediately, as we embark with these first three songs; which form… The Authentic Quarter.
Autonomic 04:58
VERSE ONE I'm sat thinking of an opening line, best way to start this album, ascending like a falcon bringing the courage of Malcolm, the dream of Martin, the grace of Mandela, the greatness of Muhammad Ali looking back in the mirror, who am I? A man waiting for the world tell me? like a bitch fucking another guy waiting for her to bell me? nah', maybe when I was twenty, but never be in my thirties, this world has been trying to hurt me from early, doing the dirty, Governments and Tycoons, Corporations and World Leaders setting my rules, the fuck is up wit’ that? board meetings over, now they look for where the puppets at, you and me black and white, pin stripe or truckers hat, thinking we the suckers that forever sleepwalking, Soldiers do all the shootin', Politicians do the talking, Soldiers do all the dying, Politicians say their eulogy, sippin' Scotch on a podium, their wives flaunt their jewellery, I’m saying you ain’t fooling me, homie your world ain’t new to me, I’m autonomous, taking this opportunity to govern my life, govern my lifestyle, so you can take away my reason to smile, but not the smile. CHORUS Autonomy (scratching) VERSE TWO Self-determination, I decide who I wanna be, as long as I’m alive and I breathe then I won’t believe these universal lies that I’m only an accessory, just a commodity to another man's necessity, see my life as a recipe and choosing the ingredients, it don’t include obedience or full time lenience, that lifestyle's tedious, but to figure out that I cannot be owned, man it doesn’t take a genius, everybody see you as a label, religion or ageism, class, sexuality or racial, just so they can keep you in a box because they hate you, lock you in and blame you when it’s time for them to shame you, they will, they ill, they feel they control your destiny, cos 99 percent is not enough, they want the rest of me, but never the get the best of me, cos God didn’t make me just so I could be a servant to your legacy, watching you with jealously, afraid to live rebelliously, suppressing all my truth so it’s something that you never see, I want everyone to follow me, as we put our middle fingers up and step with autonomy, fuck that! CHORUS VERSE THREE There are times when I sit thinking bout’ man's origination, tell me does it match his destination, if the situation is a nation shitting on a nation, people wanna have control, they murdering, a celebration, cos it’s all about the cash and the power, building sky scrapers and towers and making money by the hour, coercion and duress expands like a Durex, one eye's watching who’s now, the other looking who’s next, everyone's a victim, imagine the masses distracted by what the TV says is attractive, so you can look at me like just another black kid, who holds the microphone because my education’s lacking, there’s nothing wrong about you being wrong when it’s about me, but rightfully I show you that you wrong and you just doubt me, I’m out G, cos nothing you can do defines me, so I don’t have to see me how you see me cos it blinds me to my own life, my self worth, my existence, my ideas, my thoughts, my truth, my persistence, my right to govern myself, my own laws, my autonomy determines my life cause; pause. CHORUS VOICEMAIL MESSAGE Sent yesterday at 5:34pm "Hey D, what's going on man? It's Pyrelli bruv, look, it's just a quick call bruv, bruv I just wanted to let you know I think you're a fucking genius you know bruv, I'm bumping this 4th Quarter shit, this Lei-an shit, bruv the shit is fucking immense bruv, the whole... them shit's is incredible blood, I just thought I should just phone you and just say that bruv, strictly because I can bruv, I hope you're having a wonderful day bruv, because I am getting the vibes from them 2 albums right there, right about now blood, keep doing what it is that the fuck you do bruv, I'mma see you soon bruv, peace, much love..." CHORUS
Judas 04:01
INTRO Uh, uh, uh-huh, uh, uh, yeah... VERSE ONE Eighteen wearing blue jeans, a snap-back mesh, clean fade under the cap, his shoes box-fresh, smoking on a blunt head, eyes red high as kite, comes out mainly at night, sells green brown and white, Police pull him over, try and test his composure, it holds up like a dude that’s older, a soldier, he learned from them older dudes behind bars, who flossed with fine cars, jewellery and bitches on their arm, taking pictures like no harm would ever come to these Gods, they see that people get caught, but think they can beat the odds, they crazy, but back to Mr Man, palm tight-fisted hand, in a stairwell for 15 seconds, Instagram, snapped by them Undercovers? Tapped by them other Brothers? Nah, he ain’t on they radar, mind like a razor, you can’t feel his activity, he’s screen saver, his attitude is you are only what the streets make ya', danger around every corner, where the strangers call him on his cell phone, talkin’ bout they short a couple bucks, can I pay a little later? Can I get it from my neighbour? Can I pay you with some labour? Why won’t you do me this favour? I am a loyal customer, but they are only loyal to the drugs not the hustler, defiant to his Moms and reliant on his charm, so a giant stack of money’s what he’s holding in