1. A Classic Example of a... (Instrumentals)

  2. A Tribute To J Dilla & Nujabes - Untitled / Fantastic & Sky Is Falling

  3. A Treat To Repeat Instrumentals

  4. The Funky DL Beat Tape Trinity

  5. Funky DL 6 Album Bundle (full vocal versions)

  6. Funky DL's 17 Album Instrumental Bundle (over 100 instrumentals)

  7. Classic Was The Day - The Black Instrumentals

  8. Blackcurrent Jazz 2

  9. The Ultimate Collection

  10. Cool Classic Jazzstrumentals Volumes 1-2-3-4 (Bundle Pack)

  11. Jazzmatic Jazzstrumentals

  12. Jazzmatic [Nas Remixes]

  13. Instrumentals Straight From The MPC [Volume 1 Funky DL]

  14. Instrumentals Straight From The MPC [Volume 2 Mr Brown]
    Mr Brown

  15. Back To Frank & Back To Rap (Funky DL Samples Amy Winehouse Volumes 1 & 2)

  16. From Street to Sweet [Instrumentals]

  17. Nights in Nippon Jazzstrumentals

  18. Sometimes I Have to Wonder... [Funky DL samples Stevie Wonder]

  19. NANE

  20. Too Hard To Beat [Instrumentals]

  21. Imagine Me [album produced by Funky DL]

  22. Ode To Nujabes [EP]

  23. The Lawshank Redemption [Instrumentals]

  24. The 4th Quarter

  25. Blackcurrent Jazz 2 INSTRUMENTALS

  26. Cool Classic Jazzstrumentals Vol 1

  27. Cool Classic Jazzstrumentals Volume 2

  28. Cool Classic Jazzstrumentals Volume 3

  29. Cool Classic Jazzstrumentals Volume 4

  30. The 4th Quarter Instrumentals

  31. Back To Frank [Funky DL samples Amy Winehouse Vol 1]

  32. Back To Rap [Funky DL samples Amy Winehouse Vol 2]

  33. Funky DL's Remix Deluxe - [Various Artists]

    Gemini Infinity

  35. NANE Instrumentals

  36. Dedication To The Fairer Sex [Funky DL's Tribute to J Dilla]

  37. The Jazz That Was Forgotten

  38. The Interview

  39. A Classic Example of a...

  40. Def Lyricist "Featuring DJ 279"

  41. Lyrics No Stress b/w The Record Shop

  42. Jazz b/w Worldwide

  43. Funky DL Best of Mix by DJ Funkydelic

  44. Ode To Nujabes - Lounge Remixes

  45. About You b/w Whatever Happened To?

  46. Napalm


Funky DL London, UK

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant producers to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with both musical and lyrical finesse...

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