his palm, one day he sat and listened to Minister Farrakhan, from the Nation of Islam quoting from the Bible Psalms, chapter eighty-two, verse six opened his eyes, you are Gods; and all of you are children of the Most High. he thought about it, but stuck with the same old, just because he used to wear silver, but now his chain’s gold, and he chose to walk this road, he’s prepared to reap all the harvest from the seeds he sowed, word. CHORUS Yeah, uh, uh, uh, uh, yeah, uh, uh, yeah, uh, uh... VERSE TWO Couch-surfing in his Nike TN’s, watching James Bond classics, Bank Holiday Weekend, he’s waiting for the contraband re-up, relies on his supplier to hire the clientele and make the high higher, no sign for him to retire, his bank balance on fire, he’s inspired by Avon Barksdale from The Wire, a criminal, a crook, a felon, a law-breaker, a get high maker, OD and a life taker, it’s time for the wake up call, an opportunity presents itself to take up all of the community, he gotta put his stake up tall, there’s no impunity, the big one and if he get caught, there’s no immunity, he steps back to think about it, second thoughts and he’s doubting that he can get away without prison and overcrowding, 23-hour lock-down with a cell mate who got the runs, pants drop-down, peeling Oranges to hide a stench without a window, inmates looking for ass, acting like flamingo’s waiting for some new meat so they can do they inside out thing, they wolf whistle, blow kisses, voguing and pouting, the guards acquiesce, dispensing with no less than a punch in the chest in the shower when fully dressed, this ain't the kinda future he looking for, some changes will need to be implemented before it gets dangerous, cos turning your life around from carrying a knife around, selling dope and killing your people, ain’t nothing hype about kids born addicted being weaned off from morphine, little Brothers acting like the older ones at fourteen, survival, they thinking they invincible like Michael, but even Michael was a victim to the vicious cycle, streets are bone idle, suicidal, homicidal, when you play yourself like one of the disciples, Judas. CHORUS
INTRO Yeah, yeah D, what ya' sayin' bro? what, slick, but no cigar, yeah man, I'm gonna bang this in the car, bang it in the bar, you know I'm sayin' star? (laugh) what, what, yeah, what, bluh, blaap... VERSE ONE They think they slick but no cigar, chain smoking, leave ya brain open like a surgeon, my verbalis style is kinda fly plus it’s tight, so that's two types virgin, I’m like a whirlwind, annihilating bricks like the walls of Berlin, we violate and kick like the cause of turbulence, and I’ll pause my sermon just to show you urban ain't some glamorized MTV suburban, where you close the curtains and your safety’s certain, not a hasty person, I’m two steps ahead of these snakey serpents, I’mma stay determined, applying this pressure when I’m playing your version of Chinese Checkers, yo this ain’t the Plaza, this is Kingston, Cape Town, borderline Gaza, this is four Rasta's jumping out of a Mazda like the Mafia, mi casa, su casa, now I got ya’, bloodclart. REFRAIN Blaap, blaap, blaap, blaap, you see that? Next round. VERSE TWO Pop goes the weasel, I don’t fuck with these weasels, Featherweights, but they thinking they great, they unbelievable, they unconvincing, cockamamie and questionable, they poisonous, gasoline, petrochemical, hysterical, regrettable and one dimensional, will never have me thinking that I can’t be exceptional, the beat making rhyme slaying, permanently violating, sex-toy bass drum, it’s permanently vibrating, live verbatim, don't censor my discussion, keep it Orthodox Russian like the church out in Flushing, take a dozen of your cousins and I crush em’ like there wasn’t repercussions when I’m brushing on these top boy productions, I ain't anonymous, I’m fucking autonomous, and my self-confidence metropolis is bottomless, And if you think I’m sounding abusive, catch me on the third verse when I’ll be back in like two ticks. REFRAIN Yeah, tell them what happens when the smoke clears up. VERSE THREE The smoke clears up and then a hand touches the mic, the people see the face and the crowd delights, they say “get em’”, so I go get em', Air Force, stone denim shirt, denim jeans, you can still see the fold in em’, I speak words that’ll spray like petroleum, so don’t spark your lighter up on this podium, I’m from E.A.S.T., already told you I’m a B.E.A.S.T., King of the Jungle, Lion, so bring your Leopards and your Cheetah’s and your Tigers and Hyenas, but you still can’t beat us, I’m a King from the fetus until they put me on Venus and blow it up into pieces and hand it over to Jesus, so don’t ever take my genius for weakness, I’ll catch you on the strip at three like some Adidas, ain’t no conceited elitist, I just made this Autonomous music cos people really need this. OUTRO And there you have it, Funky DL, what, Lenz, otherwise known as ESP The Overseer, you get me? Slick, but no cigar, autonomy, you nah' I'm sayin', yeah, yeah, yeah, we're just vibes'in.
INTERLUDE As we now change our course, prepare yourself for the next three songs, as we welcome you to experience… The Jazz Quarter.
VERSE ONE I grew up the inner-city, surrounded by bad boys, nothin' like Diddy, where dudes would punch a stranger in his face for something shitty, like getting dropped in front of your friends from a girl that’s pretty, all because she wanna date a dude considered much more gritty, where jokers step to you to stab you cos they hate your brother, all because he’s dating some chick that they failed to make they lover, where two friends as teenagers got each others back, fast-forward, now one is supplying the other with crack, where children kicked out of the class because they didn’t listen, fucked they education to become a guest inside a prison, where beautiful chicks with infinite prospects, tagged themselves to a loser like inanimate objects, yo', I was surrounded by this bullshit all day, everyday, but didn’t stop me doing shit ...Lemons? fuck it, Lemonade, cos I understood that my decisions were forever made by the brilliance that I was given just to levitate. CHORUS Like magic, levitate (scratch), (yo), like magic, levitate (scratch), like magic, levitate (scratch) (yo), like magic, I don't stop (scratch) VERSE TWO I came up in a time of street altercations, dudes fighting chicks, prepared to beat a brother with a loose wall brick, bust his eye, put him hospital, got my tooth chipped, where chicks caught reputations as a scandalous bitch, forgot to mention, two days suspension, no intervention, teachers could fuck around and give the wrong kid a detention, so this student put a bag over the teacher's head, beat him with a metal pipe then went home, left him for dead, crazy fucka, I’m from a place where the olders sent you out there to steal a sports jersey, but I tell em’ no without fear, without apprehension, hesitation or reluctances, weed smoke and pill popping led to other substances, no trust funds, no imperial materials, the only silver spoon I had was sugar on my cereal yo', I was surrounded by this all day everyday, but I put my head to something bigger so I’d levitate. CHORUS BREAKDOWN scratching (breakdown) VERSE THREE I’m raised up from a place where rappers wanna fight you for being frightfully nice, for every time you made a beat and grabbed the mic, when they pull you in the corner, tell you change your name, cos there’s another DL on the DL and you doused his flame, "oh I’m sorry", I’m just trying to make it out the hood just like the rest of them, took a bunch of beats and now I’m verbally molesting them, you can call this a walk in the park like a pedestrian, so I’mma live it like the man I am and fuck your estrogen, I’m here to be the best of them, I guess I’ll be a pest again until my life’s a testament to every living specimen, and yet again just when they thought I wouldn’t pass the test again, I gathered with my tribe and so I guess I’m on a quest again, autonomous prominence, I am synonymous with dominance, I’m never doing nothing with incompetence, cos we surrounded by it all day every day, and that’s a good enough reason for us to wanna levitate. CHORUS BREAKDOWN
VERSE ONE Yo', Hip-Hop gave me my freedom, like Martin Luther dreaming, a baby’s born and screaming, taking the first breath he breathing, just like a prisoner leaving incarceration, that feeling, shattering glass ceilings, unraveling mad meanings, everyone has demons that’s why we be blaspheming, smoking and drinking, but never attend the mass meetings, unless it’s someone getting shot or taking ass beatings, from perpetrators who when asked, they never had reasons, spoke to a young buck who told me that the world’s fucked, a sneaker-wearing, weed-smelling Roach who picking girls up, Brother Malcolm died for black and this is how you ride for him? OK I’m gonna take you back to where the fucking rhyme begin, Hip-Hop gave me my freedom, so see this blood that I’m bleeding? I bleed it cos I feel the pain of something I believe in, you don’t have to believe it, I don’t need your confirmation, and these bogus opinions will never break my concentration, Hip-Hop gave me my freedom, simply from lifting the needle, feeling like I’m participating in something illegal, gave me a voice that could reverberate among the people, instead of talking trash on records with a rhyme that’s lethal, Hip-Hop gave me my freedom, resuscitated my breathing, that's why I stuck with it so long, could never see me leaving, from 1995 when I was only seventeen, and young and naive in what it meant to be a human being, word! VERSE TWO Yo', Jesus gave me my freedom, carrying a cross and bleeding, and all the stuntin’ in the world won’t change these words I’m reading, society’s a demon, strangling citizens screaming, and everywhere you look it’s hard to find someone that's decent, so when you wake up in the morning with that fucked up feeling, know that there is a reason why you seeing this depletion, I am in full agreement everybody needs some treatment, internally should be the focus of our achievements, not the external bullshit that they constantly will feed us, all the statistics and the numbers they use to mislead us, to make some money so that they can quickly up and leave us, and have us paying for their lifestyle, foolish believers, they already deceived us and took us to the cleaners, but we still falling for it like we some distracted dreamers, chasing a fairy-tale that's authored by these Snake Hyenas, and when we feel a grievance we become like Ballerinas, Jesus gave me my freedom, lost from the Garden of Eden, and since that time, the life of man has had a different meaning, so I’m just saying to be careful when a Serpent’s speaking, autonomy is something you won’t have when you a weakling, Jesus gave me my freedom, this is why you hear me teaching, we act like freedom is reserved for only just the weekend, so when you listen, I can only hope that it's intriguing, enough to make you live a life where you are never sleeping.
VERSE ONE A message to these rappers, why don’t you listen closely? I get so disappointed when I am hearing mostly, songs about shootin’ smoking, selling dope, sex, standing in front of a whip, speaking on these subjects, multiple people in the back wearing face masks, licking shots in the air, counting up a fake stash of cash and even got they youngen’s throwing signs up, acting like a Graveyard is where they think these lines up, next generation think it's cool and wanna do the same, short sighted tunnel-vision focused on this hood fame, and even if you were surround by this as a youth, never let the bandwagon trick you from your inner truth, you wanna say something, say something beautiful, something to uplift your people, something irrefutable, the irony is they have the autonomy to do what every one is doing in a world that’s lacking with anomaly. CHORUS (x2) What doesn't kill you will make you stronger VERSE TWO A message to these friends, why don’t you listen closely? I get so disappointed when I am hearing mostly, what can you get for me, do for me, give to me? In fact, why don’t you take my life and fucking live for me? Looking for people showing compassion and empathy, but show those people little compassion and empathy, endlessly, helplessly, infinite dependency, it may be unintentionally, but so relentlessly, keep coming back with they hand out for handouts, living in a bubble and incapable to branch out, asking for a fifth last chance like it’s guaranteed, oblivious to everything, they green like a bag of weed, they need to do better, be better, live better, treat people like you really love em’, it’s a free pleasure, but I guess that they have the autonomy to do what every one is doing in a world that’s lacking with anomaly. CHORUS VERSE THREE A message to my peoples, why don’t you listen closely? I’m never disappointed when I am hearing mostly, people are standing up for themselves and for their rights, for the weaker people who afraid without the heart to fight, the one’s who make a difference, enhancing somebody’s life, the one’s who take an interest, come together and unite, and they believing in the strength of they own power, but they still have faith in something higher and they no coward, you beautiful, you make the world proud, you make the world applaud, now you can take a bow, and never let a crowd make you turn around from everything you promised yourself you were all about, and the hard times will still come, but know that you can face them as a champion, that’s real son, cos I see you reaching vertically while you are watching horizontally, then no one can ever stop you from being an anomaly. CHORUS
INTERLUDE We have now arrived at our next destination; so do familiarize yourself with the audio, as we hope you appreciate… The Soul Quarter.
I Am Here 03:34
INTRO (Harmonic chants) VERSE ONE After a three year hiatus reading legislative papers, taking no kind of favours, trying to get me on the A-List, I made it through the noise of my neighbours, here to bring you the cadence, I’m claiming everything I’m owed, I’m a lyrical bailiff, who gives a fuck if the radio decides not to play this? I am done with complaining, cos when it’s raining through the storm I am sailing, this is not a practice, not a drill, prep or training, this is real and I saying how feel, so I guess I wear my heart on my cuff-links every time I write yo there’s substance, the words flow with no reluctance, this my dictum, my judgement, emotive in abundance, so I could never tell you I don't love this, making music is not an encumbrance, it took me round the planet, the circumference, just like it was a conference where people pay me with nothing but compliments of confidence in my accomplishments, I am here. VERSE TWO (Let me tell you what this is...) This is my all day everyday, back in the square ring, heavyweight, bare-knuckle bruise, cause a belly-ache, Southpaw uppercut, don’t hesitate to detonate, Carter-Mathers renegade, call a paramedic need to medicate, cos I am so ill cos I emanate from Hack area, bacteria, now you say, the best in the UK don’t sound like he UK, but I cannot be kicked or be pushed, reference Lupe, lyrically I split ya wig, I meat cleave your toupee and spit so cold though I’m rolled in my duvet, a new day, a new dawn and fresh like a newborn, so tight need a shoehorn, you might need a coupon to get this, it might leave you restless, the nexus between now and breakfast, I still have you breathless, and my best is yet to come, I’m a veteran, the perfect candidate, fuck elections, I am here. VERSE THREE I’m in my prime right now, I’m so alive right now, rhyme nymphomaniac, there’s no depriving my wow, MC’s are car windows, I’m winding them down, I’m surviving the times, I arrived, I am proud, like a Kindergarten baby eating sugar I am loud and won't stop making sounds when there’s company, a crowd, this is Me, this is D, this is some kind of poetry, vocally this is globally, locally hitting potency, notice me irrevocably, openly with diplomacy, a diary of madness in my mind like it’s Jodeci, hopelessly and emotionally, consuming like a grocery, but I just keep a dose of me close to me, it’s supposed to be hard, so it don’t matter if I’m broken or I’m scarred, I’mma still stand tall and thank God from my heart, it makes no difference if I’m fearless or I’m scared, it is only by his love I am... here.
INTRO All I know is true is... this love I have for you... REFRAIN This for the Women that be using their kids as a weapon against the Fathers, cos they think they ain't shit, (reverse that) this for the absent Fathers leaving em' stuck as single parents in the struggle not giving a fuck! VERSE ONE A baby is born and that’s without an obligation to become the mediation to its parents complications, early in its life’s journey, it don’t need to be feeling like an attorney in disputes that are dirty and blurry, just because the parents couldn’t get they act together, no one's really saying that them parents should be trapped together, but if the Mom and Dad can lay down on they back together, both of them responsible and that's a fucking fact forever, so that should never be forgotten, cos the poison that comes out of this can make some children rotten in their minds about who they are and those who really got they back, this causes impact on whether they be straight or slack, no child ever wanna feel like they Daddy don’t care, or they Mommy treat em’ funny cos they Daddy ain’t there, I hear them talk about no interference, cos I’m playing both parents, like they making an appearance in a play, but this is not a game, this a little life, needing more than looking up to someone doing little right, it’s like they nurturing a flower with a little light, just because they broke up with their partner in a bitter fight, now they trash talk on Facebook and Twitter like, "I should get a medal, what I’m doing is the biggest hype", yo', but they made a decision to bring a child to this earth with no major revisions to the way they act and everything’s a public exhibition, like it ain't a job for life, it’s a simple intermission, and no I ain't the type to just be on some criticism, but we want these kids to listen when they parents ain’t listening. CHORUS (x2) All I know is true is... this love I have for you. REFRAIN VERSE TWO Since when has a child been an accessory? A life decoration in need of no necessity? No dependency, ancillary to a pregnancy, just a pleasantry or arsenal to your weaponry, raising them with jealously and very little empathy, effectively, crushing their chance of something heavenly, lacking all of life’s remedies, so essentially from their birth registry to adulthood they’ll never be equipped with the crown jewels of parenthood, it’s like the passing of a baton in a race just like a parent should, you gotta bring em’ to the most profitable place, before you let go, so they can continue the race, cos you never get the chance to ever replace a fucked up childhood provided with no embrace of love from people who supposed to care about them most, instead they ghost cos they're fully engrossed in some bullshit notion that they doing everything correct, never taught em no respect, sitting on the internet, smoking on a cigarette, hasn’t made the dinner yet, Daddy placed another bet, but hasn’t had a winner yet, I ain't the type to be on some criticism, but we want these kids to listen when they parents ain’t listening, I ain't the type to be on some criticism, but how they gonna listen if all we do is dismiss em’? CHORUS (x4) REFRAIN
INTRO It's you by the power of you, you by the power of you, It's you by the power of you, you by the power of you, Check me out yo', uh, uh, you by the power of you, uh, yo', yo'. VERSE ONE They pull the wool over your eyes and try to tell you how to live, but something ain't right just like the 2nd Aunt Viv, when I step outta of my crib I’mma tell the world about me, can never convince me to ever doubt me, there’s two types of people, reactive, proactive and I don’t let a magazine measure if I’m attractive, and I won’t let the media measure me by my accent, no one can make me feel inferior cos I’m a black kid, no I wasn’t raised like that, the path that I engraved isn’t paved like that, but when your mind is enslaved, you behave like that, I ain't trying to be trapped in a fucking maze like that, see what I’m trying to say is be you, multiplied by you, to the power of you, let the world see you, let them guys see you and let them girls see you, cos ain’t nobody gonna tell your story like you. CHORUS (x2) By the power of you, that's all it's gotta be, everyday, cos every day's a new beginning for your spirit, don't you know your world is yours without a limit? (yours without a limit). VERSE TWO (Check it out yo') Not everybody gonna like ya', somebody gonna love ya' and somebody gonna fight ya', somebody wanna hug ya' and somebody wanna spite ya', somebody will inspire you', somebody gonna bite ya', somebody gone hate ya', that’s nature, they do it everyday from newspapers to TV stations, and when you get successful they will call you a mason, try and crush your foundation on every occasion, but you shouldn’t fall victim to the art of persuasion, when they say it’s a democracy, but it’s a dictation, psychological invasion for crazy durations, and they no longer force us, we making donations, see what I’m trying to say is be you, multiplied by you, to the power of you, let the world see you, and let them guys see you and let them girls see you, cos can’t nobody really tell your story like you. CHORUS VERSE THREE Nobody is above you, only God can judge you, no man should corrupt you, the choice is only up to you to look up to you, to instructing you for whatever it takes to get the best life and spare change, nobody's the same, even blood who share a name... different, the thoughts in my mind on a daily basis... different, the things that I like and my favourite places... different, the speed that I go when I’m running races... different, even as a kid did my shoelaces different, I’ll go the distance just to make a difference to the whole universe or even just one listener, see what I’m trying to say is be you, multiplied by you, to the power of you, let the world see you, let them guys see you and let them girls see you, cos can’t nobody really live your life like you. CHORUS OUTRO (x4) By the power of you is all you gotta do (by the power of you).
INTERLUDE We conclude our journey with these final three songs. And as some of you have may already noticed, we've ultimately arrived at… The New Age Quarter.
VERSE ONE I’ll never be afraid to speak what’s on my mind, as long as I stand behind it, and fight for it and die for it, I can’t be blinded to only what they want me to see, want to me hear, want me to fear, want me to disappear, want me to never care and ever be fully prepared, living life in despair, struggle in my career, chasing a millionaire lifestyle and compare my style with square, this is class warfare, but they tax broke people knowing that’s no fair, while they sit in green chairs and the politicians jeer, yeah, with all this "hear, hear", meanwhile elsewhere, some little kid is scared, clutches a Teddy Bear, he’s homeless again, fourth time in a year and Mommy got no money, can’t afford to cut his hair, so other kids stare and this happens everywhere, I just wanted to speak on it to make you more aware, yeah. CHORUS And I ain't really in no hurry to take on any more worries, thinking they can read me, that ain't my story, don't care what's on the plate cos it ain't for me, I'd rather think about all the things I can figure out, come across a hurdle, I don't run a mile, I know in myself I'm alright, alright. VERSE TWO I’ll never be afraid to say what’s on my tongue, as long as I stand behind it, I’ll fight for it and die for it, cos I’m reminded that my words are sharp, and pulverise like Jake Hoyt in MacArthur Park, my bite is worse than my bark, and it has to be, they flooding us like Noah’s Ark, the gap between the rich and poor is like a stretch mark, getting wider, born in a land where you feel like an outsider, and trapped in a web even though you are a spider, cos they spun it, now they run it, they wanna take a thousand from your nine hundred, and watch your finance plummet til' you're sick to the stomach, cos with money on your mind, everything else becomes redundant, and this London, where money’s in abundance, where people pay for justice though they rottonous like fungus, sufficient ain't enough, it’s gotta be something humongous, whatever happened to they moral compass? Fucka’s! CHORUS VERSE THREE I’ll never be afraid to put my hands on it, as long as I stand behind it, I’ll fight for it and die for it like I’m a Titan, so with these words that I’m writing, I hope I’m igniting some excitement in the right men and women too, don't live your life regretting all the things you didn't do, society can make you feel like it’s forbidding you, and I ain't kidding you, some lies are killing you, so think of all the things you’ve wanted to fulfil in you, and go fulfil em', and fuck your competition, to hell with the traditions, go secure your position, and make it like your mission, and do it with precision, see I’m just a musician, but that’s just a definition to label me and tell you that I make these compositions, that’s only an addition to the life that I am living, I’m bigger than a system, cos the people wanna listen to a voice that’s gonna glisten, cos it’s bringing some nutrition. CHORUS
INTRO Hello... Hello VERSE ONE (DL) You can forget what they told you, they tell it like they know you and try to enrol you with thoughts that control you, so now you just won’t do or get what is owed to you, all the beautiful things this world already showed to you, like living life without fear and making false promises and resolutions at the end of every year, making decisions from desperation and lacking inspiration, a journey that’s without a destination and never having no participation in a life that’s filled with magic, where you just a personification, ornament decoration, nothing but trepidation, life ain’t a doctor and you ain’t a patient in this equation, you are the magnificent creation that God saw a vacancy, decided to make you, then gave you the chance to provide your own narration, a story of uniqueness that has no replacement, never said it was basic, feeling like it’s The Matrix, people that’s filled with hatred, suppressing all your greatness, saying things that are tasteless, making ignorant statements, so narcissistic, behaving so outrageous, nobody’s more qualified on you than you, nobody’s more satisfied in you than you, so if you lose your self respect, stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself, “live and direct”, what!. CHORUS (x2) Hello, (hello) beauty, (beauty), you know, (you know) better, (better). yeah, (hello) huowh, (beauty), huowh, (you know) huowh, (better). REFRAIN (x2) Cos you know better than what they tell ya, yeah you know better than what they say, so give yourself a reason to love tomorrow. and push away the pain from yesterday. VERSE TWO (Sus Bully) Listen, look, we all wanna shine when the sun don't, seeing clouds of depression showered, no hope, trying to uplift with a gift on a down slope, but the pressure to provide, man it's no joke, smile at the grown folk giving you advice when they ain't done jack with their lives, it's a gift and a curse, I'm fighting middle-age with a gift, I'm trying hard not to be cursed, put in work, sixty hours on my clock-card, putting in work, writing verses that they will never purchase, why do I do it? And fight to pursue it, when the money I invested could have brought me a new crib, a new car, a new chick, huge lips and a new arse, and you ask why Sus ain't him? Then you laugh, when I pass the waves, seeing Sharks getting brave, if I drown on a surfboard, who's gettin' saved? A wise man said, "Beats, Rhymes and Life", was the way forwards, drugs nothing but a vice, ventilation for the soul, so let me find out, freedom and independence, that's the route I'm all about, so we show and prove, knowledge of self, I heard it all before, but now it makes sense, so I took control, no sittin' on the fence, just me and my people feeding' em' "live and direct". BREAKDOWN Hello... Hello... Hello... Hello... Hello CHORUS (x2) REFRAIN OUTRO Rest in peace Phife Dawg.
INTRO Yo', uh, uh, uh, yeah, uh-huh, yeah, uh... uh, yo'. VERSE ONE I’m sick and tired of writing even though I love releasing music, standing in front of a mic like I’m clueless, cos I did everything I came to do, said everything I came to say, be everything I came to be, changed everything I came to change, I spent so much time in the game and did more than I dreamed to do, I took everything that I felt, made people say I’m feeling you, that’s a wonderful feeling too, but every single book has a last page, whether you read it slowly or you skim at a fast pace, the start of my career had me like I was backstage, waiting to get the microphone and go on a rampage, that’s why I dropped an album after album for mad days, mad weeks, mad months, mad years (yeah) and there were times when I felt like I’m stuck in a bad place, the poison of the music industry is like rat bait, the kinda business that can make you fall out with classmates, turn you to a recluse and make you live in a Bat Cave, fortunately for me I kept on praying and had faith, so me and Stixx and Parris came together with bad breaks, embarked upon a journey, signed a deal with this cat Zakes and those are still my brothers and I love em’, they family like my cousin Mikey, and when I win, they're standing right beside me, so I’m never looking behind me, they never looking to find me, no matter the age, every writer will take some joy in completing the last page. CHORUS (x2) Every single book has a last page, every single journey a last stage, every single year has a last day, don't get it the fast way (yo'). VERSE TWO A'-yo' it’s no secret and I think we are in agreement, the music industry’s weak and some artists have no uniqueness, some labels continue thieving, but the fans keep it breathing and they make artists believe in the power of our achievements, so peace to everyone of you showing me adulation, and gave your appreciation, and saw me through graduation, and came to make a donation, played my music on your station, I’m grateful for all your patience, all the praise and elevation, yo' word up to Josh Nathan from the 901 and if I ever come to Memphis for the Cooper Young Festival, I hope to see you in the future son! professional in my approach at every step of the way, plus the devotion I gave, and the emotion, I’m brave, I’m no promotional slave, and there’s no Trojan I crave, they say I’m criminally underrated, maybe that’s an understatement, all I know is there could never be a genuine replacement for my contribution and the people that I kept engaged with all the music that I made and all the music that they played, and there will always come a time when everyone must turn a page, and see what’s on the other side, and move into another stage, now I’m looking in the mirror and checking my face, buttoning my shirt, put my shoes on, tying the lace, heading to the door, I’m gonna live my next moment, but I’ll never close it, I’m leaving that fucka' wide open... CHORUS (x3)
INTERLUDE The 4th Quarter 2 is now complete. We kindly thank you for your attention and we appreciate your assistance. We do hope you've enjoyed your time with us today. If you wish to repeat the Autonomy experience, please feel free to start the journey over at your convenience. Until the next time... Have a great day!


As no stranger to the delivery of solid album efforts, Funky DL (the UK's “hardest working man in Hip-Hop”) is back after a four-year studio album hiatus to bring you the sequel to his 2007 classic “The 4th Quarter" in the form of "AUTONOMY: The 4th Quarter 2".

And now nine years since the original outing, the double-threat Producer and MC from East London returns with the Authentic, Jazz, Soul and New Age quarters; divided up into three songs per segment, reflecting each style and sound.

With the “September 2nd 2016” release date just around the corner, be prepared for a powerful and insightful journey into the heart and mind of DL’s prolific audio wizardry and the lyrical “food for thought” this album intends to deliver to each and every listener...


released September 2, 2016

Produced, Mixed & Arranged by Funky DL for Washington Classics 2016.

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at The Washington SoundLab.

"Autonomic" & "Last Page" Co-Produced by Dukus Alemay.

Additional keyboards on tracks 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 & 14 by Xantoné Blacq for Platinum Fingers Music.

Written by N. Newman, except:

"Slick But No Cigar" written by N. Newman & L. Reid.

"The Anomaly" written by N. Newman & S. Farruque.

"Zero Savoir Faire" written by N. Newman & L. Alemeza.

"Hello Beauty" written by N. Newman & M. Riley.

Autonomy Journey Interludes Performed by Yasmin Swan.

Art, Design, Layout and WashLogo by Sanchez at VC Design.

Funky DL Logo by Daniel Hoare.

Executive Producer: N. Newman for Washington Classics 2016.


all rights reserved



Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC's and Producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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